What Show At Friend Gallery

So, as promised, some shots from last night’s What Collective show at the teeny tiny Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road.


This greets you by the door, the What Collective chaps sprucing the place up a little.


Opposite, some Sums, Richt and Sainty, along with the 45RPM/Richt print on orange.


More pieces next door


Down the end, more 45RPM painting on the wall, along with an up to date, cutting edge, contemporary installation piece. This show really should have been in trendy shoreditch shouldn’t it. Those little Oath pics are still there from the previous show too, running up the wall that technically makes this gallery have four walls.


Some 45RPM and Sainty bits on canvases at the bottom there, the print on white on top.


Kinda like Woolworths a few weeks ago in these difficult times, even the show original show flyer goes on sale


Below it some decks, no What show would be complete without them now would they?


There are some other bits there that aren’t on here too, so get yourself down there, and check out some new works in the miniscule of art.

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