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Top Bristol Show This Thursday

So, it’s been a while since this blog covered up coming shows, but here’s one definitely worth checking out.

It’s down at ‘The Bristol Gallery‘, which is a newish place down by Millennium Square in the centre, here’s a map of sorts. The website seems pretty unintelligible, something to do with ‘real art’ or something…

One of the myriad ways with which one might begin to get a handle on what are difficult and challenging works of art is to think about some of the pre-histories of art-making that have brought us to the condition of contemporary art as it is practiced today.

…and that’s just the homepage.

Still though, there are some top people with work down there at a show opening this Thursday (4th March), including Sir Felix of Braun, Baron Inkie, Lord Ponk and the deadly combo of Andy Stott (D*Frost) and Jeffrow. Beezer and The Krah have got work in it too, which is very far indeed from being a bad thing.

So, filter through the pretentious art toss and get yourself down there for a beer (or maybe some snakebite, served ironically of course) and a look at some work by some proper talent. You know the score.


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Things Abroad

This blog’s about Bristol, so is usually quite parochial in its view that abroad is pretty much anything outside of Bristol, although Somerset and places in that direction are certainly allied nations.

But this time, there’s some stuff going on that really is abroad as most people think of it.

(click to read it)

First up, Richt’s landed himself a show in Amsterdam. Nice work if you can get it, and judging from his recent work it should be a nice show too. Here’s the flyer in case you fancy a wander over to it, it’s only a hundred quid on Easyjet, and there’s worse places to be during the winter.

Meanwhile, if you fancy somewhere a bit warmer and more refined, over in at the Bristol-Lisboa Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, FLX is curating a show if Bristol Street Art, if google’s translation of portugese is to be believed. The show opened back on the 7th November, and runs for ages, through to the 20th February 2010.

There are some photos of the show and the pieces in it over on the gallery website, including Xenz, Will Barras, Mag1c, FLX, Cyclops and Mr Jago.Very nice work from all of them in there, have a dig around.

A bit less abroad, over on Guernsey, it looks like the Centrefold Gallery run by the Readerswives Collective is sadly closing in the new year. The Collective’s carrying on, but since the gallery’s going, there’s an ‘everything must go’ sale down at the gallery on the month’s busiest night for this sort of thing, 11th December.

More details over on the Facebook, it was a nice little gallery, so will be interesting to see what the chaps get up to next!

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Painting Down The Bearpit – The Results

Blogged it happening before, but didn’t get a chance to go back and get photos of the finished thing for a while. Nice big mural down in the Bearpit (St James Barton Roundabout for those abroad), proving that there might yet be hope for brightening up one of the most run down parts of the centre.

Really nice work, fits in with all the wildflowers that were planted down there a couple of years back, apparently by the council surprisingly. They’ve gone over a bit now, but should look even better next summer.

bear pit wall

Bit of detail on the bees…

bearpit detail

…and on the other side. Spot Stokes Croft in there.

bearpit stokes croft pic

And the credits, some names you may recognise, and perhaps not expect to be doing this sort of stuff.

bearpit credits

Nice work. Hope it’s just the start of doing something to brighten that place up and encourage people to use it more, rather than just trying to design out people congregating there (check the individual metal seats next time you’re there. They look absurd).

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Get Dring Mobile – The Photos

Top night down at Paintworks last night for the Get Dring Mobile auction, some great live painting outside, great music and a whole lot of bidding for a great guy. Well, bidding for art to raise money for a great guy, Mike himself of course not being for sale.

It was interesting to see how the bidding went. Some pieces were an absolute steal, other went for far more than you would ever have thought. As a wise man put it last night, ‘a picture’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’. Stencil work still seems to be very much in fashion with the buyerati, wonder how much longer that will last.

In total, the auction raised something like £24,500, before you count in the bar receipts, pieces that sold outside of the auction and all sorts. So well on the way to getting Mike’s car sorted then, awesome stuff.

