Barton Hill Dugout Comes Back To Life

Gutted not to have been able to make it over for this one this weekend, but thanks to the ever able Felix, the legendary Barton Hill Dugout has seen a fresh load of painting going on for the first time in yonks.

Must get photos soon, but as ever Flickr’s going to be quicker on the draw, so to speak. So here’s one from Turroe’s

…one from Cheo’s

…and another old something Cheo spotted up there under old layers of paint.

If anyone’s got any more photo inks, stick them in the comments!


Filed under Banksy, Bristol, Cheo, Turoe

2 responses to “Barton Hill Dugout Comes Back To Life

  1. I actually lived at the house next to the buyout in 1982 when I was 7 … so glad to hear it called the “Legendary” Barton Hill dugout, such good memories. In 82 though it had all skins graffiti on it and I remember the original murals going up and as a kid – well you can imagine it was awesome had a big effect on my life – cheers for the memories,chris:)

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