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TCF Bonfire Night Burner

Seems silly in a way, the most commonly viewed Bristol piece in this whole site has never actually had a blog to itself.

So, for anyone who’s liked the image header up there, here are some more shots of it.

It was done on the St Pauls side of Junction 3 of the M32 around bonfire night last year (hence the theme i guess), and was a rare reunion of lots of the TCF for a Bristol piece, along with some birthday shenanigans too apparently.

A closer shot from the right…

…and from the left.

Love these Feek doods at either end, this one topped off with some Paris.

Do names really matter in a piece like this? Dunno, but they’re so nicely written, seems foolish not to include them…

Not sure what state this piece is in at the moment, anyone seen it more recently than these photos (from the end of last year)?

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Sainty In Oppo

There’s always art of varying levels in Oppo on Park Street, apparently they let artists exhibit and sell there without taking any cut of the money, benefitting only from the temporary display of pictures on the walls.

Wandered in the other day and spotted some Sainty pieces, he of What? Collective fame.

Known for the birdhouses, here are a selection, one either having been bought or dropped off.

Close up on the picture next to the 3D bits…

All work around a theme, beaky doods and bird houses…

…or, indeed, gramaphones.

Really struck by this one, but post cider photography is never optimal is it.

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A Small Collection

Been sent some snaps recently of a small Bristol collection of two interesting things from back in the day.

First off, an early Sickboy temple on a brick, rescued from a building demolition a few years back.

Second, a Banksy paste up from back in the day. Not obviously 100% verifiable as Banksy, but looks right. Interesting to see a paste up from him though, never seen or heard of one before.


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Lots Of Old Banksy Pics

Have had a lot of old Banksy pics from around Bristol sent in over the last few months, and obviously going to share them here. Had had a plan to take photos of the wall as it looks now to contrast with what it was then, but that’s proving a little more time consuming than planned.

So, they’re no use just sitting around and will share them over the coming weeks. Seems a bit of an anti climax to drop them all at the same time as one big file download or the like though. Would be good to put some more backstory and thought to each one too.

Anyhoo, here’s a starter for 10, a Banksy Authorised Graffiti Area stencil, under the M32 roundabout in 2001 or so. Ironic in a way, as until recently that area was considered to be a pretty much authorised graffiti area.

(photo credit Neil C)

Don’t suppose anyone’s got a photo anywhere of how this one ended up?

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End Of A Piece On Jamaica Street

Ever wonder what happens to pieces when the boards they’re on are taken down? Well, most of the stuff around Jamaica Street done as part of the PRSC project is still sitting safely with them, which is good.

Last week though, this piece…

(photo Credit Saturnine)

…ended up here.

Pity in a way, was quite a nice one. Ho hum.


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Ashley Road Update

Interesting discussion on the last post about the boards at the end of Ashley Road, but all history now, as the work there’s gone already, replaced by a big Haka piece…

…and next to it a rather natty 3Dom head.


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Small Stencil In Henleaze

Don’t see much graf round these parts, and this bit by the petrol station on North View in Henleaze looks as old and worn as it is strange.

Not seen another one like it anywhere before. Odd.

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