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Get Dring Mobile – The Photos

Top night down at Paintworks last night for the Get Dring Mobile auction, some great live painting outside, great music and a whole lot of bidding for a great guy. Well, bidding for art to raise money for a great guy, Mike himself of course not being for sale.

It was interesting to see how the bidding went. Some pieces were an absolute steal, other went for far more than you would ever have thought. As a wise man put it last night, ‘a picture’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’. Stencil work still seems to be very much in fashion with the buyerati, wonder how much longer that will last.

In total, the auction raised something like £24,500, before you count in the bar receipts, pieces that sold outside of the auction and all sorts. So well on the way to getting Mike’s car sorted then, awesome stuff.

There’s more to come still too, lots of pieces left to be sold on Ebay very soon, including a lovely Will Barras that lots of people were coveting last night, so keep an eye out.

Here’s some photos from it all then, the live painting as it went along, and the works inside the auction as well.

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Somethings For The Weekend

Busy old weekend of stuff coming up, lots of painting across the city and beyond. Some of it you won’t see for a bit, but other bits are more of a social affair.


First up, something that’s got a proper buzz going about it, the results of some hardcore planning and painting, the Triple Drop show by Acer, Dicy and Ziml down at the Centrespace gallery in the centre. It’s a show designed to price work fairly, and it’s looking like being up there as one of the shows of the year. Opening tonight (email for an invite if you’re quick), then running through until next Tuesday only.

Here’s a few teaser images for you…





Next up…

montpelier bean feast

…over in Montpelier on Saturday, they’re bringing back the Montpelier Bean Feast, a festival from the 1700’s. Lots going on, but of relevance to the blog is that loads of the garage doors up on St Andrews Road are getting painted by a bunch of folk. Line up not confirmed yet, some graf based, some not, but some big names by the look of it. Should be a fun day out.


Also on Saturday, further afield in Weston, there’s a massive load of painting going on at the Weston Paint Jam. There’s been talk of it getting cancelled, but it’s definitely on, painting at the Tropicana. Line up so far is MCL, SPQR, Frisky, Matti, Nine-0, Stickee, Elmo, NathanaelDraws, JK47, Khoi, Kone1972, Dead Posh and Prankz, with a few more in the pipeline too.

Loads on then, open doors day on Saturday too which is always interesting. The weather forecast’s looking dandy for Saturday and Sunday, so get off your computer and go and see real things!

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Dicy, Acer And Ziml – Triple Drop


Heads up for a new show coming up next month at the Centrespace Gallery on Leonard Lane, ‘Triple Drop’, by Dicy, Acer and Ziml of the legendary TCF.

Really good idea for a show this, only a short run from the Saturday 12th September (10am – 5pm) to Tuesday 15th September (11am – 3pm the other days), but most important, the artists are covering the costs themselves, so they can charge what they think the pieces should cost, without having to put up with the stupidly high gallery mark ups you can sometimes get.

So, definitely worth getting along to if you fancy picking up something in a slightly more affordable way than the normal ‘scene’. Interestingly, Xenz made sure there were some very affordable pieces at his last show too, the TCF really are top chaps.

If you want to make sure you can get what you want, there’s an invite only preview evening on the Friday 11th for the show as well, email invite AT to get yours. In the meantime, there’s more on it here on Acer’s blog, here’s the flyer, and the show’s got a website here as well.

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Get Dring Mobile – The Auction

get dring mobile paris logo1

You may have heard of this by now, but if not you should do. There’s a charity fundraising drive going on at the moment called ‘Get Dring Mobile’, which is aiming to raise enough money to sort the legendary Mike Dring of Art-el fame out with a a modified vehicle he can drive himself. For those as don’t know, here’s the backstory from the fundraising website;

Michael Dring was 23 years old when he broke his neck in a road traffic accident, resulting in paralysis from the upper chest down – medically he is classified as having a complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) resulting in Tetraplegia (level C6).   Between April 2009 and April 2010, friends and family of Michael are attempting to raise money to put towards the purchase of an adapted car which will enable him to drive independently.

