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Massive Mayfair Pop Up Show By Inkie

One of the things to look forward to this time of year, is small short run group shows and galleries popping up to bring a bit of festive cheer and make christmas shopping that little bit easier.

The one with the biggest line-up announced so far is coming up in a couple of weeks and being put together by the indomitable Inkie.

For those with screen readers, it’s running in Mayfair for a short time only, 8th to 12th of December, and the line up includes;

Goldie, Shoe, Inkie, Eine, She One, Mysterious Al, Sickboy, Insa, Zeus, Hush, MauMau, Kid Acne, Steff Plaetz, Shazer, Chu, Shok1, Xenz, RYCA, David Walker, China Mike, Part2ism, Ben Allen, Andy Council, Pure Evil, George Morton Clark, Milk, Dora and Don.

A biggy then, if you fancy getting in for the private view, email

There are a good few other shows coming up over the next month too here in Bristol, more on that soon…

As ever, this isn’t Inkie’s only thing coming up by a long way, here’s the man’s public calendar for the next few months…

Upcoming events:
Nov 26th: Assembly – Notting Hill
Dec 8th-13th: Group Show & Pop Up Shop – Mayfair
Dec 11th: Group Show – Friend & Co – Bristol
Feb 25th: Inkies Charity Auction Dinner @ The Paradise
March: Solo Show – Stockholm TBC
March: Sydney / Melbourne TBC
April: Solo Show – London
May: Solo Show @ Bristol-Lisboa Gallery – Lisbon
May: Solo Show – Tokyo

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Get Dring Mobile – The Auction

get dring mobile paris logo1

You may have heard of this by now, but if not you should do. There’s a charity fundraising drive going on at the moment called ‘Get Dring Mobile’, which is aiming to raise enough money to sort the legendary Mike Dring of Art-el fame out with a a modified vehicle he can drive himself. For those as don’t know, here’s the backstory from the fundraising website;

Michael Dring was 23 years old when he broke his neck in a road traffic accident, resulting in paralysis from the upper chest down – medically he is classified as having a complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) resulting in Tetraplegia (level C6).   Between April 2009 and April 2010, friends and family of Michael are attempting to raise money to put towards the purchase of an adapted car which will enable him to drive independently.

Being the kind of bloke he is, this isn’t just about Mike either;

Any additional funds raised over and above the amount needed will be either donated to Salisbury Spinal Unit or go towards a lasting legacy of this project.  Michael has been so inspired by this initiative that currently he is exploring the possibility of setting up an official charity in order to help other people regain any loss of independence due to SCI.  If Michael succeeds in setting up this charity any additional funds will go towards this charity which will assist others to afford hand controls or vehicle adaptations.

So, lots of stuff going on as a fundraiser, but one element of it, natch, is raising funds through grafurbanstreet art. A call was put out for people to donate pieces to a fundraising auction which has had a huge response, so they’re now going to be holding the thing down at Paintworks, viewing of the pieces on the 14th and 15th of October 2009, with the auction starting at 7pm on the 15th. Get down there early on the 15th though, as there’s going to be music and live painting from 4pm, with Inkie and Mr Jago just some of the names confirmed so far.

If you’ve got a piece you’d like to donate to the auction then there’s still plenty of time. The line up’s pretty special already.

Mr Jago
China Mike
Rourke Vandal
Will Barras
Levi C
James Baker
Angel 41
Dan Kitchener
Ripper 1331
Ill Joseph
Carrie Reichardt aka The Baroness
Nick Walker
Damon Ginandes
K Guy
Ben Allen
Brian Jones
Tom Hine
Guy Mckinley
Andy Council
Ria Hill
Pam Glew
Guy Denning
Mau Mau
Simon Riley
Agent Provocateur
Oliver Winconek
Jef Aersol
Crazy Jake
Ian Francis
Rene Gagnon
Dan Baldwin
Acer One

There’s loads of other fundraising stuff going on too, and this bit should be a great event for an extremely worthy cause. The only thing to work out now is how to stop Mike bidding on the pieces himself.

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Inkie’s Auction In London

A heads up for those who have the money and may be in the area in a couple of weeks, Inkie’s putting together an auction night in London to raise money for Great Ormond Street Cochlear Implant Unit and CICS.

It’s got the kind of line up that only someone like Inkie can put together, with names like 3D, Inkie, Banksy, Nick Walker and Goldie donating pieces, along with a whole load of other well known names from the graf and ‘urban’ worlds.


