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The Bristol Partnership On Graffiti – You Couldn’t Make It Up!

Thanks to the keen eyed Ben who just sent in this comedy Private Eye moment.

The Bristol Partnership is an august body of the great and good from this city’s public sector, working in partnership to energise key goals in a proactive strategy moving forward into blue sky envelopes kinda thing. They seem to do shiny web stuff though, and produce pretty reports as well, which is a welcome change from the stuff the council normally does.

They’ve done one about ‘The Bristol 20:20 Plan – Bristol’s Sustainable City Strategy‘, which amongst other things bigs up some of the good creative and cultural things that have come out of  and go on around Bristol. Banksy’s in there, obviously, and they’ve got a photo of some people painting in Stokes Croft too. Here it is.

Notice anything odd about it? It’s Cheo and 3Dom painting the piece that the council then promptly painted over in black paint, for which the council then had to apologise, in what became known as the ‘battle of the boards’. The back story on it’s here, here and here.

So, of all of the thousands of photos of this stuff they could have chosen, they chose that one. Comedy genius.

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Venue Does Banksy

Interesting article in Venue this week about the new Banksy film, which hasn’t been covered on here yet, and to be honest isn’t going to be covered more than this really. Local man moves to big city, makes film, good on him. It’s the rumours of other films on this sort of stuff that are of more interest to blog towers…

Ronnie Jotun and the blog editorial kru speak to Venue, yesterday.

Venue were good enough to ask our thoughts here on the film too, an exclusive no less. Of especial interest to Banksy hunters will be the fact that they’ve republished the interview he did with them in feb 2000 before the Severnshed show. We’ve got an original copy of it here, and it was always going to get scanned and blogged at some point, but now Venue are running it, it would seem off to post it up now. So, will blog that next week for interest. Someone will doubtless type it up verbatim somewhere online soon enough.

Anyway, Venue, definitely worth a look this week.


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The Banksy Vote Meme Spreads

Seems the ‘council’s holding votes on Banksy pieces’ idea is spreading, this time to the London Borough of Sutton, article with photo here. A bit less sophisticated than the technology Bristol used a few years back, just an email address to send your comments to, but none the less unrepresentative for that.

On the one hand, hoorah. People are getting involved, power to the people, blah blah blah.

On the other hand, there’s just no clarity at all about what’s going on here. If this was a genuine exercise in democracy and public opinion, then surely things would be set out a bit more clearly. Quite apart from whether you agree with the council’s statement about ‘mindless tagging’ (when generally tagging does have a mind behind it, just not one some people agree with), what criteria has been used to select this particular piece for public vote? Since they’ve dubbed it ‘work such as this’ in contrast to ‘mindless tagging’, the criteria doesn’t seem to be particularly sophisticated.

In effect, it just looks like a council that’s running scared of a PR disaster now Banksy’s ‘famous’, but at the same time one that’s unprepared to look at all the other elements of the graf culture, why it happens, what people support and don’t support on a much wider scale.

Ironic in a way, given the piece itself seems to be taking the piss out of the unthinking ‘out of the box’ approach to graf that’s spread so far over the last few years. An unthinking and confused response to a piece about being unthinking and confused. How postmodern.


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Barton Hill Dugout Comes Back To Life

Gutted not to have been able to make it over for this one this weekend, but thanks to the ever able Felix, the legendary Barton Hill Dugout has seen a fresh load of painting going on for the first time in yonks.

Must get photos soon, but as ever Flickr’s going to be quicker on the draw, so to speak. So here’s one from Turroe’s

…one from Cheo’s

…and another old something Cheo spotted up there under old layers of paint.

If anyone’s got any more photo inks, stick them in the comments!


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More Fake Banksy Antics

Thanks to Tommy for sending this in, seems the rash of fake Banksy stuff round Bristol is continuing. This pretty odd tile was found round Old Market a couple of weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, Pest Control have confirmed it’s not by the man himself, anyone any ideas?


banksy tile front

…and back.

banksy tile back

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The Curious Case Of The Fake Banksys

The media seem to be quite interested in ‘the knock on effect of the Banksy show on the Bristol scene’, but one thing that’s not been much spotted so far is the number of fake Banksys springing up at the moment.

Thanks to various people who’ve been sending them in, especially Mark and Colin, they’ve been popping up round Bristol for a few weeks now. First there was these Banksy inspired pieces, and now some more full on copies.

