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Another Piece Of The Jigsaw In Clifton

These were around last summer, and presume this one’s from around the same time. Odd, all over Clifton, stencils of jigsaw pieces. Usually solitary things, there’s two of them in this one, or rather one that’s a piece falling out of the wall, on the side of a house in Tottenham Place, Clifton.

jigsaw clifton

Not a scooby do.

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Round The End of Bath Buildings

Just a few little bits round the garage that’s still there at the Cheltenham Road end of Bath Buildings for you.

There’s a few of these round that area at the moment, not sure how old they are, but not that old it doesn’t seem. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’, appropriate enough at the moment, although making hay may be a challenge round that area.

make hay while the sun shines bath buildings

Just up on the wall next to it, a stencil that looks like it ought to be something, can’t place it though. No idea on age, though there used to be tons of stencil on the garage opposite back in the day, where the new exclusiveluxurycitylivingurbanapartment things are now being built.

stencil bath buildings

Finally, one of these. Always raise a smile.

dub bath building

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Skate Park, Barnstaple, Needs Your Paint

Had this in from a reader, if anyone fancies a spot of painting by the seaside as the weather gets more sunny?

There is a new Skatepark just been opened in Barnstaple North Devon which offers a plethora of fresh smooth grey surfaces on which no fair hand has taken his skills as yet.. and to be honest with the talent in Barnstaple having moved away to the cities years ago its likely to get scrawled over with the likes of ‘I wos ere” etc….

So the point of this insert is to advertise the fact that there may be the chance for our array of fine talent to utilise their skills here in a commissioned piece or similar

As ever, if you fancy it, get in touch and we’ll hook you up.

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Big Green Wasps

Got sent this a while back, think more work’s been done on it now, but given the props given to the Lib Dem Mark Wright the other day for digging into the issue of graf and the council, here’s something for a bit of political balance, what with elections coming up and all.

A work painted for the Green Party office in Old Market by Mark “Skip” Courtney, definitely more ‘street art’ than graf as such, but a very good solution to prettying up a boarded up window over nonetheless.

green party old market

Don’t want to leave the other two parties out of name checking in the name of balance here, so if anyone’s seen a Labour councillor piecing down by the tracks recently, or perhaps a Conservative trying to go all city, do send the snaps in.

Thanks to TonyD for sending it in.

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The Blog Paints A Merc – The Finale

Well, not the blog painting a car obviously, that would be absurd, for so many reasons. But a guy got in touch a good while back looking for people to paint his car inna Bristol style, and first to step up to it were 3rd Eye and Dan.

Still left the front to do though, so Sepr got on that one, with 3rd Eye coming back to finish off his work as a joint effort.

Turned out really nice, a proper one off.

Left side…

sepr and 3rd eye on a merc

…right side…

sepr and 3rd eye right side

…and more towards the front…

sepr and 3rd eye right front

…finally Sepr all over the bonnet.

sepr on the bonnet

If anyone else fancies a summer paint job hooking up, get in touch!


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Cheo And 3Dom Stokes Croft Saga Update

Got forwarded an email earlier, a chain of conversation from between Cllr Mark Wright and a council officer about the legalities of getting graf done on your own private property. The conversation wasn’t about the Stokes Croft issue, but was about another building in a conservation area across the city.

However, there’s relevance for this PRSC case. The upshot of the emails seems to be that a building being in a conservation area doesn’t actually require the owner to get council permission before getting their wall painted. Seemingly this means no permission is required if the building isn’t in a conservation area too.

Here’s the exact guidance;

Under schedule 2, part 2. Class C of the General Permitted Development Order, planning permission is not required for any application of colour to the exterior of a building unless the painting is for the purpose of advertisement, announcement or direction.

The same ‘permitted development’ right applies to buildings in conservation areas so in theory someone could choose to paint their house purple without the need for planning permission. In fact, if you look at some of the terraces in Cliftonwood you will see quite a range of colours.

If the building in question is listed as being of architectural or historic interest then the painting of its exterior may require listed building consent.

The Bristol Blogger’s already commented on this one in his own inimitable style, but this does seem to be an interesting turn up for the books, as the council’s graffiti policy seems to say the council can remove what they want when they want, and suggests you do need to apply for permission for a ‘mural’ being painted.

Of course, not requiring permission to get your wall painted is a different issue from whether the council has different laws with which they can remove it regardless of your permission. There have also been rumours of large pieces being removed under different laws, such as being a distraction to traffic (a Banksy freehand piece in Bristol was stopped or removed many many years ago on these grounds apparently).

But still, positive news really. Perhaps with the amount of people wanting to see their walls painted at the moment, what’s needed from the council isn’t just a policy in this area, but some plain english guidance that sets out the rules clearly. One for after the election no doubt…

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FROM Competition Ends…

Just been reminded, for those who fancy picking themselves up a ‘Crimes of Passion’ hoody, as otherwise only given to the artists in the recent RWA competition, the competition the good people at FROM are running for one closes at 5pm today.

Click here to sign up if you fancy having a go at getting one.

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