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Friend And Co Shows And News And That

Bit more event news for you, this time from the ever on form Friend and Co Gallery.

Tonight sees the opening of a new show by Russel ‘Gasface’ Maurice, 7:30pm opening, beer and merriment as usual!

RM flyer1

Then next week (Thursday 27th August), there’s another of their shows south of the river at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster. Last one was a cracker, and a really fun venue too, so well worth heading down to for a pint or two. Huge list of names for it too…

this spot4

Then, in early October, Bristol’s, and possibly the world’s, smallest art gallery comes to an end! Not that they’re closing, but that they’re off to a larger and more central venue, opening with a group show of Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


Nurse, the screens!

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Sainty Show At Friend and Co Tonight


This looks like being a goody, Sainty from the What Collective has got a show down at the small but perfectly formed Friend and Co Gallery on the Gloucester Road Promenade tonight, opening at 7:30pm.

Definitely worth dropping down for a beer in the sunshine if you’re around.

Incidentally, here’s a video we got sent a few months back, a commercial production Sainty went out the states for to work on with others.

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Friend And Co Show At The Spotted Cow – Photos

Really good night down the Friend and Co show down the  Spotted Cow in Bedminster last night. Loads of people, lots of chat and a load of stuff to look at too. Loads sold as well apparently, which is interesting when everyone’s meant to be worrying about their money.

Here’s a gallery of most of the bits there.

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June Events Roundup

Really loads of events coming up over the next few days if you fancy it, so here’s a bit of a round up…

prsc banner

Starting with tonight (Thursday), you’ve got the dutch auction being run by PRSC closing. Sounds like there are stil some pieces available at bargain basement prices, so get down to their Jamaica Street gaff to see what you can pick up.


Tomorrow night, if you’re in Bristol, you could do worse than wander along to check out the Bristol Design Festival, lots of designy stuff going on obviously, but the matryoshka army project is interesting. Lots of those russian dolls that fit into each other, painted by the following folk.

Mr Jago, FLX, Goer, Epok, Sepr, Cheba, Afeks, Hakah, Lobb, Zesk, Sarah Jane, Zier, Dora, Heidi Gough, Tom Albinal, Lokey, Iria, Jedi, Lauren Millington, Nik Ill, Daddison, Millie Gleeson, Cheo, 3Dom, Poer

Possibly by some accounts meant to be opening down at the Old Fire Station on Friday, but their blog seems to say that there might actually be an opening of them down at 35 King Street (near the Old Duke) tonight too. Actually, the blog seems to say the dolls part of the show will be at 35 King Street the whole time. And also at the Old Fire Station. Who knows. Our money’s on this one being at the King Street address. The design festival itself is definitely at the Old Fire Station though.

meeting of styles

If you’re closer to London, also starting on Friday is a really good looking event, End of the Line presents Meeting of Styles. Tons of writers, tons of tunes, all over by Brick Lane in trendy Shoreditch. Here’s the lineup;

Nash, Does, Biser, Wany, Aryz, Heat, Nychos, Bird, Inkie, Probs, Zomby, Tizer, Zadok, Bleach, Bonzai, Insa, Solo, Busk, Twesh, Odisie, Roid, Snug, Skore, Aztek, Ekto, Sune, Xenz, Izer, Are, Stika, Teck, Rabodiga, Vibes, Town, Chrome, Intro, Replete, Cheo, Soker, Casm, Wisher, Jive, Sorn, Noir, Urge, Keen, Pryme, Mac1, Krah, Sick IR, Sares, Cosh, Jasik, Alfa, Relay, Pref, Mau Mau, Shok, Skire, Ebzke, Amuk.

They’re all over the web with info, so check out their blog if you want to know more. Epic.

Incidentally, if you’re in London, Rowdy’s show opened last night, and seems to have been promoted by a pretty cool van touring the city sometime recently.

rowdy croc van
rowdy van 2

upfest logo

Of course though, the big one if you’re in Bristol this weekend is Upfest. Massive lineup from all sorts of styles and backgrounds, should be packed out. They’ve got a really nice website too, so check that out for all the info.

