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Burning Candy Show At The Emporium Next Thursday


Now this looks a bit special, a Burning Candy group show at The Emporium down on Stokes Croft. Opening a week today, and only open for a short time, there’s going to be work in there from the whole Burning Candy crew.

Here’s the chat…

SOME RAW BUSINESS : Feat – Cept, Cyclops, Dscreet, Gold Peg, LL Brainwash, Mighty Monkey, Rowdy, Sweet Toof and Tek 33

Opening Night – Nov 5th, 6- 10 pm then daily 12 – 7pm till Nov 9th

This Bonfire night Burning Candy, the UK’s foremost Savant Garde autistic spectrum graffiti crew, come together to set aflame and pay respect to the memory of Guido Fawkes…..the guy with the right idea.
Expect fireworks, sweet stuff and some jazzy painting.

If you like looking at slightly creepy artwork, or you’ve ever admired that enormous skull, tooth, crocodile combo atop Wetmoreland house, come along. Bring some sparklers!!!

BC, or Burning Candy, or Before Chrome comprises old school writers, lovers, fighters, anthropologists, ice cream rocking queens, Royal Acedemicians, film makers and anarcho croc rockers.

Born in bombed out East London, BC has spread across the world, from Sweden to Bombay and from Paris to Bangkok, bringing a new, colourful and free visual aesthetic to the world of graffiti.

Collected by Saatchi, hung in the Tate modern, still smashing the streets. 2009 BC

The Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY


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Kid Zoom, Vermin and Remo On Stokes Croft

The boards down the road may be black, but a more interesting darkness went up further up the road over the weekend. The kind of work that’s had people getting in touch asking who it’s by.

So ta to Vermin for the pic, It’s by Kid Zoom from Australia, Vermin from round these parts ish, and a stencil by Remo, also from Australia. Nice big pic, as revelealed by clicking on it.

drop a clone

There’s a new Petro piece on the shutters of the shop by Turbo Island on Jamaica Street too, but as with this time of year, the shutters are only down when it’s dark. Worth a look if you’re round that way though.


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Hillgrove Street Boards Black Again

After them getting repainted again a couple of weeks ago with a more political message than normal, it seems the Hillgrove Street boards have been repainted black again. Not got a photo, but you all know what they look like when black by now.

Seems it might have been at the owner’s request though, apparently he was heard shouting “This is not a free painting space anymore”. Feel sorry for the bloke in a way, he tries to do something good to help brighten up the local community and ends up in a world of hassle between the council, painters and police.

Given the last work done on there (in the link above) wasn’t done with permission initially, perhaps Stokes Croft needs a system of signs giving the status of each painting wall there. Those that are open to paint whenever, those that need permission and those that are off limits. Not in the spirit of graf, but then Stokes Croft is more ‘Street Art’ these days anyway isn’t it. Just a thought, feel free to flame it in the comments!

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Friend And Co Show Photos

So then, as promised yesterday, here’s some photos of what’s in the Friend and Co show in their new gallery, opening as this post goes live. These photos are from yesterday, so you’ll have to get down there to see the pieces in situ, including the Will Barras, along with all the prints too. But here’s a taste if you want to check it out from the comfort of home first.

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Paris At Park Row Mack Daddys

Mack Daddys has long been known for its artwork inside the shops from some of Bristol’s best. Now Paris has taken the Park Row one to the outside as well with this fine work…

Paris poppin at Mack Daddy's 21-10-09 right

Bit closer on the wall.

Paris poppin at mack daddys 21-10-09 left

It’s a pretty colourless area round there really, so nice to see this makes a nice change. Still love them letters with landscapes in too.

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Weapon Of Choice Magazine Launch Party Tonight


It’s been online for a short while now, but tonight’s the formal launch party for Weapon of Choice magazine, a new venture from the good people at WOC. Here’s the chat…

Though the magazine has been in circulation and available online, we thought we’d host a little party at the WoC Gallery in celebration of launching this new Bristol arts magazine.

With live painting from some of the magazines featured artist’s such as ANDY COUNCIL, DYLAN SHIPLEY & LORENZO! And of course your chance to pick up your free copy of Issue 1

Issue 1 includes artwork from: SickBoy, Stanley Donwood, Lokey, Dylan Shipley, Soker, Turroe, Eko, JODY, DORA, 45rpm, Haka & many more…

ALSO interviews with Task Force, Epok & Sepr, Nikill AND… Design and WIN your own pair of Pumas

It’s just up the road from the new Friend and Co place too of course, so it’s party central down St Michael’s Hill/Park Row way this evening. If you want to have a read of the magazine online beforehand, then you can download a copy here.

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Friend And Co – New Gallery Preview

So, after a cracking run of shows, the world’s smallest gallery moves to a bigger location finally, up where Level nightclub used to be on Park Row. Level was huge, but over the last couple of years since it was closed, they’ve completely changed the building to make loads of flats, so the space Friend and Co have isn’t gargantuan to be fair. It’s all having the finishing touches put to it right now, so here’s what you’ll see if you go before tomorrow night.

friend and co - the view from there

But here’s the space they’re using, well before anything was put together. Well, most of it, there’s more space (and the all essential gallery toilet at last) behind this photo too.

friend and co - the space

So, as usual, the full photos of the pieces in there are going to go live on here when doors open at 7pm tomorrow (Friday) night, but it really is going to be special this one. A bunch of top people putting some of their best and latest work into a carefully constructed show. Here’s some slightly cryptic close ups of what’s there.


eine friend and co close up

…Mr Jago…

mr jago friend and co close up


mudwig friend and co close up


xenz friend and co close up 1

This show’s got Will Barras in it too, but his work hadn’t arrived yet earlier. Some may guess why.

Incidentally, this show’s also got a shed load of prints in from the people involved. A photo of the Xenz one has hit the web already, but it’s not really of the finished thing. It’s going to be done on a range of different papers and so on, as Xenz tends to do, so this photo’s just a bit of a work in progress on the Screen One racks really.

xenz on screen one racks

There’s a small book put together to go with it too, lots of different images from the people in the show, but not photos of pieces in it. Well worth getting your hands on, here’s a section of a Will Barras image from it.

will barras friend and co book

So, there y’go. Opening night tomorrow night, do get on down if you can.

If you can’t though, Saturday’s worth going down for too, as ‘Beak’ are holding a live album launch at the gallery. You probably haven’t heard of them, but it’s a new project from Geoff Barrow (Portishead), Matt Williams (Team Brick) and Billy Fuller (Fuzz Against Junk). Should be great given the line up, here’s the flyer.

beak flyer

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