Being the kind of bloke he is, this isn’t just about Mike either;

Any additional funds raised over and above the amount needed will be either donated to Salisbury Spinal Unit or go towards a lasting legacy of this project.  Michael has been so inspired by this initiative that currently he is exploring the possibility of setting up an official charity in order to help other people regain any loss of independence due to SCI.  If Michael succeeds in setting up this charity any additional funds will go towards this charity which will assist others to afford hand controls or vehicle adaptations.

So, lots of stuff going on as a fundraiser, but one element of it, natch, is raising funds through grafurbanstreet art. A call was put out for people to donate pieces to a fundraising auction which has had a huge response, so they’re now going to be holding the thing down at Paintworks, viewing of the pieces on the 14th and 15th of October 2009, with the auction starting at 7pm on the 15th. Get down there early on the 15th though, as there’s going to be music and live painting from 4pm, with Inkie and Mr Jago just some of the names confirmed so far.

If you’ve got a piece you’d like to donate to the auction then there’s still plenty of time. The line up’s pretty special already.

Mr Jago
China Mike
Rourke Vandal
Will Barras
Levi C
James Baker
Angel 41
Dan Kitchener
Ripper 1331
Ill Joseph
Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness
Nick Walker
Damon Ginandes
K Guy
Ben Allen
Brian Jones
Tom Hine
Guy Mckinley
Andy Council
Ria Hill
Pam Glew
Guy Denning
Mau Mau
Simon Riley
Agent Provocateur
Oliver Winconek
Jef Aersol
Crazy Jake
Ian Francis
Rene Gagnon
Dan Baldwin
Acer One

There’s loads of other fundraising stuff going on too, and this bit should be a great event for an extremely worthy cause. The only thing to work out now is how to stop Mike bidding on the pieces himself.

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Toasters Collab Show In London

Looks like a pretty special show this one, writers from all over the place collaborating with Toasters to put together a show in trendy Shoreditch. Opens next week (28th May), and runs through to the 13th June 2009. Venue’s at 7-9 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch Church, London E2 8AA.


Amongst people from all over abroad, there are a fair few Bristol related artists, including Dicy, Paris, Ekoe, Mr Jago and Will Barras.

Only a few very close ups been put out there as previews, here’s a taster.

Mr Jago and Toasters…



…Will Barras…



and Paris.



Lots of people really excited about this one, should be well worth the visit.

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Next Temwa Auction Coming Up

Temwa’s a top charity that for a long time has shown some love to the Bristol graf scene, and it’s not been a one way thing either. After the success of the last one last year, they’ve got another auction night coming up featuring a lot of familiar names to the blog, all donating pieces to be auctioned to raise money for the charity.

Here’s the flyer for the visual angle…


…and the chat for those with screen readers and the like.

After a successful event in July 2008, Temwa is back with:

‘Art for Africa’

Street Art Auction

Thursday April 23rd
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
From 7pm

Featuring some of Bristol’s world-renowned street artists,
this exciting event will raise money for Temwa’s
sustainable community-based projects in Malawi, Africa…

Among the canvasses exhibited and auctioned will be new
pieces by:

• Mr Jago
• Paris
• Dicy
• Will Barras
• Piro
• Mr Parker
• Seza
• Mr Riks
• Retro Boy
• Fernando Alves
• Cheba
• Nikill
• Lokey
• Cheo
• Felix ‘Flx’ Braun
• Tom Moore
• High Renaissance

And if that wasn’t enough, revellers will also be
entertained by classic soul, funk and hiphop from the
Monster Piece DJs and The Disco Two.

Entry is free and raffle tickets cost just £1.00 each….

All art works has been donated and it is only through the
generosity of our supporting artists that we are able to
organise what will be an exceptional evening. Remember,
100% of proceeds raised will go directly to Temwa.

About Temwa:

Temwa’s objective is to help build a sustainable future for
the people of Malawi through community-based projects.
Temwa is working with the people of Malawi, enabling
them to become self sufficient and giving them hope for
their families’ futures.

For more information about Temwa please visit

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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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