POsterstartv2 copy.indd

Looking a bit further ahead, the Friend and Co Gallery are heading south of the river for a bit for a big show down at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster on the 11th of June. The line up for it so far includes;

Acerone, Andy Council, China Mike, Eko, Faris Badwan, French, Inkie, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Paris, Pinky, Richt, Sainty, Sickboy, 45rpm

and there’s more info on their blog.

woc image

Also opening this month is the next Weapon of Choice Gallery group show, with the current show closing this Sunday. The gallery’s looking really good, and the next show looks like another top lineup.

Weapon of Choice Gallery’s 2nd installment of some of Bristol & the UK’s finest.

Saturday 13th June 5-10pm. Free entry
Exhibition runs until the Sunday 5th July 2009

14 St Michael’s Hill Bristol BS2 8DT

Artists include:
Ben Normanton
Dirty 30 (Brighton)
Dylan Shipley
Jonathan Farr
Julian Kimmings
King Audel (france)
Mick Hockney
Si2 (Hull)
Rory Doona
Turroe + special guest?

Facebook event:

They’ve also got a colouring book coming out by Cheo in September it seems, sounds like a perfect bit of early xmas shopping if you know any little people, or little people who’ve since got big.

Last thing for this month so far, there’s strong talk going round of Glostonbury happening again later this month up at the Golden Lion on the Gloucester Road. Last year looked like a large one, sounds like the same’s being lined up again.

Oh yeah, and Banksy‘s got a show coming up too.

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What Show At Friend Gallery

So, as promised, some shots from last night’s What Collective show at the teeny tiny Friend and Co Gallery on Gloucester Road.


This greets you by the door, the What Collective chaps sprucing the place up a little.


Opposite, some Sums, Richt and Sainty, along with the 45RPM/Richt print on orange.


More pieces next door


Down the end, more 45RPM painting on the wall, along with an up to date, cutting edge, contemporary installation piece. This show really should have been in trendy shoreditch shouldn’t it. Those little Oath pics are still there from the previous show too, running up the wall that technically makes this gallery have four walls.


Some 45RPM and Sainty bits on canvases at the bottom there, the print on white on top.


Kinda like Woolworths a few weeks ago in these difficult times, even the show original show flyer goes on sale


Below it some decks, no What show would be complete without them now would they?


There are some other bits there that aren’t on here too, so get yourself down there, and check out some new works in the miniscule of art.

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What Show At Friend Gallery Tonight


Just a brief reminder for you all in the area that it’s the opening of the What Collective show at the Friend and Co Gallery tonight, promising top new work and possibly even mulled cider if there’s any left. Weather forecast looks rain free too, which, in the case of this gallery, is definitely a good thing.

There’s also gonna be a new Richt and 45rpm print there, as below, but some in black and orange as well too. Perhaps in keeping with the campaign to get rid of plastic carriers on the Gloucester Road, the prints’ going to be printed on some bags as well, for those who prefer their What work in a more portable format. 


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Friend And Co – Some More

One of those ‘meant to blog last year but never got round to it’ ones this time, the work from the Friend and Co show at the end of last year.

Eerily enough, Paul’s just sent over a link to a story on the gallery in today’s Independent. Trippy. Anyway, their take on it here (seems the photographer had trouble getting a decent photo at the time).

These photos were even harder to take, the guy minding the gallery at the time was in a world of his own and didn’t seem too bothered to move, or chat, or anything really. Lost in obscure indie noise.  Anyway, here’s some bits…

Oath lining up along the back wall. Well, corner.


Mike Maxwell print, with some Sainty below.


Couple of 45RPMs


Andy Council print…


…and some rather nice Jago silks too.


Next show’s opening really soon, 14th Jan, with a What Collective collective show, then shows from Mr Jago, Mudwig and China Mike. If you don’t know their blog already, check it out here…

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