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Spotted Cow Show Tonight

Just a reminder for you, Friend and Co show down at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster tonight. The last one was great, this one should be well worth checking out too.

this spot4

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Montpelier – A Fascist Free Zone

Always the way when you’re time short isn’t it, think you’ve got something interesting lined up to blog, only to find when you get to it that it needs a bit more work.

So, in the meantime, here’s a small one from Brook Hill in Montpelier.

long fascist free zone, montpelier

You’d think it’d be a pretty fascist free zone round that way anyway, but guess it’s always good to remind people.

fascist free zone, montpelier

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The Lakota Gets Painted

Lakota was a really big club back in the day, so many huge events there, and billed on a national level with Cream, Turnmills, etc. Despite one or two biggies now and again (the Banksy Museum Show afterparty was there a few months back, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and all), it’s not been what it was for a few years now, and it came close to being pulled down for yet more of the ‘luxury executive flats’ that this city so clearly needs.

Seems that’s still a possibility, but it’s on the backburner now, as there’s a new lease in place for a couple more years. So, given what it used to be, the owners have decided to do the place up, put in brand new toilets, rip out the stage, and get a tidy new paint job to go over the flaking Paris and Eco work that was there (and had lasted 10 years or so to be fair).

So, the weekend saw a massive new work going up on it, Cheo getting his bit done on Friday, then Flx, Soker, Jody, Sepr, Epok and 3Dom coming down Saturday onwards.

It’s still not done now, there’s talk of more people being lined up to come along, and there may be some tidying to do here and there. But here’s a bit of a gallery of the weekend’s painting (and the one bit of graf they’ve left inside the now repainted club, a couple of old Ghostboy stencils).

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More Bits On Picton Lane And Stokes Croft

As anyone with half an eye on Flickr will know, the Lakota got painted at the weekend, more on that very soon.

In the meantime though, here’s a few bits down on the ever unusual Picton Lane.

Pretty, erm, simple stencils.

cow stencils picton lane

And someone’s stuck up some manner of oil painting too…

picture picton lane

…with not much added to it really. No idea.

picture close up picton lane

This cute chap’s got another plant for this year though…

watering gnome picton lane

…dunno if it’s just luck or if someone makes sure weeds grow there anyway.

watering gnome picton lane close

Other bits that may be of interest whilst Lakota photos are still being ploughed through. This piece was dogged on Saturday night, and has probably come to a natural end now, having lasted nearly a year or so.

3dom voyder head dogged

The Krah’s been back chaining work to lamposts too…

the krah on stokes croft

…bit closer.

the krah on stokes croft closer

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The Curious Case Of The Fake Banksys

The media seem to be quite interested in ‘the knock on effect of the Banksy show on the Bristol scene’, but one thing that’s not been much spotted so far is the number of fake Banksys springing up at the moment.

Thanks to various people who’ve been sending them in, especially Mark and Colin, they’ve been popping up round Bristol for a few weeks now. First there was these Banksy inspired pieces, and now some more full on copies.

These two are over round Mivart Street way, and they’re so clearly not by Banksy it’s hard to know where to begin. Seems very unlikely they’re even by any of the other Bristol stencil crowd at the moment.

sun16&mon170809 069

sun16&mon170809 046

This one’s over on the Bristol-Bath Cyclepath, by the Bruce Road exit. To be fair, at least the area these are in is right, if we’re to believe he’s taking a trip down memory lane. Possibly after taking a knock to the head and losing his ability to stencil.


This was found in Bristol recently too, a bit of board. Could be the Not Banksy lot who apparently have been to Bristol this summer, but can’t immediately see it or anything like it on their website.

grin reaper

It’s not just happening in Bristol either it seems. This story here about the Upfest team at Boardmasters in Newquay recently  has had a local journalism ‘is this a Banksy?’ angle applied to it, except fair enough this time, as someone seems to have taken a copy of an old style Banksy signature with them and sprayed it on some guy’s van.

The story in precis goes;

After seeing another van being sprayed, Mr Lourens, a self-employed paver, decided he would like to brighten up his own Ford Transit, which he uses for work and surfing trips. He haggled the group, called Upfest, from £200 to £100 for the job…

…He said he approached the group when he was at a concert on August 8 and they asked him to bring his van to them the next afternoon.

“I saw them spraying another van and I started chatting to them about it, and said I really want to get my Transit graffitied and they said they could sort it out,” he said. “They were called Upfest, the urban paint festival. They had a little stall and they were basically just spraying on T-shirts, skateboard decks and shoes.

