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RWA Show – The Run Up

So, three weeks and a silly amount of photos later, here’s some shots that show some of how the whole RWA show came together. Not even going to attempt to put them in anything other than a gallery, but have put notes on them about what they are. WordPress is freestyling the order it puts them in too, but they’re all dated.

It was a blast watching it all happen, hope the photos are as fun to look at as they were to take.

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Richt Has A New Site…

Brief heads up for you all, apparently after three attempts in three years, Richt has a shiny new website, and rather good it is too. Without wanting to get all tech geeky, the simple design, use of a blog and integration with Flickr and his online shop is very tidy indeed.

If you’re a fan of the man, go and check out the new Richt site here.

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New Richt Print

One for you lovers of the What, there’s a new Richt print about over at Art-El. Only 25 of them, lovely paper, signed, numbered, and some artist proofs kicking around as well for those for whom that’s a deal breaker. 


Arty shots, appropriately enough, given it’s art an that. 


More info over here.

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What Show At Friend Gallery

So, as promised, some shots from last night’s What Collective show at the teeny tiny Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road.


This greets you by the door, the What Collective chaps sprucing the place up a little.


Opposite, some Sums, Richt and Sainty, along with the 45RPM/Richt print on orange.


More pieces next door


Down the end, more 45RPM painting on the wall, along with an up to date, cutting edge, contemporary installation piece. This show really should have been in trendy shoreditch shouldn’t it. Those little Oath pics are still there from the previous show too, running up the wall that technically makes this gallery have four walls.


Some 45RPM and Sainty bits on canvases at the bottom there, the print on white on top.


Kinda like Woolworths a few weeks ago in these difficult times, even the show original show flyer goes on sale


Below it some decks, no What show would be complete without them now would they?


There are some other bits there that aren’t on here too, so get yourself down there, and check out some new works in the miniscule of art.

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What Show At Friend Gallery Tonight


Just a brief reminder for you all in the area that it’s the opening of the What Collective show at the Friend and Co Gallery tonight, promising top new work and possibly even mulled cider if there’s any left. Weather forecast looks rain free too, which, in the case of this gallery, is definitely a good thing.

There’s also gonna be a new Richt and 45rpm print there, as below, but some in black and orange as well too. Perhaps in keeping with the campaign to get rid of plastic carriers on the Gloucester Road, the prints’ going to be printed on some bags as well, for those who prefer their What work in a more portable format. 


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12 Days Of Christmas Show – 2008!

So once again, the Steal from Work guys and a huge army of helpers have pulled off another huge show out of nothing in hardly any time. This post is going live as the doors to the show open, so people not there can see it too, but that said, the show was a couple of hours away from finished when these photos were taken, so whilst most of the organisers were of course relaxing having finished setting it all up in advance, there were still a few final tweaks to be made.

So these photos aren’t necessarily the final final thing, you’ll only see that there, and am not putting names with everything just yet, but this blog isn’t here so people can live life through the web, it’s here to encourage you to get out and see stuff for yourself, so get down there!

Incidentally, rumour has it that a load of free spray paint on card pieces will be being left round the area this evening too by an artist not in the show, so keep an eye out.

When you’re round there, you should also definitely go and check out the PRSC gallery at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Photos on the blog tomorrow all being well, but it’s got some top work in it, and it’s all for auction, starting at just 99p.

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Guerrilla Galleries – December Show

So, bit of a sad one this one, as last night was the last opening night of Guerrilla Galleries in its current venue. Seemed odd, as the opening of the gallery coincided with the start of this blog, so will be weird when it’s not there come the new year.

Still though, it’s not closing for good, just moving over the space of a few months to bigger and better things, and if last night was anything to go by, the new set up’s going to be pretty darn cool.

Wasn’t just a normal show last night with pictures on walls and the like, there were loads of different things going on.

One part was the printing of a new Cheba screenprint live in the gallery, pretty cool idea, interesting to see it done, though that many Cheba heads all looking identical hanging up was pretty disconcerting after a while.


Some of them were hand pulled by the man himself.


On the back wall loads of little canvasses had been set up for different artists to do a small piece on, hard to get a hot of the whole lot, but clockwise from left you’ve got China Mike  (not finished, obviously), Ziml, Mr Jago and Richt.


And over the other side there was 45RPM and FLX.


Best bit of all though was having one whole wall turned over to Ziml, who’d put up a massive piece across the wall with canvasses on it as well. So, you could enjoy the piece as a whole, and buy a canvas from part of it, along with an image of the whole thing as it was. Really cool idea.


You can read more about it if you click on this one for biggerness.


Other works up on the night were these nice pieces from Dan Kitchener, work better at a distance in a way.


Some bits from Dred of the Readers’ Wives Collective next to the Dan Kitchener pieces, very cool.


Jim Starr on the right and some top Sums work on the left.


And a couple of window bit, a wide old 45RPM owl…


…and something new from Jeffrow, don’t often see his work around, funny to see he’s still using fridge doors for canvasses.


It’s a really good show, and bodes well for new stuff when the gallery moves. Open until xmas, so have a wander along if you’re in the area, especially if you’re coming down for the 12 Days of Xmas show next friday, of which more later…


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