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Have a bath, get a job…

Saw these today, halfway up Cranbrook Road. Well, saw loads of them actually, round by the Arches then all the way up Cranbrook Road at regular intervals. Annoys me in a way, not for its tin foil hatted conspiraloonacy, but for the fact that it’s been put up all round an area where there isn’t much graf, where people aren’t as keen on it as, say, Montpelier, and thus more people are going to think ill of graf generally because of it.

Also annoying, as whilst ‘9/11’ may well equal ‘lies’, ‘9-11’ actually equals -2.


and worse…



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Johnny Ball Lane

The wonderfully named Johnny Ball Lane (not, I don’t think, named after the great mathematician) has always been a great spot for finding graf. You wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t look for it, and I’ve even heard a rumour that, contrary to the info in Steve Wright’s ‘Banksy’s Bristol’ book, it was in fact this lane that saw the first ever Banksy stencil.

It gets changed around and repainted fairly often, but here’s what’s there at the mo, starting from the bottom of the lane down by St Augustine’s Parade.

Odd little stencil, not seen one like this before.


There are loads of these individual little Panda’s dotted around this end of the lane, sweet in their own way.


Japanese sticker art by the looks of things. (EDIT: I’m talking nonsense, it’s a sticker from the Cube Cinema as Mr KRSĀ  rightly points out in the comments)


These little doods are really nice, great style and use of colour. Done by ‘Hilo’?


Further up the lane, the Pandas have clearly been engaged in a successful breeding program. Not sure of the significance of the upside down red one though.


This wall looked like it had been repainted recently, and this cool little penguin (unsigned) seemed to be a recent addition too.


Pandas laying down the law, whatever next?


Hmm, not so sure on just making a direct Radiohead reference there.


More of the little doods, really rather like them.


Very small but intricate stencil of a tank, not sure if it was done by ‘Flu’ or whether that’s just coincidental placing of a tag.


Really can’t make out the significance of this one, but would love to know.


So, no famous names on the lane anymore, but lots of quite talented stuff!Makes for a nice change…


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The Christmas Steps, Bristol.

The Christmas Steps go back ages, and have been the scene of loads of Bristol’s history, including a pitched battle during the Civil War apparently. Scarily narrow and steep little lane for such things I’d have though. Nowadays the only battles going on round here are between graf artisits, which is probably better.

Not the first one of these I’ve seen, there’s another one in Kingsdown, no idea why someone would go to the trouble of stenciling this.


Another one of those cool Paddingtons as on this blog a few weeks back. They’re pretty much all centered round this area by the looks of things, and have survived the years well.


This is really neat, and quite Banksy-esque in its own way. Photo makes it look a lot bigger than it is too, you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it.


A tag by Killer.


Another Paddington and some sticker work that I’d have liked to have seen before it got torn, looked interesting.


General shot of the wall towards the bottom with all the various bits laid out in context.


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Bristol bus station

Found this round the back of the new Bristol bus station the other day, as odd as it is rude…


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The Cube Cinema

The Cube’s a brilliant place, rising from the ashes of a fire a few years ago to become Bristol’s best venue for quirky and odd events. So it’s kind of appropriate really that on the back of the building, on Princess Row, there’s a large piece by the WSSK (Wet Sshame Kingdom) consisting of Paris, Eco and Mudwig. It’s a really great piece, and i don’t think many people know about it, so go and check it out next time you’re in the area.


Up on a wall to the side of the piece is this little collection too, a Motorboy poster and one of those odd yellow doodles you see around occasionally.


And in the car park of the Cube itself, there’s one of these Banksy style christmas gags. Love it.



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York Street, St Werburghs

Had someone arriving at the blog searching for “house graffiti bristol st werburghs” and reckon this is the one they may have been looking for. It an absolutely massive piece from Paris and Xenz, and is properly awesome. Good location for it too, York Street’s a bit of a cut through down to the M32 and Ikea. Here are some snaps of it taken the other day.


Dated 2004…


I could have looked at this piece all day…


If you haven’t been to see it yet, do!


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Picton Street and Picton Mews

Covered the end of Picton Street here before, but recently had an expore of the whole street. Odd really, it seems like a great street for graf, just ‘feels right’ in a way, but there’s very little on it now, and i have few memories of there being much on it before either.

Starting from the Ashley Road end, there’s something that’s not graf but is probably rarely noticed, a portrait of General Picton after whom the street is named. Interesting chap, worth having a read of the ‘wikitruth’ about him at some point.


Further down the street is what i guess you’d term graf, it’s certainly trying to communicate a message to others directly from a wall.


Pretty much the only significant bit of graf on the street this, looks like a very basic and impromptu Rowdy crocodile.


Further on down is Picton Mews, running just off Picton Street. A lot of what was there has been washed of or tagged over now, but still some bits of note. This is another of those promo stencils as on the side of the Blue Mountain in the Moon Street blog.


Cyclops had stopped in round here, perhaps on his way to selling his art in the Bonhams auction next. Well, probably not, but bonkers that that’s happening to him anyway.


It bugs me more when i can’t read something than i read something and find out that it’s rubbish.


and of course behind you when looking at all if this, is this substantial Ghostboy, from around 2004 i think. Often see it elsewhere on the web, posted excitably by people claiming to have seen a Banksy.


This is one of the nice things about Montpelier, there are people round here who actually do believe in community, and will go to some effort to liven up a street notice board.


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