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Burning Candy Show At The Emporium Next Thursday


Now this looks a bit special, a Burning Candy group show at The Emporium down on Stokes Croft. Opening a week today, and only open for a short time, there’s going to be work in there from the whole Burning Candy crew.

Here’s the chat…

SOME RAW BUSINESS : Feat – Cept, Cyclops, Dscreet, Gold Peg, LL Brainwash, Mighty Monkey, Rowdy, Sweet Toof and Tek 33

Opening Night – Nov 5th, 6- 10 pm then daily 12 – 7pm till Nov 9th

This Bonfire night Burning Candy, the UK’s foremost Savant Garde autistic spectrum graffiti crew, come together to set aflame and pay respect to the memory of Guido Fawkes…..the guy with the right idea.
Expect fireworks, sweet stuff and some jazzy painting.

If you like looking at slightly creepy artwork, or you’ve ever admired that enormous skull, tooth, crocodile combo atop Wetmoreland house, come along. Bring some sparklers!!!

BC, or Burning Candy, or Before Chrome comprises old school writers, lovers, fighters, anthropologists, ice cream rocking queens, Royal Acedemicians, film makers and anarcho croc rockers.

Born in bombed out East London, BC has spread across the world, from Sweden to Bombay and from Paris to Bangkok, bringing a new, colourful and free visual aesthetic to the world of graffiti.

Collected by Saatchi, hung in the Tate modern, still smashing the streets. 2009 BC

The Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY


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12 Days Of Christmas Show – 2008!

So once again, the Steal from Work guys and a huge army of helpers have pulled off another huge show out of nothing in hardly any time. This post is going live as the doors to the show open, so people not there can see it too, but that said, the show was a couple of hours away from finished when these photos were taken, so whilst most of the organisers were of course relaxing having finished setting it all up in advance, there were still a few final tweaks to be made.

So these photos aren’t necessarily the final final thing, you’ll only see that there, and am not putting names with everything just yet, but this blog isn’t here so people can live life through the web, it’s here to encourage you to get out and see stuff for yourself, so get down there!

Incidentally, rumour has it that a load of free spray paint on card pieces will be being left round the area this evening too by an artist not in the show, so keep an eye out.

When you’re round there, you should also definitely go and check out the PRSC gallery at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Photos on the blog tomorrow all being well, but it’s got some top work in it, and it’s all for auction, starting at just 99p.

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Graf Archeology Round Picton Lane

Couple of months old now, these photos, meant to blog them before. But kind of an interesting thing. Down Picton Lane (between Picton Street and Cheltenham Road). This big Sweet Toof piece was there for quite a while, along with some other similar bits here and there.


It was peeled off over the summer though, and seems it had preserved behind it some other bits from back in the day.


No idea about the basketball stencil…


…might go along with the Nike trainer near it?


Interesting to see another Dissident stencil surviving from a while back, likewise one of the early Ghostboy stencil tags too. ‘All of your door are belong to I’ is probably more of a one off though…


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Graf At Recydrate The West

Tough call this weekend just gone, go check out the goings on at the Project 360 event in the centre, or go to a West Country Cider Festival relocated to the middle of nowhere in Wales.

This blog opted for the latter, but thankfully there was some Bristol graf related stuff there, in amongst the carnage.

It was a tiny festival, so what was there was kinda confined to a few spots. Surprised to see this on the way in, presumably done for the last time this festival was on in 2006, a massive entrance gate painted by Sickboy.

Not the easiest to get a photo of in the cloud and rain.

So chopped up a bit, here’s one side…

…and the other…

…and the middle.

Most of the rest was either side of the main stage. Like everywhere at the moment, lots of Sepr, would be interested to know the story behind this one.

This was a lovely big bit by Sepr and Epok.

This one was unsigned, and looked like it had been up somewhere before before being taken down and put up again here, possibly one from the 2006 festival. Got pretty trashed by the end of this one sadly.

Really liked this one by 2Keen.

More Sepr.

This was very cool but unsigned, anyone any ideas?

and another that seemed to have been put up before elsewhere, the join didn’t match.

Otherwise the only other bit of note on site was this van. It was actually on the other side of the festival fence, and didn’t go round to get better photos of it, but know someone who did so shall see if can get those at some point. Anyway, nice piece round this side…

…and round the other side (and the front if memory serves) a whole load of Before Chrome going on. They’re getting about at the moment aren’t they.

Cool festival though, shame not to have got photos of the Project 360 antics though, but if anyone reading did and wants to share them, then get in touch – bristolgraffiti AT


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Before Chrome On The BBC News…

…but possibly not in quite the way you would have expected.

Link to the full article here.


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Graf At Shambala Festival

Thanks loads to Midas for sending these in, some photos of some of the painting that went on at the Shambala Festival last week.

Few different things going on on site by the sounds of things. Biggest one for this blog was a bunch of Bristol related folks getting together to build and paint a massive fort.

This side’s Will Barras, Ponk and Paris

Finishing off one corner looks like some Yaka

Whilst Mr Jago took some time out from preparing for his upcoming exhibition to paint the other end of that side.

People like feek and Dicy were there too, so should be some more photos around that can be dug out of the other sides of this construction, will see if they can’t be found.

Then, as ever at a festival, some other bits were put up here and there. Here’s some Rowdy and Sweet Toof.

Then some as yet unindentified bits. If you know the answers, comment away.

Not 100% certain on this one, same person as does the brains round Stokes Croft?

No immediate idea here, nice though.

and this is really lovely, in an arty kinda way. Photo of it seems to work better at night somehow.

So, there you have it, hopefully some more photos of this festival coming along soon, but looks to have been some good stuff.


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Graf at the Glade in Glastonbury

Getting towards the end of the Glastonbury festival photos now, there was so much there it’s taken a while!

Here’s a really random set that happened one night. Wandering through the Glade, spotted an unmistakable Cyclops/Sweet Toof/Rowdy piece and stopped to get a photo of it, more as a reminder to go back and get a better one than anything else.

A bit further down, spotted a guy finishing off a piece. Took a photo, and then realised what he was finishing off said ‘Haker’. Seemed too much of a random coincidence, but indeed it wasn’t, as the guy painting was Bristol graf artist Haker himself.

Turns out he’d been commissioned to do a whole load of painting round the Glade, and this was one of the final bits getting finished off.

Stopped for a chat and to watch him finish off the green jacket and can of Red Stripe on a happy policeman…

…like so.

Very random Glastonbury moment.

So went back the next day to get photos of some more of what was there, as well as the finished piece.

Close up on the characters…

…and the name.

Was pleased and amused to see a shout out to this blog had appeared over the top of the piece too. Hello to anyone who found it through spotting that sign!

There was tons of other great work round the Glade. As you came in from the Other Stage direction, this signage, I think by Haker as well, was there to greet you…

…artwork that fits this part of the site really well.

Just along from the sign was this stuff, guessing it’s by 3rd Eye.

Next to it this, which rings many annoyingly nameless bells.

Seems another west country graf concern was getting a shout out on this one too, the Capsule Creative Suite down in Frome. Top stuff!


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