“They asked me if I wanted anything particular on my van, and I said they could do what they want – any artist will do it better if it’s something they want to do.

“So I left the van and went into town. I think it was a couple of hours. When I got back I thought the van looked pretty sick – pretty amazing. They were still busy.

“When I went back again the one guy asked me about the bonnet the whole time – whether I liked the bonnet. I asked him if he did it and he said he didn’t.”

When the group finished Mr Lourens said he was very happy with the look, and helped the artists pack up.

“At about 6pm I went to help them pack away their stuff and then one of my friends noticed the word Banksy and we asked the Upfest guy, who I knew as Steve, ‘who is Banksy?’. They said ‘look on the Internet’.

“One of my friends had heard of Banksy. Later on I found out it was quite a big deal.”…

…He said he thinks Banksy, whose name is on the top right hand of the vehicle, above the windscreen, must have sprayed the masked figures on the front of the vehicle – with other artists doing the sides and back of the van. He added that the man that asked him if he liked the work on the bonnet may fit the mysterious artist’s description.

He said: “The guy that actually asked me – I looked at photos of how Banksy looks like and he looks similar.

“He was in his mid-thirties, dark hair. He was a bit shorter than me.”

Thing is, the image on the bonnet, if you look at the photos in the article, is clearly an SPQR stencil from his last show, as per this flyer for it here.

If some people are out there pretending to be Banksy at the moment, then that’s one thing. But this guy’s now worried for the safety of his van, and says he doesn’t like leaving it along now in case it gets nicked for the so called ‘Banksy’ on it. Hardly the outcome you want when you get your van painted.

Upfest have sort of clarified the situation in a statement;

“Unfortunately we are unable to shed any light on the so called Banksy van, to our knowledge none of the work on the van was done by Banksy.”

They did confirm that there were 10 artists present in Newquay at the Boardmasters surf festival but they could not reveal the artists’ real names for “various reasons”, as Upfest works with many street artists and “respects their desire for anonymity”

It’s not about anonimity surely when you could just tell them who did which piece on the van, especially when the piece that’s causing confusion is so publicly an SPQR piece that it was used as the flyer for his last show? ‘To our knowledge none of the work was by Banksy’ is a needlessly vague way to say things when you know full well none of it was.

Someone seems to have used Banksy’s signature on a piece of their own work, and allowed someone to believe that it might mean Banksy did the work. Someone else is going around Bristol spraying fake pieces. Possibly the same person, possibly a whole load of different people, possibly a whole bunch of kiddies having a laugh, one of whom sprayed a Banksy tag on a van Upfest were painting when they weren’t looking. Who knows what’s going on here and why.

Either way, maybe it’s art, maybe it’s postmodern irony, but mostly it just seems tragic. The word ‘biting’ doesn’t even cover it.


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An Inkie Gallery

Thanks to Inkie for sending these in, a round up of snaps of his work over the last couple of months, Movida, Ibiza, China White, Brick Lane and Bethnal Green.  As the song goes, ‘nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try’.

That’s not the end of it by a long way though, he’s off around the world over the coming months for painting in various places. Here’s the current line up, with some Bristol antics in there too, most notably the excellent ‘Get Dring Mobile‘ event at Paintworks in October (which there’s absolutely no excuse for not going to), and a solo show at Friend and Co in November!

He’s doing the Secret Wars 5th Anniversary tonight in London too if you’re around, give it a google.

August 12th: Group Show @ Atzaro – Ibiza
August 21st: Secret Wars 5th Anniversary – London
August 27th: Spotted Cow Art show – Bristol
September: There’s No Place Like Home @ Ella Doran
September 24th: Mutate Britain 2 – Portobello Road
October: Group Show @ Brooklynite Gallery NYC
Ocotber 15th: Get Dring Mobile Auction @ Paintworks
November 19th: Solo Show – Helsinki
November Solo Show: Friend & co
December: Solo Show – London
February: Inkies Charity Auction Dinner @ The Paradise
March: Solo Show – Stockholm TBC
May: Solo Show @ Bristol-Lisboa Gallery Lisbon TBC
June: Tokyo – Solo Show TBC

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Something For The Weekend


Well, not this weekend, but next one. Since there’s a bank holiday and all that, the fixed gear bike heads are putting on another party down at the Cube off Jamaica Street. They’re looking to make a bit of an afternoon and evening of it if you fancy it, BBQ, films, and an exhibition curated by the good Mr 45RPM.

In these high tech days, the info’s all on Facebook, but if you like the sound of it already, then 45RPM’s shop’s got the golden tickets…

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