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Top Bristol Show This Thursday

So, it’s been a while since this blog covered up coming shows, but here’s one definitely worth checking out.

It’s down at ‘The Bristol Gallery‘, which is a newish place down by Millennium Square in the centre, here’s a map of sorts. The website seems pretty unintelligible, something to do with ‘real art’ or something…

One of the myriad ways with which one might begin to get a handle on what are difficult and challenging works of art is to think about some of the pre-histories of art-making that have brought us to the condition of contemporary art as it is practiced today.

…and that’s just the homepage.

Still though, there are some top people with work down there at a show opening this Thursday (4th March), including Sir Felix of Braun, Baron Inkie, Lord Ponk and the deadly combo of Andy Stott (D*Frost) and Jeffrow. Beezer and The Krah have got work in it too, which is very far indeed from being a bad thing.

So, filter through the pretentious art toss and get yourself down there for a beer (or maybe some snakebite, served ironically of course) and a look at some work by some proper talent. You know the score.


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Rare Jeffrow On Jamaica Street

The PRSC Paint Experiment happened last weekend then, with anyone able to turn up and painted a board attached to the big boards they have at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Guess the weather may have dampened it a little, as there’s not as much painting there as might have been expected.

That said, for those who know their Bristol graf, there’s something for sale down there that might be of interest. A Jeffrow ‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?’ stencil which may bring back memories. You hardly ever get a chance to get one, the last, indeed only one this blog has heard of was down at the Farm Pub in St Werburghs a few years back, this one in fact.

So here’s the one for sale down there now, a 50/50 split with the artist and PRSC. Seemed worth a heads up if anyone’s into actual ‘graffiti art’.

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1loveart Rump Show At Hamilton House

So the 1loveart show opened tonight down at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. It was billed as being ‘urban art’, so to be honest less was expected than at other shows. But you know what, it’s actually really good.

There is some of the usual antics in there, the same old ideas being rehashed in an entirely similar way, or biting as it might be known in a happily different context. But beyond a small bit of that, there’s a really interesting mix right across the range, from fine arty stuff, right across to tagging and piecing.

It’s one of those things that make you realise just how many people there are doing all sorts in this city. There’s not many of the more usual names in there, but it’s still full of people. Nice to see Jeffrow and Andy Stott with some new work, and Dot Com’s wall is easily one of the stand out parts of the whole thing. The British take on the rail map is funny as too.

It’s all laid out nicely, it’s a nice space they’ve got up there, if the lighting’s a little harsh in places. Hard to say though, it’s just got a feel of a good and well put together show, the sort of thing you’d go back to for another look.

So, it’s the first of the busy Bristol Christmas season for shows, but it’s set a really strong benchmark for them. Do head on down, it’s there for a shortish time before moving down to The Lanes down by Bridewell.

Here’s a bit of a gallery of what’s there. Minus the disturbing statues in the middle of the room, which really are outside of the realm of this blog. You’ll have to see those for yourself.


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Minto Road, St Werburghs

Bit of back to the old school down this road really, which was probably quite a cute street til they built warehouses all round it. Looks like there’s been a fair bit of chrome paint buffed off round here over time, but there are still some stencily bits.

warehouse minto road

Mostly here, with a familiar handstyle in the middle.

stencils and hand styles minto road

Didn’t think any of these survived any more, must be pushing 10 years old this one, the snails are pretty old too.

jeffrow minto road

This is well faded, but there’s another one in a pedestrian underpass by the Ikea bit of the M32.

lips stencil minto road

Here’s what it should look like…

This little chap seems to be surviving too.

character minto road

and down at the other end of the road, once again the stencil that everyone thinks is a Banksy but isn’t.

not a banksy minto road


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Weapon Of Choice – Tonight And Beyond

First up, a reminder that it’s Weapon of Choice tonight down at Mr Wolfs, Vermin and Tarqs on the paint pens, should be a really good one.


Also, you’ve probably seen already, the Weapon of Choice folks have got a gallery opening up down the bottom of St Michael’s Hill in just under a month or so. Here’s the flyers and chat.


Weapon of Choice are proud to announce our new gallery opening.

Stanley Donwood
Mysterious Al
Jeff Row
China Mike
Mr Jago
Andy Council
& many more.

Live painting. Clothing. Paint pens. Fairtrade tea/coffee. Books and more

Friday 8th May 2009 6-10pm
running until 2nd June.

14 St Michael’s Hill
Bristol, BS2 8DT.

Opening hours
Tues/Wed 11 – 6pm
Thursday 11 – 7pm
Fri-Sat 11 – 6pm
Sunday 12 – 4.00pm

(out of hours by appointment)


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Jeffrow Fridges Last Week

Despite not being in the show, Jeffrow as still out and about last week around the RWA exhibition, leaving more free pieces on fridge doors around for people to collect.


Word is that these were locked in place to things, with instructions left for people to work out the code to unlock them and claim them.


Quite a cool idea, didn’t stop them disappearing really quickly though, nice to think people had to put some effort into getting hold of their free art.

Here’s another one that’s been done specially to help raise funds for the Bristol Drugs Project. Not sure when and where it’s being sold yet, but if you like it keep an eye out.



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Weapon Of Choice February Pics

Sorry for the delay in these, was a really good night, if a little quieter than previous ones. Didn’t get to see the final piece, hopefully Jer force one may have some pics of it somewhere.

(Once again, due to the wonder of WordPress gallery settings, they’re annoyingly not in much of a kind of time order).


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