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1loveart Rump Show At Hamilton House

So the 1loveart show opened tonight down at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. It was billed as being ‘urban art’, so to be honest less was expected than at other shows. But you know what, it’s actually really good.

There is some of the usual antics in there, the same old ideas being rehashed in an entirely similar way, or biting as it might be known in a happily different context. But beyond a small bit of that, there’s a really interesting mix right across the range, from fine arty stuff, right across to tagging and piecing.

It’s one of those things that make you realise just how many people there are doing all sorts in this city. There’s not many of the more usual names in there, but it’s still full of people. Nice to see Jeffrow and Andy Stott with some new work, and Dot Com’s wall is easily one of the stand out parts of the whole thing. The British take on the rail map is funny as too.

It’s all laid out nicely, it’s a nice space they’ve got up there, if the lighting’s a little harsh in places. Hard to say though, it’s just got a feel of a good and well put together show, the sort of thing you’d go back to for another look.

So, it’s the first of the busy Bristol Christmas season for shows, but it’s set a really strong benchmark for them. Do head on down, it’s there for a shortish time before moving down to The Lanes down by Bridewell.

Here’s a bit of a gallery of what’s there. Minus the disturbing statues in the middle of the room, which really are outside of the realm of this blog. You’ll have to see those for yourself.


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Burning Candy Show At The Emporium Next Thursday


Now this looks a bit special, a Burning Candy group show at The Emporium down on Stokes Croft. Opening a week today, and only open for a short time, there’s going to be work in there from the whole Burning Candy crew.

Here’s the chat…

SOME RAW BUSINESS : Feat – Cept, Cyclops, Dscreet, Gold Peg, LL Brainwash, Mighty Monkey, Rowdy, Sweet Toof and Tek 33

Opening Night – Nov 5th, 6- 10 pm then daily 12 – 7pm till Nov 9th

This Bonfire night Burning Candy, the UK’s foremost Savant Garde autistic spectrum graffiti crew, come together to set aflame and pay respect to the memory of Guido Fawkes…..the guy with the right idea.
Expect fireworks, sweet stuff and some jazzy painting.

If you like looking at slightly creepy artwork, or you’ve ever admired that enormous skull, tooth, crocodile combo atop Wetmoreland house, come along. Bring some sparklers!!!

BC, or Burning Candy, or Before Chrome comprises old school writers, lovers, fighters, anthropologists, ice cream rocking queens, Royal Acedemicians, film makers and anarcho croc rockers.

Born in bombed out East London, BC has spread across the world, from Sweden to Bombay and from Paris to Bangkok, bringing a new, colourful and free visual aesthetic to the world of graffiti.

Collected by Saatchi, hung in the Tate modern, still smashing the streets. 2009 BC

The Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY


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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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12 Days Of Christmas Show – 2008!

So once again, the Steal from Work guys and a huge army of helpers have pulled off another huge show out of nothing in hardly any time. This post is going live as the doors to the show open, so people not there can see it too, but that said, the show was a couple of hours away from finished when these photos were taken, so whilst most of the organisers were of course relaxing having finished setting it all up in advance, there were still a few final tweaks to be made.

So these photos aren’t necessarily the final final thing, you’ll only see that there, and am not putting names with everything just yet, but this blog isn’t here so people can live life through the web, it’s here to encourage you to get out and see stuff for yourself, so get down there!

Incidentally, rumour has it that a load of free spray paint on card pieces will be being left round the area this evening too by an artist not in the show, so keep an eye out.

When you’re round there, you should also definitely go and check out the PRSC gallery at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Photos on the blog tomorrow all being well, but it’s got some top work in it, and it’s all for auction, starting at just 99p.

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Round The M32

It’s a good spot round Junction 3 of the M32, and wandering through the other day, thought it worthwhile to grab some pics of what’s there at the moment, as there’s always something going on.

All the entrances to the pedestrianised roundabout style walkway have been painted, this one with some TCF antics if memory serves.


Bit more detail on the left hand side there.


On this tunnel was this stencil of a sweary little kid, quite well done, if an odd subject matter.


This tunnel over towards St Werburghs way was an odd mix of characters and tagging, would look good with one big piece over it now really.


Another stencil, kid with a rocket launcher, bet people think it’s Banksy.


Was going to say this more fine art winter scene has been done over where a Paris and Mudwig piece from last year was, but digging in the crates it looks like that may have been somewhere else.


This wall running up here’s always pretty good for stuff, check it out when you’re next round that way, real mix of styles.


The TCF piece from the top of the blog is still going strong, good to see.


Can you tell we’re on the border of St Werburghs and Easton?


This bit gets around the web in photos a lot, some telephone exchange boxes or the like in the centre of the junction, Dan on the left and Cyclops on the right.


Closer on the Cyclops…


…and likewise on the Dan.


There loads more round this small area that hasn’t been blogged on here yet, but that’s the point really, get over there when you’re next in the area and check it all out for yourself!

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Down The St Werburghs Tunnel

Haven’t properly covered this tunnel yet since the PRSC turned it into a decent painting place all those months back now. It’s not for lack of photos it’s been missed, and have some more to post here sometime, but seems to make sense to start with what’s there now.

Seems like there’s pretty often new stuff going up there which is cool, this weekend it was 3Dom with some writers over from Australia, can’t remember their names but maybe someone here will know.

3Dom at work on his piece…

…and the piece by one of the Australians…

…and another (pretty sure they were over from Aus anyway)

Other stuff there at the moment, this Haka piece

Presumably Silent Hobo, over the top of a very cool Jeffrow piece.

Unmistakably Paris.

Pen and Rowdy

This Cyclops piece has lasted pretty well considering

Boswell (another artist doing the threenine thing at the moment) and 3rd Eye, love the characters

If you haven’t been down there yet, then check it out, you can get a top pint at The Farm down that way too…


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Graf At Recydrate The West

Tough call this weekend just gone, go check out the goings on at the Project 360 event in the centre, or go to a West Country Cider Festival relocated to the middle of nowhere in Wales.

This blog opted for the latter, but thankfully there was some Bristol graf related stuff there, in amongst the carnage.

It was a tiny festival, so what was there was kinda confined to a few spots. Surprised to see this on the way in, presumably done for the last time this festival was on in 2006, a massive entrance gate painted by Sickboy.

Not the easiest to get a photo of in the cloud and rain.

So chopped up a bit, here’s one side…

…and the other…

…and the middle.

Most of the rest was either side of the main stage. Like everywhere at the moment, lots of Sepr, would be interested to know the story behind this one.

This was a lovely big bit by Sepr and Epok.

This one was unsigned, and looked like it had been up somewhere before before being taken down and put up again here, possibly one from the 2006 festival. Got pretty trashed by the end of this one sadly.

Really liked this one by 2Keen.

More Sepr.

This was very cool but unsigned, anyone any ideas?

and another that seemed to have been put up before elsewhere, the join didn’t match.

Otherwise the only other bit of note on site was this van. It was actually on the other side of the festival fence, and didn’t go round to get better photos of it, but know someone who did so shall see if can get those at some point. Anyway, nice piece round this side…

…and round the other side (and the front if memory serves) a whole load of Before Chrome going on. They’re getting about at the moment aren’t they.

Cool festival though, shame not to have got photos of the Project 360 antics though, but if anyone reading did and wants to share them, then get in touch – bristolgraffiti AT


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