Banksy’s Bristol Book launch part 2

So bugger. That Xenz show blog i had queued up for some point kicked itself live in between my first blog on the Banksy book launch. Never mind, here’s part two of the Banksy book night, with the Xenz show acting as a short, non-musical, interlude.

So yeah, got down to the Apple, met up with some mates, and had my first read of the Banksy book. Without wanting to give too much away, seems like i’m a good chunk of the content of it, but that’s all for the good, cos it’s a great book. There are loads of early Banksy photos in it, back in the day when he used to do simple one colour stencils in a hurry, but it  really took me back. We all found ourselves exclaiming ‘That was St Michael’s Hill!’ or ‘That wasn’t the one on Hotwells road, it was on…” well, wherever it was. There were bits of it that could have done with a little proofing for total accuracy, and there’s a feeling that there’s so much more that could be written by all those who knew him best back in the day. But as a first representation of what Banksy used to do in Bristol, well, there aren’t many major pieces i can spot to be missing. Someone needed to do it, and it’s done, so more power to Steve for doing it. In summary, if you’re interested in Banksy, and you’re interested in what he used to do, if you haven’t got it yet, do so.

So the night. Well, the Apple’s wicked anyway, the music was great, Dub boy as always provided the goods, and the live painting by Inkie, Flx and Cheba was great to watch going on.  Must confess i wasn’t as fixated on the process as i was on the social side of the evening, but still, here are some pics for your edification and enjoyment.

My signed book, with credit where it’s due, cheers Steve! 🙂


Got Inkie and Flx to sign it too. Cheba, if you’re reading this, this is the thing i couldn’t remember that i wanted to ask you to do!


Anyway, the show pics…

Inkie working on his piece, Cheba to the right on his.


Flx (left) and Cheba (right) getting their paint on


Cheba at work, funnily enough on the same image (Brunel) as on this blog from the Guerilla Galleries show pictures. Just a whole load bigger.


Stepped outside for a minute for a better shot. Didn’t really work.


Saw this outside the Apple though, could read and recognise the tag at the time, can’t see it now though, damn…


The Inkie and Flx piece towards the end…


Closer view of the finished Cheba


and the finished Inkie


The three artists at the end of their session…


And these are something i was really pleased with, MKWF1 is making a real name for himself round Bristol right now and working on some pretty serious stuff. Not many people know of him yet, but if i were taking a punt on one of the next things to be coming along after the guys doing the live graf tonight, he would be it. Met him tonight and he gave me these three small pieces. Love ’em…




And there you have it!


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10 responses to “Banksy’s Bristol Book launch part 2

  1. Pit

    Awesome night and some ace painting…

    Can’t believe the size of those pieces though, what the hell is anyone gonna do with them?!

  2. iyers

    Cheba did the piece outside the Apple – with the cows an that.



  3. iyers

    DOh! I meant Cheo

  4. bristolgraffiti

    Legend, cheers dood!

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  6. cord(tm)

    MKWF I found in Redland.

  7. bristolgraffiti

    Sweet, where’s that man?

  8. cord(tm)

    Spotted on the lane that connects Woodstock Road to Redland Court Road.

  9. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, will check that one out…

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