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Next Temwa Auction Coming Up

Temwa’s a top charity that for a long time has shown some love to the Bristol graf scene, and it’s not been a one way thing either. After the success of the last one last year, they’ve got another auction night coming up featuring a lot of familiar names to the blog, all donating pieces to be auctioned to raise money for the charity.

Here’s the flyer for the visual angle…


…and the chat for those with screen readers and the like.

After a successful event in July 2008, Temwa is back with:

‘Art for Africa’

Street Art Auction

Thursday April 23rd
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
From 7pm

Featuring some of Bristol’s world-renowned street artists,
this exciting event will raise money for Temwa’s
sustainable community-based projects in Malawi, Africa…

Among the canvasses exhibited and auctioned will be new
pieces by:

• Mr Jago
• Paris
• Dicy
• Will Barras
• Piro
• Mr Parker
• Seza
• Mr Riks
• Retro Boy
• Fernando Alves
• Cheba
• Nikill
• Lokey
• Cheo
• Felix ‘Flx’ Braun
• Tom Moore
• High Renaissance

And if that wasn’t enough, revellers will also be
entertained by classic soul, funk and hiphop from the
Monster Piece DJs and The Disco Two.

Entry is free and raffle tickets cost just £1.00 each….

All art works has been donated and it is only through the
generosity of our supporting artists that we are able to
organise what will be an exceptional evening. Remember,
100% of proceeds raised will go directly to Temwa.

About Temwa:

Temwa’s objective is to help build a sustainable future for
the people of Malawi through community-based projects.
Temwa is working with the people of Malawi, enabling
them to become self sufficient and giving them hope for
their families’ futures.

For more information about Temwa please visit

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News Roundup

Few bits and pieces going on and coming up, time for a Channel Five style ‘quick and vacuous’ news round up.

First off, forgot to blog it before it opened last Friday night, but the good people at Threenine have just opened a show up at the Golden Lion on Gloucester Road. Lokey, Cheo, Boswell, Fiction, Cons and Zase. Looks pretty good, the flyer’s below, and there’s some shots of work up on the Threenine Blog.


Next up, the next Weapon of Choice has been announced, Vermin and Tarqs, should be very interesting. 14th April down at Mr Wolf’s from 9pm.


There’s an interesting story here about that up in High Kingsdown having a protective frame bought for it by local residents. Not seen it first hand, so not sure how accurate it is (especially since it says the piece is in the ‘Montpelier Region’), but funny in a way if it is true

At least 20 households are thought to have clubbed together to buy the £30 glass and wooden frame to save the mural being “defaced by common criminals”.
They paid another £20 to a local builder to hang the frame, which has been cleaned at least once-a-week after it appeared on a wall in the Montpelier region of Bristol.

Another one of those stories that under the surface struggles to deal with the tension between vandalism and ‘art’ though…

Luke Scrine, 29, said the frame has already done its job after local youngsters were spotted trying to destroy it with rude ‘tags’.

He said: “Banksy is from Bristol and we’re proud as punch about it.

“So when this appeared, we wanted to protect it from being defaced by common criminals.

Because of course, spraying a stencil on someone’s wall (presumably without permission) when you’re famous isn’t a crime, but when the people in the area don’t know who you are, it is. Must be official that, cos it’s in the Telegraph.

On a similar note, there was apparently a big load of events last Friday and over the weekend to make Bristol safer by making people feel like suspects in their own city. Sounds like part of this was bound to have included graffiti removal operations, and, as much as it can be hoped that the council know more what they’re doing now in leaving decent pieces and history alone, has anyone out there noticed anything of note disappear over the weekend?

It’s worth a check…

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Painting At The Black Swan Tonight

Another fundraiser for the Bristol Festival tonight, this time at the Black Swan over in Easton. Usual massive line up of musical goodness, but with a whole load of live painting as well.

Names confirmed so far are Ghostboy, 45 RPM, DVS1 & Stars, Eveson, Kev Munday, Lulu, Windy, DBO and MD, and you never know who else will turn up at a night like this. Certainly interesting to see Ghostboy getting involved, not seen him at something like this before.

Here’s the wall they got for painting…


…and here’s the flyer if you’ve not seen it out and about already.



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My Other Laptop’s A Sony

Thanks to Mr Biggles for this photo, sent in last week or so, of a strange stencil/laptop combo just off Park Row. The laptop’s gone now apparently.


Absolutely no idea.

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Jeffrow Fridges Last Week

Despite not being in the show, Jeffrow as still out and about last week around the RWA exhibition, leaving more free pieces on fridge doors around for people to collect.


Word is that these were locked in place to things, with instructions left for people to work out the code to unlock them and claim them.


Quite a cool idea, didn’t stop them disappearing really quickly though, nice to think people had to put some effort into getting hold of their free art.

Here’s another one that’s been done specially to help raise funds for the Bristol Drugs Project. Not sure when and where it’s being sold yet, but if you like it keep an eye out.



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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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RWA Show – The Run Up

So, three weeks and a silly amount of photos later, here’s some shots that show some of how the whole RWA show came together. Not even going to attempt to put them in anything other than a gallery, but have put notes on them about what they are. WordPress is freestyling the order it puts them in too, but they’re all dated.

It was a blast watching it all happen, hope the photos are as fun to look at as they were to take.

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Googlemap Street View On Graf

So the street view thing on googlemaps came out today, and, of course, with all those photos of streets, there are going to be photos of graf on the streets too. Jellya’s done a sterling job of covering some of the big ones in Bristol in this post here, but there are loads more spots to see.

Here’s a bit of Silent Hobo and 3Dom on the Ashley Road practice boards, from back in September last year, judging by the fly posters further down the road.

Loads more to find no doubt, interesting and handy all in one application.


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Richt Has A New Site…

Brief heads up for you all, apparently after three attempts in three years, Richt has a shiny new website, and rather good it is too. Without wanting to get all tech geeky, the simple design, use of a blog and integration with Flickr and his online shop is very tidy indeed.

If you’re a fan of the man, go and check out the new Richt site here.

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RWA Sort Of Opening Night

The RWA preview night isn’t til Friday (and getting a ticket seems pretty tricky now to be fair). It’s then open to the public from Saturday, but there was a sort of opening night tonight for RWA sponsors, patrons, the ‘great and the good’ and so on. Even the Lord Mayor was there in his chains, which was pretty weird. He seemed to be loving it.

Top night though, a warm up for Friday night in a way, which should be massive. There’s an embargo on photos and images from it being published until Friday, which seems fair enough really, as you really have to see this show to appreciate it, and if images start appearing everywhere then it spoils it for those going really. So, this blog will be sticking to that.

That said, there’s some stuff you can’t miss now from the outside, so here’s a bit of that for you as a warm up.

Rowdy’s spent a while in a quarry painting these huge stones, which are now on display outside.


Here’s the other side of the main set.


And a lone one a little further along.


Those photos were taken round lunchtime, after which this Filthy Luker massive inflatable suddenly appeared on the side of the gallery.


Looks pretty bonkers in the long shot.


And here’s one sneaky peek on the inside, the sign which greets you as you head up the stairs.


Should be blogging the last three weeks worth of photos on Friday then. Can’t wait…


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