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1loveart Rump Show At Hamilton House

So the 1loveart show opened tonight down at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. It was billed as being ‘urban art’, so to be honest less was expected than at other shows. But you know what, it’s actually really good.

There is some of the usual antics in there, the same old ideas being rehashed in an entirely similar way, or biting as it might be known in a happily different context. But beyond a small bit of that, there’s a really interesting mix right across the range, from fine arty stuff, right across to tagging and piecing.

It’s one of those things that make you realise just how many people there are doing all sorts in this city. There’s not many of the more usual names in there, but it’s still full of people. Nice to see Jeffrow and Andy Stott with some new work, and Dot Com’s wall is easily one of the stand out parts of the whole thing. The British take on the rail map is funny as too.

It’s all laid out nicely, it’s a nice space they’ve got up there, if the lighting’s a little harsh in places. Hard to say though, it’s just got a feel of a good and well put together show, the sort of thing you’d go back to for another look.

So, it’s the first of the busy Bristol Christmas season for shows, but it’s set a really strong benchmark for them. Do head on down, it’s there for a shortish time before moving down to The Lanes down by Bridewell.

Here’s a bit of a gallery of what’s there. Minus the disturbing statues in the middle of the room, which really are outside of the realm of this blog. You’ll have to see those for yourself.


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Back Round Moon Street

Love Moon Street as ever, it’s been the home of lots of work for years and years now, so given it’s been a while, it seemed worth an update of what’s round there at the mo…

Some bits haven’t changed obviously, so not going to blog the lot, but this chap’s always jolly…

…a panda stencil by one of the alleys under fashionable 51 02. Just for those who come across these posts through predictable google searches, it’s not by Banksy.

Round the corner a bit, the wall of the Full Moon’s been filling up steadily for a year or so now. Some bits have been there for yonks obviously, the SPQR spaceman and the Awkward work…

But these BS51 pieces are new-ish…

…nice to see some more freehand ishwork from the chap for a change.

This Fake stencil’s been blogged before, but here’s a close up anyway.

Bit further along, the donkeys everyone photographs.


Round the corner up Moon Street, the massive Burning Candy production, as painted during the filming of ‘Tags to Riches’ is still holding up well, looks all the better for some tidy 3Dom work next to it.

A comment on getting up for school?

Not completely new but still looking pretty fresh further up the street…

..nice to see another rendering of that bunny you see about.

This door must have a good few layers of history on it under there, now a nice sky scene…


Finally, os these were done a short while after the main painting, not sure the Lokey and Haka work on Lakota got put up on here in the end. So here they are for the record…


… and good Mr Lokey.

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Slight Return With A Few Shows

As happens occasionally, real life has got in the way of blogging. Sorry about that, doubly annoying as there’s lots of good stuff on at the moment.


First up, the Burning Candy show opens tonight down at the Emporium on Stokes Croft. Should be great, and alongside it, the building next to Metropolis on Cheltenham Road has just has a load of scaffolding and sheeting removed to reveal a huge Burning Candy production over the whole thing. Looks great, but can’t find any photos on the web as yet, so if someone happens to get some and wants to send them in, that would be very cool indeed.


If you fancy something on more of an arty tip this evening though, then Andy Council’s doing a talk about his work down at the Watershed tonight, which should be pretty darn interesting.


Looking ahead a bit further, Acer’s keeping on a roll, and has got a photography show organised at the Golden Lion further up the Gloucester Road with Okermedia.

It opens this Saturday (7th November) with free entry and music from saxaphonist James Morton (collaborator with peewee ellis and fred wesley of the JBs), so should be a top night all round.

More blogging soon. Promise. In the meantime, if anyone’s got stuff they want blogging, do send it on it.

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BC At Glastonbury

No sign of actual painting at the festival from the BC lot, but then they’ve painted so many vans around the festival scene now that you’re always bound to find something of theirs if you looks hard enough.

Here’s a couple of painted vans that were at Glastonbury Festival this year, one up in Shangri La early on…

bc van glasto shangri la

…t’other side, not BC?

bc van shangri la other side

And one that was loitering in backstage Jazzworld.

bc van glasto backstage jazz


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Back From It…

glasto recession photo

The blog’s been at Glastonbury for the last week or two, sorry no to have left you with content in the meantime. Still though, lots of time for taking photos of what was going on around the site. So, for the rest of this week, various different bits will be getting blogged from what was an awesome festival. Paris, Mudwig, Inkie, Xenz, Ziml, BC, Filthy Luker, a mystery project featuring Epson Von Stylus and friend, and a very old Banksy indeed.

The above photo was down by Yeoman’s Bridge, does the style look familiar to anyone else?

More very soon…


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12 Days Of Christmas Show – 2008!

So once again, the Steal from Work guys and a huge army of helpers have pulled off another huge show out of nothing in hardly any time. This post is going live as the doors to the show open, so people not there can see it too, but that said, the show was a couple of hours away from finished when these photos were taken, so whilst most of the organisers were of course relaxing having finished setting it all up in advance, there were still a few final tweaks to be made.

So these photos aren’t necessarily the final final thing, you’ll only see that there, and am not putting names with everything just yet, but this blog isn’t here so people can live life through the web, it’s here to encourage you to get out and see stuff for yourself, so get down there!

Incidentally, rumour has it that a load of free spray paint on card pieces will be being left round the area this evening too by an artist not in the show, so keep an eye out.

When you’re round there, you should also definitely go and check out the PRSC gallery at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Photos on the blog tomorrow all being well, but it’s got some top work in it, and it’s all for auction, starting at just 99p.

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Back At It…

Sorry for lack of posting for the last few days, the return of the students to Bristol seems to shake up the pool of illnesses running around the city really well, and one found its way to this blog, very boring.

Annoying too, as there’s tons of top content at the moment, will try and play catch up as best as can over the next day or so.

But here’s a bit of newness from round Stokes Croft last weekend to kick things off

Some new BC work just by the massage parlour, is odd how these boards seem to get taken down and replaced in random sections over time. Is someone buying them up or something?

Whilst further along and across the road, some boards that have been blank for a few weeks seemed to be being finally sorted out. Not been back over that way to see the finished piece yet, anyone any ideas?


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