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Stencil On Ambra Vale West

Not the most fertile ground for graf this, and fair enough in a way, can’t see the residents here being as down with it as other places.

Still, found this small stencil on Ambra Vale West in Clifton the other day, nearish to that Tom from Tom and Jerry (as the consensus seems to have it!). Not one i recognise, but done by someone who knows what they’re doing by the looks of things.

Here’s the stencil at the top…

…and the tag at the bottom.

Think i’ve seen a THC tag round before elsewhere, years ago perhaps. No idea.


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Alley Down The Back Of St Werburghs Farm

There’s a little hidden lane running down the back of the St Werburghs farm cafe, and came across this big piece for the first time the other day. Pretty old, think it said 2006, and by Sepr and True if memory serves.

Here’s Sepr’s side…

…and one for True.

Funny though, this piece really hasn’t been tagged. Guess it’s off the beaten track, but it’s near tagging, so wonder if this message in it is being respected.

In all the little stars are names of writers or crews, here’s one for the ‘Ave A Go Heroes.

And of course the legendary Twentieth Century Frescoes.

Go and check it out if you’re going to check out the farm this weekend anyway.

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More Channel 4 Street Art TV

For those that missed this the other day, Channel 4 are showing street artists and graffers as part of their 3 minute wonder’ series just after the news in the evening. A kindly soul is recording and uploading them to Youtube, so here’s the one with Sweet Toof and Eine.

Go to this vid on Youtube and check the posters other vids for one on Blek Le Rat…

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The Farm Pub Gets Finished Off

Remember the other week when the Farm pub down in St Werburghs got repainted by Xenz and Paris? Well, it was painted to a basic standard then, but word has it that Xenz and some others will be coming back this Saturday (31st May) to finish off the finer details, alongside a BBQ and some DJs.

The weather forecast looks good for it, so, barring last minute cancellation, get yourself down there to watch a seriously good graffer at work.

This blog’s not going to be there for it sadly, so if anyone gets any snaps of the day, send them on in!

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Couple Of New Bits Off Colston Street

Dunno who did these, but some newish bits on the little lane by the sports pub that runs from Colston Street down to Host Street, popular spot.

This pretty stylistically done portrait. Have heard it said you can write all the graf you want, but a proper writer can always draw a face.

This made me smile, cute message…


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New Piece By The Flyer

Blogged this wall before here, but something new’s turned up on it since, quite a well done stenciled head.

Looking pretty windswept, know nothing more about it though, no sig anywhere near it to be made out…


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Bristol Gets Its Own Graffiti Police

An interesting article in the evening post here about Bristol being the first city in the country to get its own dedicated undercover graffiti police team.

Hard to make out though what they’re going to be tackling, on the one hand they talk abut going after taggers quite a lot, but on the other they talk about how keeping Banksy pieces in the city causes them problems, even though Banksy’s not been a tagger as such for years, and people voted to keep his work in a public vote.

Hopefully they are seeing a difference between tagging and the more street art side of things, certainly there is a pretty clear difference between the two. Ultimately though there needs to be a proper consensus drawn up in the city on what people do and don’t want to keep. A lot of the pieces you see around are done with the property owner’s permission anyway, so it’s hard to see how you could stop that happening.

Interestingly, someone’s left a comment on the story saying they’re glad that the police are going after taggers, as it’ll stop them destroying the bigger pieces of graf round the city. Not sure the police see that distinction fully from this article, but it seems other people in Bristol do.

Seems the Evening Post wants people to send in photos of graffiti they love or hate, so if you’ve got some handy, why not send some in?


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