Bristol Festival – The Final Photos

Phewf, felt like a bit of a mission this. Still, guess it is with that many pieces to get photos of. Today was, ironically, the best day to get photos of the lot, no crowds, no hassle, and good sunshine. Here’s the remainder of what didn’t get proper attention before…

Outside where people queued, some Nikill and another of those Dan angels as was in the Bearpit before.

Close up on the angel, love the halo for begging, the piece makes a lot more sense now…

Some more stuff from along the big walkway, this time both finished and not obscured, the Feek and Ponk piece

Close up on the Feek character right…

…and left.

Next to it an uninterupted shot of the Soker piece

Next to it Kato

And across the way, a better shot of the FLX piece, finally.

This got missed out as it was a popular spot to stand, blocking it pretty effectively, Yaka, Richt and China Mike

This one’s taken a while to get a better shot of too, 45RPM, skipping the obvious crowd pleasing owl in favour of some letterforms, top stuff.

Finally, hoorah for the stage being taken apart, a decent shot of the Weapon of Choice piece from Saturday night, was determined that one wasn’t going to get missed out just because of two large lighting stacks, a drumkit and a load of amps. And a band.

Got to give props to Acer as well who’s done these wicked joined up photos of some of the walls there (click them for much biggerness).

First the two big ones on the run down to the arena

and next the TCF wall in all its glory. That’s a rare shot of the official TCF forklift on the right there as well, they’ve picked up some odd and slightly awkward sponsorship deals over all these years of painting you know…


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9 responses to “Bristol Festival – The Final Photos

  1. Nice snaps 🙂

    I do like the farty green exhaust where the cyclopsian brain robot gets shot 😀

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, that one amused me too. Always got to look for the little details in Feek pieces, can’t see a ‘TCF’ in there yet but wouldn’t be surprised if there was one…

  3. required

    why no pics of the finished Space wall?

  4. bristolgraffiti

    I know, a bugger that. Wasn’t finished until later i don’t think so missed it before it opened, and then it was one of the worst to get photos of on the saturday and sunday with a backstage entrance running in front of it, cage fencing etc. Would have made for a crap photo.

    Then yesterday, that whole area was full of people taking down stages and generally not being happy about shutterbug artfag neeks wandering around their area. Must be some on Flickr, and will see if can grab any anywhere. Likewise the 2keen piece hasn’t been given the attention it deserves yet…

    Nothing personal though, that wall was mint…

  5. Bilko

    I popped down there on monday morning pretty early and the keen wall had dissappeared…
    Bummer i didnt get to see it finished – it was looking awesome half way through

  6. bristolgraffiti

    Yeah, part of it was recycled from elsewhere (recydrate the west and earlier parties) anyway, so guess it’s gone off to pop up again somewhere next summer.

  7. required

    Fair enough. I forgot about the Keen wall that was really good too.

  8. Awkward

    feek with the killer characters!

  9. 2keen

    ha where do i begin…no boards up … no paint…. just moved house all art locked away… everything was freestyled from my left overs in ma car …apart from a character from a concept collection of mine…made my own transparent black on site( quite badly) by shootin gloss into a can of black…and most of it was painted in the dark….ma contact lenses crusted wid paint at 4.30 a.m hoped to get a bit of snooze(been up 2 n half days) over slept and organizers gave me 20mins an countin ta park ma car(cant garantee it’ll be clamped) grab paint and paint the speakers! didnt know what paint i had till i got there…most of it ran out! but i did it…it felt like i was doin a train….my opinion chu won the day an’ always have a soft spot for mr.feek….shame though about the paint as im workin on a new style and i wanted that to be the weekend i unleashed both barrelz…hell another day..or night…respect ta my boy felix children of the can return!peace

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