First Great Weston – The Bristol Edition

Remember the First Great Weston print from Let Them Hang? Well, both editions so far (hand finished and not hand finished but signed by Nick Waker) have sold out, but there’s a special treat for people in Bristol.

A very limited run (40 copies) of the print has been put together, with some different colours and some new bits to spot, and signed by Paris, Eko, Mudwig, Sickboy, Dicy, China Mike, Mr Jago, Dicy, Mau Mau, Rich T, Will Barras, Nick Walker, Xenz, and Ziml.

Best of all, it’s only being sold at an evening down The Bell pub off Jamaica Street this Tuesday (22nd July), a bit of a change from Selfridges and back to how Bristol shows ought to be!

Doors open at 5pm and print on sale from 7pm, so plenty of time for an enjoyable pint or two in The Bell as well. First come first served, and paypal or cash only apparently.


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5 responses to “First Great Weston – The Bristol Edition

  1. deez nutz!


  2. Mike Art-el

    SUMS aka Tagger Scum!!! Law of the Paw.

  3. Marwood

    Who does the Big Flying Pike bit?

  4. Beth

    I know this post is old but does anyone know what these prints sold for either the selfridges prints or the Bristol ones ?


    • Unity.

      I think the signed edition was around £450 and the unsigned edition was £350. It’s been a while though so I might be a bit out.

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