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FROM Sale On

Heads up for a pre-xmas sale from sellers of fine graf t shirts FROM, only a few left of some designs apparently, so a bit of a clear out before the new year for those with their fingers on the buzzer.

See FROM from this link. From.

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New Ziml On Stokes Croft

Fresh as you like, this one. That ‘Drop a Clone’ production by Vermin and visitors seemed to get a lot of love, but nothing ever last forever, so Ziml’s headed out across the entire space himself, sometime today by the looks of it.



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Bristol Graffiti Christmas Cards

Just an annual reminder for you. If you’re in need of Christmas cards this year, then you could do far worse than pick up some Bristol Graffiti cards from Temwa. They’re the same as last year, but still pretty cool, unique cards by the TCF, specifically Aji, Seza, Eko, Xenz and Ziml.

Only a fiver per pack, and all proceeds go to the top folks at Temwa to make the world a better place.

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Ziml On The Gloucester Road

Have been waiting a few weeks to blog this one, sort of as an experiment really. Up the Gloucester Road, there’s a little alley running down to not much really, just backs of shops and some rough parking space. It’s always been covered in tags and throw-ups, remember one of the ‘DAYONE’ stencils there 10 years or so ago.

Here’s what’s on one wall at the moment, some interesting stuff to those who have an interest, but nothing that co-ordinated.

So, a few weeks back, Ziml went to the owner of the building on the other side of the alley, which looked pretty similar to the side above, and asked if they’d mind him painting a big piece on it. They were fine with it, glad to see the tagging go, so up it went.

Here’s a shot from the other side…

…and a bit of a closeup.

Now the reason it’s interesting is that in the three or four weeks it’s been up, no more tagging has appeared around it and the wall’s stayed as it is. The building owner’s happy, the artist’s happy, and presumably the people walking by it are happy too, or at least not that fussed either way.

But with the council’s graf policy as proposed, the only allowance made for such work is if the council deems that the piece has artistic merit (it seems unlikely they’re fans of wildstyle) or if a community group or the like has applied to the council to put a ‘mural’ up. Otherwise, technically, it seems like the piece would be at risk of being painted over with grey paint, ready for yet more tagging.

There seems to be such a big disconnect between the council and the majority of the ‘grafurbanstreet art’ community at the moment that most people don’t really seem to care what the council’s policy is. Understandable in a way, when a motive for graffiti can be doing it because it’s not approved of, or doing something regardless of what others think.

But it does sort of seem to be a shame, when the two sides could work together to brighten up a city that’s pretty grey in places, and make use of a massive resource of artists the city has for the benefit of all, that the council’s looking like sticking with pretty much the same thing it’s always done in this area. It’ll be interesting to see if situations like the above carry on under the new policy, or whether we’re doomed to yet more grey paint all over our streets.


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Somethings For The Weekend

Busy old weekend of stuff coming up, lots of painting across the city and beyond. Some of it you won’t see for a bit, but other bits are more of a social affair.


First up, something that’s got a proper buzz going about it, the results of some hardcore planning and painting, the Triple Drop show by Acer, Dicy and Ziml down at the Centrespace gallery in the centre. It’s a show designed to price work fairly, and it’s looking like being up there as one of the shows of the year. Opening tonight (email for an invite if you’re quick), then running through until next Tuesday only.

Here’s a few teaser images for you…





Next up…

montpelier bean feast

…over in Montpelier on Saturday, they’re bringing back the Montpelier Bean Feast, a festival from the 1700’s. Lots going on, but of relevance to the blog is that loads of the garage doors up on St Andrews Road are getting painted by a bunch of folk. Line up not confirmed yet, some graf based, some not, but some big names by the look of it. Should be a fun day out.


Also on Saturday, further afield in Weston, there’s a massive load of painting going on at the Weston Paint Jam. There’s been talk of it getting cancelled, but it’s definitely on, painting at the Tropicana. Line up so far is MCL, SPQR, Frisky, Matti, Nine-0, Stickee, Elmo, NathanaelDraws, JK47, Khoi, Kone1972, Dead Posh and Prankz, with a few more in the pipeline too.

Loads on then, open doors day on Saturday too which is always interesting. The weather forecast’s looking dandy for Saturday and Sunday, so get off your computer and go and see real things!

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Huge TCF Production

Thanks to Paris for the tip off and a reader for a nudge on this one, a big new TCF production down in Long Ashton. Down below the maze of roads that is Brunel Way if you fancy a wander.

L-R Eco, Ziml, Paris, Feek, Xenz

TCF production

Click for bigger. Photo credit TCF.


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The Weekend’s Harbourside Painting

When Children of the Can came out, the massive length of boards in front of the industrial museum development were finally painted, having sat there unpainted for too long. That was a while back now though, so last weekend they got a fresh coat of paint from more of Bristol’s great and good. All done in conjunction with the museum, who are going to have a bit of a display about it when it finally opens to boot.

Some really nice work done, of all sorts of styles, and the usual ‘queuing to take photos’ thing going on earlier today. Here’s some results…

Thanks to Jer Forceone for the detail on some of the names!


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