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Props To The New Fifty Fifty!

If you haven’t been down to the new Fifty Fifty on Park Street yet then do, it’s ace. Not much more to say here, other than check out the photos on the marvelous Mr Wainright’s blog, and be jealous of his fish eye lens…

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Tag At Top Of Cotham Brow

There’s been some debate on here recently about the whole tagging vs pieces/street art thing, which must get round to joining in with soon, it’s always a good one to have.

To show good will though, here’s a tag that always raises a smile up at the top of Cotham Brow.

It’s not just a name, there’s a little arrow on the end of the ‘M’ there, and the ‘S’ looks pretty natty too. Perhaps his folks christened him with a particularly street name, and their surname was ‘One’, so the only way he could rebel was to rename himself ‘Sam Edwards’ and write his name as clearly as he could.

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The Lyon And Turnbull Auction – Lots Of Banksy Lots Not Sold

It’s caused quite a bit of debate this whole thing, the sale of ‘Banksy’ street pieces with authentication from Vermin, a body set up without Banksy’s approval to authenticate Banksy street work for sale.

A lot of the discussion at the time seemed to suggest that Banksy couldn’t authenticate street works as it would leave him criminally liable for the works, but this always seemed a bit suspect as a) he actually asks for permission to paint more than people generally think and b) where he doesn’t, he doesn’t seem to care much about the risks by all accounts anyway.

A few weeks ago anyway, meant to blog it at the time, Pest Control (his official authentication body) issued a statement relating to the whole thing;

Pest Control does not authenticate street pieces because Banksy
prefers street work to remain in situ and building owners tend to
become irate when their doors go missing because of a stencil.

Banksy has a casual attitude to copyright and encourages the
reproduction of his work for your own personal amusement, so it’s
with regret that he finds himself having to deem pieces either
‘real’ or ‘fake’. He would encourage anyone wanting to purchase
one of his images to do so with extreme caution, but does point
out that many copies are superior in quality to the originals.

Since the creation of Pest Control in January 2008 we have identified
89 street pieces and 137 screen prints falsely attributed to the artist.

Due to the fact many Banksy pieces are created in an advanced
state of intoxication the authentication process can be lengthy and
challenging. We ask for your patience when using this service.

Hard to say if it was this, or the credit crunch or what, but either way, none of the claimed street pieces in the Lyon and Turnbull auction sold last Saturday, and oddly neither did many of the officially authenticated prints as well. Not a great sale for the auction house or the new authentication body then.

There’s something odder here though, think a previous commenter pointed it out, one of the pieces in the auction, ‘Fungle Junk’, was almost certainly genuine, and a really good example of early Banksy freehand work as well (though it’s a bit much to claim the rarely used Sid Vicious stencil is one of Banksy’s most iconic images, that stenciled grenade in it was around more on the streets). But Pest Control wouldn’t authenticate it, seemingly because it wasn’t created for sale.

Seems Banksy’s pulled off something pretty shrewd here then, complete control over what works of his can and cannot be sold with authentication (and thus sold at all in effect). The winners really do write the history books don’t they.

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New Nick Walker Off Park Street

A few things seemed to go up over the weekend then, there’s at least two KTF walls pretty far up the Gloucester Road away from town if anyone is in the area and fancies getting photos, but this Nick Walker off Park Street is really good.

It’s actually on Charlotte Street which runs off Park Street up to Brandon Hill, and is over Vincenso’s, the Italian Restaurant over the corner there.

Bit closer upper, seems like a move away from the Vandal theme for a bit.

Proper close up, a coat pretty well armed with paints…

Whilst you’re in the area, why not drop down Hill Street which runs down parallel with Park Street and check out this old Nick Walker and FLX piece on the back of Cooshti Clothing?

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A Cup Of Coffee With Will Barras And Mr Jago

Seems like there’s lots of new work gone up over the weekend round the city, so will take the day to gather thoughts and photos on all that.

In the meantime though, thanks to the Here Gallery for spotting this and sending it in, an interview with Will Barras and Mr Jago by On Point TV from about a year ago when they were off in the abroad. Some interesting photos in the link as well…

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Mudwig On Trenchard Street

Probably one of my favourite yet…

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The New Broadmead – 3D Ain’t Happy

Thanks to The Bristol Blogger for spotting this one and providing a tenous graf related link for this blog to cover the ridiculousness that is the hype around the new Broadmead at the moment.

Seems 3D from Massive Attack (Bristol’s first writer by all accounts, so there’s your graf link) has posted the following on the Massive Attack website.

How to spend 500 million pounds and bring the city to its knees- a star studded night of portable TV celebs, shopping debt repayment collectors and total auto gridlock. carrot circus is an amazing piece of work that ingeniously manages to capture that gripping 80’s shopping mall look of mid America slash the midlands,just what we need to compliment the mall and the giant Barrett business towers down temple way.The galleries now feel like a taxpayers bargain at the price and look how well they have performed compared to the wasted cash drizzled into welfare health and education.

Would say top man, but don’t want to advertise shops down there like every other Bristol media publication at the moment.


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