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Paris And Mudwig Paint The Town Red

It’s getting to be tradition now, and always raises a good few smiles on site during the festival, but well before doors open, Paris and Mudwig went around painting, mostly toilets and barrier sheets. The former get repainted every year and the latter are thrown away anyway, so you don’t seen many from year to year, but it certainly brightens the place up.

These are the ones the blog found this year, anyone find any more?

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Back From It…

glasto recession photo

The blog’s been at Glastonbury for the last week or two, sorry no to have left you with content in the meantime. Still though, lots of time for taking photos of what was going on around the site. So, for the rest of this week, various different bits will be getting blogged from what was an awesome festival. Paris, Mudwig, Inkie, Xenz, Ziml, BC, Filthy Luker, a mystery project featuring Epson Von Stylus and friend, and a very old Banksy indeed.

The above photo was down by Yeoman’s Bridge, does the style look familiar to anyone else?

More very soon…


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Bits On Picton And Jamaica Streets

Quick couple of bits, interesting to see another one of the Rowdy rocks from outside of the RWA has ended up here at the end of Picton Street. That whole area’s looking pretty interesting at the moment, better than it did a few years back certainly. Since there’s another one of the rocks over at the Farm Pub in St Werburghs, anyone know where the others have got to round the city?

rowdy rock end picton street

This is reasonably new on the Jamaica Street boards too, and pretty striking. By Lee Ellis, check the link for more.

lee ellis jamaica street


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Tea And Hip Hop, Lewin’s Mead

One of the more random stencils in Bristol this, on Lewin’s Mead. Placed where few will see it round the back of Sound Control…

tea and hip hop long shot

…it’s Tea & Hip Hop.

tea and hip hop close up

No idea.


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Vermin, LL Brainwashed And Upfest

So Boswell and Pen were painting down at Upfest the other weekend, and Vermin was around too, but decided to do his own thing rather than paint there. Here’s a couple of snaps of Vermin’s work from over the weekend…

First, a spot of painting on the practice boards at the end of Ashley Road, which, incidentally have been getting better and better over time.

‘Here’s to the guys with corporate logos’

here's to the guys with corporate logos

and a projection on the side of the Tobacco Factory later in the evening – ‘Fuck you you have really depressed me’

fuck you you have really depressed me

On a similar tip, this is the painting you weren’t allowed to see there. A piece by LL Brainwashed, lovingly titled ‘2 Bags of Brown, A Chicken Licken and 2 Solpadiene Max’

charity is sick

Apparently the organisers said it couldn’t be displayed or sold at the show, which seems a bit contrary to the spirit of where ‘street’ and ‘urban’ art came from in the first place.


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In The Courts

Story from the Evening Post, a reminder that for all the RWA and Banksy antics, there’s still another side to this whole scene going on.

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The Mystic Swing Banksy

If you’re out and about at festivals this summer, you might want to keep an eye out for the famous Mystic Swing.

It’s the one that back round the turn of the decade was painted freehand by Banksy, and looked like this.

mystic swing long shot

Close up on the right, old style tag signature down the bottom right.

mystic swing close up

Those photos were from late 2007, and seems odd to think they hadn’t cottoned on by then to what they had, and were still taking it round muddy festivals same as ever.

Inevitably though, not long after this, the owners put the front of the swing up for sale, complete with paint attached. Don’t know what it sold for in the end, but it got a new front and another paint job, as well documented over on Flickr.

It’s changed again for this summer though, and as of Sunrise Celebration a few weeks back, it looked more like this.

mystic swing 2009

Interesting to note that the flying nut above the door has survived all three paintings if you compare the photos. Anyone know the significance?

Whilst we’re on it, with Glastonbury coming up and Banksy going on, here’s something from the crates of Glastonbury 2007, a piece of graffiti on the ‘Boghenge’ up in the Stone Circle. Raised a smile at the time.

banksy - pollock was better

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