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Guerrilla Galleries Is One!

This is pretty darn cool, more on it later…

To celebrate its first birthday Guerrilla Galleries is having an unfeasibly fashionable show – and you’ve got an invite.

At the opening party knees-up that kicks off on 5th December at 7pm, there’ll be a for-one-night-only-never-to-be-repeated birthday edition live screen print signed and numbered in your presence and oof it’ll be lulli

live painting, live print making, lots of artwork for sale at affordable prices, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. The last two were made up. Unless someone brings a donkey.

Artwork on show (and for sale) include new works from Ghostboy, Sums, Inkie, 45 RPM, plus a massive and awesome installation piece by Ziml – sections of which will be available to buy on the opening night at a discounted price. Jim Starr, Cheba and 3rd Eye’s art will also be up for grabs. Ideal for Christmas presents, right kids?

“I was too drunk to remember my own first birthday, so I’m quite looking forward to this one,” slurred gallery owner Julian Monaghan, in his especially shaved birthday suit, which is a tad more wrinkled than last year.

As it’s close to Christmas and a birthday celebration too, Satan’s little helpers will hand out the mulled lager and slices of the fairy liquid cake. If you’re lucky yule get stuffed.

This show will sadly be the last show at Guerrilla Galleries current space but will open it’s doors at a new venue in the new year… watch this space for updates.

Dates: Friday 5 – 23 December

Venue: Guerrilla Galleries, 140-142 Gloucester Road, Brizzle, BS7 8NT


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Round The M32

It’s a good spot round Junction 3 of the M32, and wandering through the other day, thought it worthwhile to grab some pics of what’s there at the moment, as there’s always something going on.

All the entrances to the pedestrianised roundabout style walkway have been painted, this one with some TCF antics if memory serves.


Bit more detail on the left hand side there.


On this tunnel was this stencil of a sweary little kid, quite well done, if an odd subject matter.


This tunnel over towards St Werburghs way was an odd mix of characters and tagging, would look good with one big piece over it now really.


Another stencil, kid with a rocket launcher, bet people think it’s Banksy.


Was going to say this more fine art winter scene has been done over where a Paris and Mudwig piece from last year was, but digging in the crates it looks like that may have been somewhere else.


This wall running up here’s always pretty good for stuff, check it out when you’re next round that way, real mix of styles.


The TCF piece from the top of the blog is still going strong, good to see.


Can you tell we’re on the border of St Werburghs and Easton?


This bit gets around the web in photos a lot, some telephone exchange boxes or the like in the centre of the junction, Dan on the left and Cyclops on the right.


Closer on the Cyclops…


…and likewise on the Dan.


There loads more round this small area that hasn’t been blogged on here yet, but that’s the point really, get over there when you’re next in the area and check it all out for yourself!

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Weapon Of Choice December

Next Weapon Of Choice line up’s been announced, Song and Bevlak on the paint pens this this, top stuff. Flyer below, but for those with screen readers, it’s the 9th of December down Mr Wolfs 33 St Stephens Street, Bristol, BS1 1JX, 9pm til 3am.


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New Around Stokes Croft

Been a few different bits cropping up around Stokes Croft and the whole PRSC area of late, seems things are getting moving there once again.

This building’s had it’s front cleared, the fencing taken down and is apparently soon to open up as some sort of sustainability centre, mean to find out more about it all soon.


Closer on the PRSC trademark stencil lettering.


Building just up and opposite was repainted this weekend too, really not sure what’s going on with this piece…


…cos there’s Ziml of the TCF obviously…


…and want to say Paris on this piece, but doesn’t seem quite right…


…and no idea on this one.


Bit further down a guy was painting this at the weekend, possibly the same guy who was wearing PRSC branded overalls, a nice touch.


Further down still, a building that’s been derelict since pretty much forever is now getting reopened by the look of it, wonder if the compulsory purchase order on it went through, or if people are just getting on with it.


Nice the way the last piece on there is getting chopped around and kept.


Finally, to the dismay of the conspiraloons, the 3Dom piece has gone, waiting for something else to take its place no doubt.



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Sickboy In The Studio

Thanks to Stephen for sending these over, some photos of Sickboy working in the studio on pieces for his upcoming show blogged here the other day. The folder they came is is marked exclusive, but think some of them may have been on the web already. Either way, interesting stuff.

Arty intro shot to start with, like what you’d get in the Observer. Do like that temple postbox thing.


Seems like as well as lots of time and money, there are some pretty big pieces going into this exhibition too.


You can take the tagger off the streets, but you can’t, erm, well, like, expect him to, like, stop tagging his own studio, or, or something.


Close up of the man at work…


…and on the temple letter box thing. Assume that’s what it is anyway.


Presumably working on the design of the crazy house that’s going to be given away to someone who finds the right key. A very cool idea.


Closer upper on the design.


Is that a model of it in the background there too?


Working on the face…


…of an alarm clock for the show. Curiouser and curiouser, really looking forward to seeing how this all comes together now!


By the way, all photography in this one is by Go click the link.


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Sepr In Easton

Been a while since there was some Sepr on here, which seems odd given how much he gets out and about. So here’s a piece from over by Cato Street and all it contains, on the corner of Church Street and Church Avenue. Not much more to add really, other than it must have been a mission and a half getting it done, good stuff.



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Vote For Boswell

The online Street Art Awards are on at the moment, where you can vote for your favourite piece of ‘street’ or ‘urban’ art. So, all a bit sanitised, and there’s some real rubbish from some billy stencils on there, but if you fancy supporting Bristol and the west country, then Boswell’s just chucked a piece into the mix that’s worth voting for.

It’s the one that was on the PRSC practice wall at the end of Ashley Road a few months back.


You have to register to vote on the site, but Boswell’s actually doing quite well at the moment and is in with a chance of winning, so why not head over and give this piece some props?

Only warning is that the site has the worst registration system ever. You have to enter a username, password and email and CAPTCHA, get sent an email, click on a link to ‘activate’ your account, then enter your details all over again to log in. The email you’re sent contains your password in an unencrypted format as well, so make sure you use a random one. No wonder voting’s pretty low at the moment.

But worth the few minutes it takes to see a prize brought back to Bristol huh?

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