There’s more to come still too, lots of pieces left to be sold on Ebay very soon, including a lovely Will Barras that lots of people were coveting last night, so keep an eye out.

Here’s some photos from it all then, the live painting as it went along, and the works inside the auction as well.

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New Book – Art And Sound Of The Bristol Underground

The weekend again hey? There’s loads going on (Carny Ville and Gentleman’s Dub Club would be our tips for this one), but here’s a book that frankly makes Bristol today sound like some lame uncreative backwater.


Called ‘Art and Sound of the Bristol Underground’, it all started a couple of years ago when one of the authors found a box full of flyers for old squat/warehouse/free parties in Bristol from the mid eighties to the early nineties. Rather than chuck them away, the finder, Chris Burton, got together with Gary Thompson and put together a book covering the scene, what went on, and, most important, the flyers and artwork that went alongside it all.

Not just any old flyers, these ones were for early parties by the Wild Bunch, the Fresh 4 and many others, the scene that spawned the Bristol sound now known around the world. Aside from the content, they were designed by people like Inkie, FLX, 3D and Nick Walker, so they’re pretty darn interesting from a graf history point of view too.

Tangent Books have been good enough to send over some samples of the flyers in the book, so take a look…

Flyer by FLX…


…and 3D…

wild bunch by 3D


New Chief Rockers by UD4

…and Nick Walker.

Krissy by Nick Walker

There’s loads more in there, and will give the book a proper review once we’ve got hold of a copy. In the meantime, here’s an interesting interview about it in the Evening Post, and a couple of Youtubes for those who want to get a slight taste of what it was all about, courtesy of the Wild Bunch and the Fresh 4.

If you want to get a copy, then here’s the link you need.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Get Dring Mobile – More Details

get dring mobile paris logo1

For those who don’t know about it, there’s background on the Get Dring Mobile auction coming up here. But for those who do, more details are now out about what’s going to be going on in a couple of weeks time. Here’s the chat…

The doors will be open from 11am to 9pm on Wednesday for a full days viewing of the works going under the hammer. Thursday will be a busy day with the opportunity for further viewing from 12pm.

There will be live painting by Mr Jago, Inkie, Lokey, Felix, Eelus, Xenz, Paris, Boswell, Vermin, Milk and Dora starting at 4pm and the auction including lots by Guy Denning, Pam Glew, Rowdy, Ian Francis and Nick Walker to name but a few, will commence at 7pm.

The work can be viewed on line at Dreweatts, and at Bidding can be made in person or live online at on the evening, commission bids will be taken with valid credit/debit card details prior to the event. If you wish to make a commission bid and to register for bidding please contact The GDM team on 07789 971273 or e-mail

The event will also include a fine art ‘mystery’ postcard sale featuring work from award winning artists from all over the world, many of which have shown in the BP portrait awards and with some having work in the National Portrait Gallery their work usually thousands. This sale therefore gives people the opportunity to purchase a piece of art that would usually cost a small fortune, for just £50.

We are also running a raffle to win a portrait painted by Vincent Brown, a multi award winning portrait and figurative artist from Bristol. Tickets will be available at the event and are also available now via the GDM blog at For more information about Vincent Brown and to see examples of his amazing work please visit his web-site at

Vince himself will be attending the event and will determine the winner of our very own portrait competition. We hope to see lots of you there, with live painting, music, beer and curry this promises to be a great night.

It does indeed.

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Painting Down The Bearpit

Not been able to go back and get a photo of the finished thing yet, but this was going on last weekend, some painting as part of a youth project down in the bearpit, led by the ever able Flx.

bearpit painting

At a passing glance it looks like it’s come out really well, and it’s great to see painting going on down there now, in what must be one of the most run down and depressing places in the whole of central Bristol.

The council have washed off really nice pieces from PRSC down there before now, taking the wall back to its dull and dirty former self each time. Hopefully this may be a bit of a change of heart and the place can start getting brightened up a bit.

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