Some Inkie and Banksy From Back In The Day

Said there were some more old Banksy snaps to share, and here’s one from good Mr KRS, or rather possibly a friend of his who was out taking some graffiti snaps (not for the same reasons so many people do today) back around the turn of the millenium.
This one’s pretty cool, and you don’t see many photos of it, Inkie and Banksy collaborative piece down in St Pauls.
Another shot from a better angle (click for much biggerness)
As for the date and location of this piece, KRS reckons…
<Photo taken in> June 1999 (almost certainly 5/6/99), the back of the old ‘youth club’/shebeen/whatnot on the green in front of Ludlow Close/’Tivoli Gardens’ in St. Paul’s, junction of St. Nicholas Road & Grosvenor Road…the other side of this arrowed building.
Building that stood where the new(ish) community centre type building now stands by the looks of things. Long gone anyway, anyone know how it ended up or more about that spot?


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2 responses to “Some Inkie and Banksy From Back In The Day

  1. Ben

    It was a small blues called the Crystal Dove. Me and my housemates went in a few times very late at night when I lived on St Nicks Road. Was quite scary. Lots of rocks. As a group of pilled-up ravers we didn’t really fit in, but felt that as it was on our doorstep we should make the effort… Seemed to have trouble requiring police attention most weekends.

    Nice piece though.

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