Bristol Festival And Guerrilla Galleries

Got some more photos of the painting going on at the Bristol Festival site yesterday, pretty much everyone was there by the end, and it’s all looking amazing, from characters to pieces and a surprising amount of really good wildstyle in there, don’t see enough of it.

But, the festival’s on now, and you know what, if you want to see the finished stuff today or tomorrow, you should get down there and check it out for yourself. Will post photos of yesterday and the finished work at the start of next week.

That said, some stuff that should help tempt you down there if you’re still somehow undecided is the show Guerrilla Galleries have got on down there. Lots of new work, really strong stuff and it all hangs together really well. Here’s some of it for you now…

Couple of hand drawn Richt originals, really lovely.

The other.

Brand new Mr Jago silk, hot of the presses and never before seen.

Diptych from 3rd Eye, really very cool.

Doubt these will last the weekend unsold, couple of 45RPM owls and a small Cheo.

Also a bigger Cheo alongside a smaller Lokey with one of his can images, ties in well with the board he’s done down there.

More great stuff from Dan, he of the massive Alice down opposite the Croft the other week.

A chance meeting at the Jago show in London led to these coming across the channel from the Reader’s Wives Collective in Guernsey. Really cool stuff, works well on brownish paper too.

Another Reader’s Wives.

Finally an Inkie Triptych, really different from the stuff you normally see of his, and really nice.

So, the sun’s shining, the forecast is good, get down to the Bristol Festival, it’s going to be great.


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3 responses to “Bristol Festival And Guerrilla Galleries

  1. BlackCloud

    Large up the Readerswives crew!

  2. “…a surprising amount of really good wildstyle”

    sadly i doubt that! please make me eat my words with the photographic proof, i’m not in bristol and can’t make it down there.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, fair comment man! Good’s subjective i guess, but shall stick some photos up for people to decide for themselves. Good by Bristol standards at least i guess, you don’t see as much around as you used to…

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