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Friend and Co Christmas Show

Hope you’ve not got too much planned for the 11th of December, as there’s a lot on that night, here and abroad.

One you really shouldn’t miss though is the Friend and Co Christmas show, with another top line up and a good mix of people from Bristol and further afield. Namely, for those with screen readers;

Asbestos, China Mike, Dora, Eelus, Eine, Inkie, Kid Acne, Milk, Miss Bugs, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Nylon, Petro, Richt, Rowdy, Russel Maurice, Will Barras, Xenz and 45RPM.

Put all that lot together with the usual Friend and Co hospitality and fun crowd, and you’ve got something well worth a wander along to.In fact, you could do a crawl from the Beezer show, through Friend and Co and on to Weapon of Choice all on the same evening, with barely a hill encountered.

Alternatively, if you can’t make it on the night, it’s on til Christmas eve, so plenty of time to accidentally wander past it whilst the Mrs is trying to make you go Christmas shopping.

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Petro Show Sneak Preview

Thanks to 45RPM for these, a man who clearly can’t resist the possibility of checking out some fonts. Some sneak photos of the Petro show opening at Friend and Co tomorrow, should give you a little idea of what to expect (there’s a clue in there being preview photos this early too probably…)

Shop window…

…shoe polish…

…sketchbook, Buntlack…

…and paint.

Pretty much the key ingredients for a great show right there. Nice.

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New 45RPM Website

Is finished and done and that. Shiny it is too, shinier than Jack Nicholson after a damn good polishing. Must be all those turtles and their wax.

Check it out here, the new 45RPM website.

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Epok Et Al At Harry Blades And Angry Daves

Angry Daves on the Christmas Steps was always a top place, but from last Saturday, it’s moved a bit further down and across the steps, and expanded into hair dressing too, thanks to Brad who used to be at Mack Daddys. Now called Harry Blades and Angry Daves, it’s a bit of a one stop place for hair, shoes, clothes and so on.

Interestingly, being based in that area, they’ve resisted the temptation to become another street art gallery too, but they have got some bits in there from people you know.

Epok’s recently done a big piece all around the back courtyard, which, thanks to sun and yard shape, resists a full photo being taken of it wonderfully. Here’s an excerpt…

Epok hbad outside

…and some more.

epok hbad 2

Other people have done some bits inside too. Here’s 45RPM adding his touch to an old mounted bayonet. Nicely done.

45rpm hbad

Skater types might be interested to see the stickers on this…

hbad old skool skating goodness

…and here’s some pron for sneaker pimps.

hbad sneaks

It’s all been nicely done, and by top people too, so why not go and make friends with them over on their Myspace.

Have been meaning to blog these bits outside of the place for a while too. Crap graffiti, really crap, but childish and puerile in a truly british way.

outside hbad puerile

outside hbad puerile 1

Go on, admit it, you giggled.


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The Weekend’s Harbourside Painting

When Children of the Can came out, the massive length of boards in front of the industrial museum development were finally painted, having sat there unpainted for too long. That was a while back now though, so last weekend they got a fresh coat of paint from more of Bristol’s great and good. All done in conjunction with the museum, who are going to have a bit of a display about it when it finally opens to boot.

Some really nice work done, of all sorts of styles, and the usual ‘queuing to take photos’ thing going on earlier today. Here’s some results…

Thanks to Jer Forceone for the detail on some of the names!


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Something For The Weekend


Well, not this weekend, but next one. Since there’s a bank holiday and all that, the fixed gear bike heads are putting on another party down at the Cube off Jamaica Street. They’re looking to make a bit of an afternoon and evening of it if you fancy it, BBQ, films, and an exhibition curated by the good Mr 45RPM.

In these high tech days, the info’s all on Facebook, but if you like the sound of it already, then 45RPM’s shop’s got the golden tickets…

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Friend And Co Shows And News And That

Bit more event news for you, this time from the ever on form Friend and Co Gallery.

Tonight sees the opening of a new show by Russel ‘Gasface’ Maurice, 7:30pm opening, beer and merriment as usual!

RM flyer1

Then next week (Thursday 27th August), there’s another of their shows south of the river at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster. Last one was a cracker, and a really fun venue too, so well worth heading down to for a pint or two. Huge list of names for it too…

this spot4

Then, in early October, Bristol’s, and possibly the world’s, smallest art gallery comes to an end! Not that they’re closing, but that they’re off to a larger and more central venue, opening with a group show of Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


Nurse, the screens!

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