Get In Touch!

This blog’s all about sharing information on the Bristol Graffiti and Street Art scenes with people far and wide.

It’s everyone’s blog in that sense, so we’re always looking for new writers and/or blog content on;

  • New pieces that have gone up recently
  • Shows, events and exhibitions coming up
  • Photos of work from back in the day
  • Anything else people might find interesting in this area

The only guidelines for content are;

  • It’s in Bristol or the surrounding area


  • It’s to do with an artist connected to Bristol now or in the past


  • It’s not tagging, which this blog doesn’t cover.

Generally, it’s helpful to know the ‘where, when, why and who’ about the piece or event, but don’t worry too much if you don’t know all the details. Pictures to go alongside the article are always very handy too if you’ve got them. Do say who you’d like the info and/or pictures credited to though, or if you don’t want them credited to anyone.

Then, just email it all over to bristolgraffiti AT (replacing the ‘AT’ with an ‘@’)