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Round Up Of Bits

Slightly longer pause in blogging than expected that, sorry! Anyway, here’s a round up from round about.

First up, some bits from the weekend. Not been over that way to get photos of them yet, but there’s some good ones you can click on and everything over on Boswell’s blog – Boswell, Vermin and Jody out on the paint in PRSC land. One down by the saunas, and the other on Armada Place round the back of Ninetree Hill by the looks of it. Here are a couple shamelessly stolen from Boswell’s blog, head over there for the others.



Next, a few bits for the diary next week. First up, a closing party for the Crimes of Passion exhibition, 6pm til midnight on Bank Holiday Monday (4th May). Tickets only £4, should be a laugh.


Then, Thursday (7th May), Acer‘s got a show opening at the Friend and Co Gallery. Worth noting that this one’s a bit shifted forward from usual opening night times, running from 6pm to 8pm. 3 new prints and some original pieces too. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the prints…

UPDATE: Swopping the image for the proper flyer.


After that, as blogged before, opening of the Weapon of Choice Gallery on Friday night (8th May). Top line up of people in the first show, should be quite a party.


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Brief pause

Fun night last night, the ‘Felix in conversation with John Nation’ event (or rather them both in conversation with the audience) at the RWA was excellent. Looked like it was recorded too, though not sure where the recording will end up.

Then all on the the attic for the Temwa graf auction. Despite the recession, lots of healthy bidding, raised over £4.5k for Temwa which was not shabby at all. Very interesting to see some of the lots in the auction though, will be doing some more blogging about them soon.

In the meantime, no photographic update for a while today, in a bit…

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Temwa Auction Reminder

Don’t forget, it’s the graf/street art/whatever auction down at the Attic Bar (next to the Full Moon, bottom of Stokes Croft) tonight from 7pm. Lots of different work from lots of different people. Last year’s was a great laugh, so worth a wander down even if you’re not (initially) planning on bidding.

The line up

• Mr Jago
• Paris
• Dicy
• Will Barras
• Piro
• Mr Parker
• Seza
• Mr Riks
• Retro Boy
• Fernando Alves
• Cheba
• Nikill
• Lokey
• Cheo
• Felix ‘Flx’ Braun
• Tom Moore
• High Renaissance

Also “classic soul, funk and hiphop from the Monster Piece DJs and The Disco Two”.

Here’s some snaps from last time, bit of Jago in the distance…


…and some Will Barras too.


(photos Chris Conlon)

Will be interesting to see what they have lined up for this one.

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Crimes Of Passion FROM Hoody Competition


If you’ve been to the Crimes of Passion show, you’ll have seen the T Shirts recently released by the good people at FROM which, like the show itself, are apparently doing really well.

To go with the show though, they did a limited edition ‘Crimes of Passion’ Puma hoody for each of the artists exhibiting there. None for sale anywhere, only those who had work in the show got one.

Well, not quite. A few were held back, call them A/Ps if you want, and are now up for grabs in a competition on the FROM website. It’s simple enough, just sign up to their newsletter before the 5pm on the 26th of May (2009, natch) and you’ll be put into a draw to win one.

So, now’s your chance to look like you took part in the most successful graf exhibition Bristol’s ever seen.

Click here to enter!

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Nick Walker: A Sequence Of Events


News has come in that Nick Walker’s got a book coming out towards the end of next month, a retrospective kind of thing covering images of his work for the last 10 years or so. Apparently Mr Walker’s been recreating images from the past to go into it, and the whole thing’s going to be launched at Black Rat Press in London on the 28th of May 2009.

There’s going to be a book signing on that night by the man himself, and the images recreated for the book are going to be up for sale on the night too.

Even more impressively, the whole thing’s being promoted with one of the cheesiest, nausiating and most money oriented press releases this blog’s ever seen. Here’s as much as we could bare to blog…

Many events happen within the world of urban art, but every year a tremor flows through the market when Nick Walker makes work available…Nick’s solo show in May will generate interest on a global scale and the popularity of his artistic talent was reflected at his last solo show which saw enthusiasts queue for over 36 hours and sales of $1.5m.  At a recent print release at the London Art Fair organisers had to recruit additional staff to handle the influx of prospective buyers.

Nick Walker: More than a commercial asset, honest.


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Fake On Stokes Croft

It’s been there for a couple of weeks this one, down on Stokes Croft, but seems to be surviving unscathed. The habit of stenciling life size images of people onto walls has been played out for years now, to the point of being pretty boring.

Somehow though this one seems to have a bit of spark about it, merging in with the pavement as well, rather than just being 2D. 10 points to Fake for some clever placement.



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Turoe, Jody And Shade Down Dean Lane

Thanks for Jody for sending these in from over the weekend, Turoe, Jody and Shade showing how it’s done down at Dean Lane. Love it.

(click for biggerness)


Close up on the Jody.



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