Bristol Festival Evening Painting Thursday

So, the light was fading this evening, and tons of people involved in the Bristol graf/street art scene were down there, weirdly someone had a stereo with some classical music playing out over the still evening, it was quite an atmosphere.

Richt and China Mike were down by now, working on a collaborative piece, still a fair way to go on this one, looking wicked so far though.

Molar’s piece, come on a long way from earlier in the day.

Likewise Epok, with Sepr’s OAP ninja turtle nearly done on the left there.

Space, a writer not much seen around, but going to bring some proper wildstyle to the show, not before time, the sketch for this looks awesome and is loads bigger, love it.

Jago and Cheo’s piece, not fully done yet, but damn they’ve worked fast. Love the marker pen…

Inkie, Flx and Lokey, all in a row. Inkie wasn’t even there earlier in the afternoon…

…how long has it been since a proper Inkie piece like that has been done in Bristol? You may wanna compare it with stuff like this.

Cheba’s there too, obviously, only a rough outline right now.

Back over by the waterfront, Oath was putting his part to a wall that looks like it’s all going to flow into one…

But this photo kinda sums this event up. Jeffrow’s been moved from the space in the photo in the previous post, cos this isn’t some formal live painting event. It’s massive, no-one knows how many people are going to end up painting here in the end, latest estimate is in the mid 40’s, and it could be more. It’s a properly huge painting event, and you absolutely have to get down there this weekend to go and see it.

Probably best get a ticket ASAP though, as they’ve already sold out in some shops, and if you’re on the blag, well, Big Jeff’s on the gate, and you wouldn’t want to try to blag him would you?

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One response to “Bristol Festival Evening Painting Thursday

  1. Steve Gills

    Inkie has got skills!

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