This blog covers Graffiti and Street Art in Bristol, UK, be it pieces on walls, events with live painting or gallery shows of Graffiti and Street Artists connected in some way to Bristol. This blog has a few main purposes;

  1. To show people that Bristol Graffiti and Street Art is so much more than just Banksy (good though he is)
  2. To help promote the work of the many different Graffiti and Street Artists that there are in Bristol
  3. To help people learn more about the huge amount of free art they walk past on a daily basis
  4. To keep people updated on what’s going on, so they can start to explore it for themselves
  5. To help us all, writers of this blog included, learn more about an area that there’s always more to find out about

We hope you like it. If you want to get in touch, click here.