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Not A Penny Off The Pay – Show Preview

Just got back from the bottom end of Stokes Croft, where a huge amount of work’s going into getting the ‘Not A Penny Off The Pay, Not A Second On The Day‘ show put together for tomorrow night’s opening. It’s a brilliant space for it, and whilst not all of the artist’s work has arrived yet, this blog’s been given exclusive access to put up some preview snaps of the work that’s going to be there. So, enjoy!

A few people have been wondering exactly where it’s going to be, since there’s still a motorbike shop open at the bottom of Stokes Croft. For those who know the area, here it is as you come up from the Bearpit. For those coming from afar, look for the ‘No Propaganda’ sign!

If you’re coming from Gloucester Road way, you’ll spot these paste ups, variations on the show’s theme on the side of the old Club UK (that place is shut down again right?)

Never the best thing to get a shot of is it, a massive room. Still, awesome open space for a show like this.

So, to the art. Here’s some of SPQR‘s pieces for the show, love the morris dancer vs riot cop piece there.

Next up some Adam Koukoudakis, top bloke, and some lovely acrylic on board pieces.

Couple of pieces by Cept.

Some Matt Small goodness on boxes and the like.

and this piece was next to it, didn’t catch who by, will chase up and update later…

Edit – it’s KUNSTTERRORIST from Croatia…

This is one of a few Guy Denning pieces in the show

Sweet Toof, obviously.

Perhaps less obviously, also Sweet Toof (and the blue one with the gun you can just see to the left there)

Chin Chin, a new one on me, but a cool piece.

Another visitor from Berlin, Kowalski.

One of those big ass butterflies by Pure Evil, lovely pieces, butterflies really are this years image aren’t they?

and once you’ve got round all that, I’m guessing this is where you’ll have to pay!

So, not everything’s there yet, still more artists to turn up and more work to hang, they’ve got a long night ahead of them. It’s a brilliant space though, a great line up and some top work.

Rumour has it the show may leave Stokes Croft a little prettier than it first found it too, keep an eye out if you’re round that way.

Yet again, another show you just have to go and see. Can’t wait til tomorrow…


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Fake Banksy in London

Following on from yesterday’s story, found this today on t’interweb. Now, i’m posting it here with the complete and utter disclaimer that it might all be a big hoax (about a hoax), but still, it’s funny, and if true, proves a point…

Apparently, according to the news, Banksy is backing Ken Livingstone in the London mayoral election this Thursday. Not sure how true that is, or how anyone could verify it either way, but there y’go, that’s politics.

So, as a joke, some students have sprayed Banksy rats around Clerkenwell with a new slogan on their sign, ‘Vote Ken’.

Long shot

The same day, the pavement gets ripped up and taken, presumably by collectors, who are now going to try to flog on a complete fake.

Hilarious, and just goes to show the problem with trying to buy or sell a ‘Street Banksy’. Caveat emptor huh? Perhaps we should preserve them where they are…


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Sweet Toof, Cyclops, Rowdy, Brick Lane, London

Came across these bits when in London a couple of week back, lovely big Sweet Toof, Cyclops and Rowdy piece, wasn’t there last time i wandered past i’m sure.

These were even cooler, couldn’t make out if they were cut specially for this, or just an opportune bit of spikage that painted up well, suspect the former.

If these guys keep on painting like this they can only get bigger…


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New Guerilla Galleries show

So to complete a day of blogging about show, a head’s up for what’s coming up at Bristol’s own Guerrilla Galleries.

May the 8th is going to see some new work going up in the gallery. Complete line up still being finalised, but confirmed so far is new stuff from Cheba, Sepr, Deadgirl, Cheo, SPZER076, Lokey and Yakahead.

Also, interestingly, long time graffiti author and documenter, Tristan Manco, is bringing across a whole load of work from writers and artists he knows in Brazil, as yet unseen in the UK.

Looks like being a really interesting new show, will let you know more when we do.

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Will Barras Show at Stolenspace

Was hoping to bring you a review of the Will Barras show at Stolenspace in Shoreditch, but, erm, can’t…

Not a massive inconvenience though, cos the Stolenspace website has some really good photos of both the work and the opening night, so do go check it out!

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A summer of shows

The more you blog, the more of them you find it seems. Got lots of show news coming up, but to kick it off, here’s a little heads up for the Capsule Creative Suite, down in the wilds of Frome, Somerset.

They’ve got a whole summer of shows coming up by the looks of things, with possibly more beyond as well. Names that immediately grab my eye are Lokey, Andy Council and a joint show between Cheba and Nikill, but looking forward to checking out the rest as well.

Bit hard to read on the flyer, but the address there is 19 Paul Street, Frome, Somerset

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Path between the Fosseway and Saville Place, Clifton

There’s a funny little lane running between the Fosseway and Saville Place in Clifton, a prime spot for graf, and was sure i could remember some good stuff there, so went and checked it out the other day.

Sadly, seems i was either misremembering, or a lot of it’s gone now.

Still, for those of you that are fans of the randomness of ‘De Baron’, then there’s this…

‘Big up Isambard Kingdom Brunel’, i think we could all agree with that.

Also another of these odd little sets of symbols from back in the day (another one still there on Pro-Cathedral Lane as blogged before). Makes me think perhaps these walls haven’t been cleaned for a while.


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