These two are over round Mivart Street way, and they’re so clearly not by Banksy it’s hard to know where to begin. Seems very unlikely they’re even by any of the other Bristol stencil crowd at the moment.

sun16&mon170809 069

sun16&mon170809 046

This one’s over on the Bristol-Bath Cyclepath, by the Bruce Road exit. To be fair, at least the area these are in is right, if we’re to believe he’s taking a trip down memory lane. Possibly after taking a knock to the head and losing his ability to stencil.


This was found in Bristol recently too, a bit of board. Could be the Not Banksy lot who apparently have been to Bristol this summer, but can’t immediately see it or anything like it on their website.

grin reaper

It’s not just happening in Bristol either it seems. This story here about the Upfest team at Boardmasters in Newquay recently  has had a local journalism ‘is this a Banksy?’ angle applied to it, except fair enough this time, as someone seems to have taken a copy of an old style Banksy signature with them and sprayed it on some guy’s van.

The story in precis goes;

After seeing another van being sprayed, Mr Lourens, a self-employed paver, decided he would like to brighten up his own Ford Transit, which he uses for work and surfing trips. He haggled the group, called Upfest, from £200 to £100 for the job…

…He said he approached the group when he was at a concert on August 8 and they asked him to bring his van to them the next afternoon.

“I saw them spraying another van and I started chatting to them about it, and said I really want to get my Transit graffitied and they said they could sort it out,” he said. “They were called Upfest, the urban paint festival. They had a little stall and they were basically just spraying on T-shirts, skateboard decks and shoes.

“They asked me if I wanted anything particular on my van, and I said they could do what they want – any artist will do it better if it’s something they want to do.

“So I left the van and went into town. I think it was a couple of hours. When I got back I thought the van looked pretty sick – pretty amazing. They were still busy.

“When I went back again the one guy asked me about the bonnet the whole time – whether I liked the bonnet. I asked him if he did it and he said he didn’t.”

When the group finished Mr Lourens said he was very happy with the look, and helped the artists pack up.

“At about 6pm I went to help them pack away their stuff and then one of my friends noticed the word Banksy and we asked the Upfest guy, who I knew as Steve, ‘who is Banksy?’. They said ‘look on the Internet’.

“One of my friends had heard of Banksy. Later on I found out it was quite a big deal.”…

…He said he thinks Banksy, whose name is on the top right hand of the vehicle, above the windscreen, must have sprayed the masked figures on the front of the vehicle – with other artists doing the sides and back of the van. He added that the man that asked him if he liked the work on the bonnet may fit the mysterious artist’s description.

He said: “The guy that actually asked me – I looked at photos of how Banksy looks like and he looks similar.

“He was in his mid-thirties, dark hair. He was a bit shorter than me.”

Thing is, the image on the bonnet, if you look at the photos in the article, is clearly an SPQR stencil from his last show, as per this flyer for it here.

If some people are out there pretending to be Banksy at the moment, then that’s one thing. But this guy’s now worried for the safety of his van, and says he doesn’t like leaving it along now in case it gets nicked for the so called ‘Banksy’ on it. Hardly the outcome you want when you get your van painted.

Upfest have sort of clarified the situation in a statement;

“Unfortunately we are unable to shed any light on the so called Banksy van, to our knowledge none of the work on the van was done by Banksy.”

They did confirm that there were 10 artists present in Newquay at the Boardmasters surf festival but they could not reveal the artists’ real names for “various reasons”, as Upfest works with many street artists and “respects their desire for anonymity”

It’s not about anonimity surely when you could just tell them who did which piece on the van, especially when the piece that’s causing confusion is so publicly an SPQR piece that it was used as the flyer for his last show? ‘To our knowledge none of the work was by Banksy’ is a needlessly vague way to say things when you know full well none of it was.

Someone seems to have used Banksy’s signature on a piece of their own work, and allowed someone to believe that it might mean Banksy did the work. Someone else is going around Bristol spraying fake pieces. Possibly the same person, possibly a whole load of different people, possibly a whole bunch of kiddies having a laugh, one of whom sprayed a Banksy tag on a van Upfest were painting when they weren’t looking. Who knows what’s going on here and why.

Either way, maybe it’s art, maybe it’s postmodern irony, but mostly it just seems tragic. The word ‘biting’ doesn’t even cover it.


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Another Non Banksy

Don’t you just wish Banksy would actually paint something outdoors in Bristol soon, just to stop the Evening Post running story after story on pieces done with a stencil ‘possibly being Banksys’?

Here’s another one for you from yesterday. Clearly not a Banksy, the colours are too flat, there’s overspray round the edge of the stencils, and it’s just not his style. Still, it must sell papers or they wouldn’t do it.


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