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Venue Does Banksy

Interesting article in Venue this week about the new Banksy film, which hasn’t been covered on here yet, and to be honest isn’t going to be covered more than this really. Local man moves to big city, makes film, good on him. It’s the rumours of other films on this sort of stuff that are of more interest to blog towers…

Ronnie Jotun and the blog editorial kru speak to Venue, yesterday.

Venue were good enough to ask our thoughts here on the film too, an exclusive no less. Of especial interest to Banksy hunters will be the fact that they’ve republished the interview he did with them in feb 2000 before the Severnshed show. We’ve got an original copy of it here, and it was always going to get scanned and blogged at some point, but now Venue are running it, it would seem off to post it up now. So, will blog that next week for interest. Someone will doubtless type it up verbatim somewhere online soon enough.

Anyway, Venue, definitely worth a look this week.


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3,2,1, You’re Back In The Room…

Well, it’s not Christmas anymore is it now? Sorry to the reading several that it’s got a bit dusty round here of late, the opening of this track is pertinent…

Well, actually, no it’s not. It a choon though innit. The start of this track’s probably more relevant to the blog at the start of this year.

So, the blog’s back. Thanks for all the emails and so forth, all will be being replied to in due course. Glad to know there’s a few readers out there.

Shed load’s gone on since Christmas (missed a Sickboy show in Bristol for god’s sake! I mean, wtf!), and it’s going to take a while to get back up to speed, and fill in the gaps in the archive too. This blog’s here for people in the future as well as people in the now after all.

Planning to make some changes and improvements to it too, if you’ve got any ideas for what you’d like to see then do shout.

First up though, if anyone fancies getting involved in some live painting (with markers) over in Bath soon, then check out this event, which is looking for people right now – Only 10 minutes on the train from Bristol after all, and the quality of the eye candy is likely to be high, given it’s Bath an all.

So, hello again. What’s been going on in your world then?


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