The auction itself is a ticket only affair with a three course dinner and the like, but there’s an after party for it too with people like the Scratch Perverts, Justin Robertson and ‘very very special guests’ playing. All the money from the night and the auction will be going to charity, so if you’re feeling flush, get down there for what should be a pretty special event.


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Princes Trust Charity Auction

There’s an auction coming up in aid of the Prince’s Trust, with a new Banksy as its headline story (go check the BBC or whatever for that), but there’s some other interesting Bristol related pieces in there worth mentioning.

Nice Inkie piece, shame the lettering at the side’s been chopped off a bit in the photo. 


Love this Mau Mau piece


A very accessible Nick Walker work (rats, bombing, etc)


This Flx piece (that was in the window of Guerilla Galleries a while back if memory serves) has come back round


Finally this really interesting piece by Dicy, not seen him in this kind of style before


Dicy even gets a quote in the press release on this one into the bargain.

Dicy, one of the stars of the exhibition, was supported by the youth charity when he was just starting out.

He said: “The Prince’s Trust gave me the confidence and backing to start my own design business when no-one else would. Now I’m incredibly proud to give something back, helping more young people reach their potential.”

The auction for the Prince’s Trust is actually part of three auctions going on at the same time, this one launching last week, as it says…

ArtCore is the first visual documentation of Acid House and the rave movement, featuring artworks from iconic clubs and raves including The End Club, Queer Nation, Raindance and Tribal Gathering.

and the now regular Dreweatts ‘urban art’ auction going on at the same time (the catalogue for which seems to be coming in for a bit of stick online at the moment). 

In addition, a Dicy and Will Barras print is going on sale for the auction as well. Tricky painting to get right apparently, but it’s all come out clean enough in the final print. 


So, actually quite hard to work out what’s going on amongst all of this and when, but the sale itself is on the 26th Feb, and if you fancy figuring it all out then there’s more info at

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12 Days Of Christmas Show – 2008!

So once again, the Steal from Work guys and a huge army of helpers have pulled off another huge show out of nothing in hardly any time. This post is going live as the doors to the show open, so people not there can see it too, but that said, the show was a couple of hours away from finished when these photos were taken, so whilst most of the organisers were of course relaxing having finished setting it all up in advance, there were still a few final tweaks to be made.

So these photos aren’t necessarily the final final thing, you’ll only see that there, and am not putting names with everything just yet, but this blog isn’t here so people can live life through the web, it’s here to encourage you to get out and see stuff for yourself, so get down there!

Incidentally, rumour has it that a load of free spray paint on card pieces will be being left round the area this evening too by an artist not in the show, so keep an eye out.

When you’re round there, you should also definitely go and check out the PRSC gallery at the Stokes Croft end of Jamaica Street. Photos on the blog tomorrow all being well, but it’s got some top work in it, and it’s all for auction, starting at just 99p.

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The Cans Festival Opens

So, the reworked Cans Festival opened this morning in London, all freehand graf this time. Flickr‘s going to be your best bet for photos throughout this weekend probably, but if you’re heading down, apparently the Bristol or Bristol related names to look out for are Paris, Mudwig, Eko, Will Barras, Xenz, Feek, Sickboy, Mau Mau and Inkie amongst others.

Will try to get some photos up here as they emerge, but in the meantime, here’s an awesome one that’s around on the web, and we seem to have permission to publish from the person who commissioned it, of a work by Busk.

Love it.

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First Great Weston – The Bristol Edition

Remember the First Great Weston print from Let Them Hang? Well, both editions so far (hand finished and not hand finished but signed by Nick Waker) have sold out, but there’s a special treat for people in Bristol.

A very limited run (40 copies) of the print has been put together, with some different colours and some new bits to spot, and signed by Paris, Eko, Mudwig, Sickboy, Dicy, China Mike, Mr Jago, Dicy, Mau Mau, Rich T, Will Barras, Nick Walker, Xenz, and Ziml.

Best of all, it’s only being sold at an evening down The Bell pub off Jamaica Street this Tuesday (22nd July), a bit of a change from Selfridges and back to how Bristol shows ought to be!

Doors open at 5pm and print on sale from 7pm, so plenty of time for an enjoyable pint or two in The Bell as well. First come first served, and paypal or cash only apparently.


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