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The Bristol Partnership On Graffiti – You Couldn’t Make It Up!

Thanks to the keen eyed Ben who just sent in this comedy Private Eye moment.

The Bristol Partnership is an august body of the great and good from this city’s public sector, working in partnership to energise key goals in a proactive strategy moving forward into blue sky envelopes kinda thing. They seem to do shiny web stuff though, and produce pretty reports as well, which is a welcome change from the stuff the council normally does.

They’ve done one about ‘The Bristol 20:20 Plan – Bristol’s Sustainable City Strategy‘, which amongst other things bigs up some of the good creative and cultural things that have come out of  and go on around Bristol. Banksy’s in there, obviously, and they’ve got a photo of some people painting in Stokes Croft too. Here it is.

Notice anything odd about it? It’s Cheo and 3Dom painting the piece that the council then promptly painted over in black paint, for which the council then had to apologise, in what became known as the ‘battle of the boards’. The back story on it’s here, here and here.

So, of all of the thousands of photos of this stuff they could have chosen, they chose that one. Comedy genius.

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Weapon Of Choice End Of Year Party Tonight

One massive line up down at Mr Wolf’s to end what’s been another great year for Weapon of Choice, bit of a hip hop extravaganza, with Shade1 and Cheo on the paint pens. Should be epic.

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Cheo – Book Tonight, Show Saturday

So, the December grafurbanstreetart calendar kicks off tonight with the Cheo book launch over at the Weapon of Choice Gallery. A blatant Christmas present for any young people you want to tutor in the ways of righteousness without their parents disapproving.

Go get one signed by the man, then watch in horror as the young recipients scribble all over what are effectively a set of Cheo prints. Then get over it, cos the flipper market’s dead anyway, and this stuff’s just for enjoying now.

However, if you do fancy some Cheo goodness for yourself or fellow grown ups, then Saturday’s the perfect chance. The man’s got a solo show opening up at the Golden Lion on Gloucester Road, Bristol’s lesser noticed graf gallery.

If you’ve no idea what this post’s wibbling on about, then go here to find out about the man himself.

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Barton Hill Youth Club Still Going

As mentioned a couple of times before, the legendary Barton Hill Youth Club is still there, and has recently had people going back to paint again. Not the free space it used to be, painting’s only been on a few of organised weekends, but it’s slowly coming together.

That said, the place is under threat of demolition in the next couple of years at the moment, a decision that people will no doubt come to regret in a few years time if it does happen. So, more painting coming up in the new year probably, but here’s a bit of what’s there now…

Here’s the courts in a wide shot at the moment…

…bit of Cheo…

…Jody (not quite finished)…

…and Shade SOP.

When people first got back there, an old Banksy was found under layers of peeling paint, and here’s another bit that’s still just about there after the trials of time, ‘Art’ by Chaos and Shab, from 20 years or so ago…

…and a bit closer.

This place really shouldn’t be pulled down, there’s so much more could still be done with it, and if this city cares about its history, then there’s some modern archaeology right here.

Will get some more photos soon, thanks to Jody for these pics.


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Cheo And Soker At Severnshed Tonight

Another Threenine exhibition down at the Severnshed, this time Cheo and Soker putting something together together. Should be tidy, and interesting to see the Severnshed coming back into use as a graf exhibition venue too, given its history an all…

cheo and soker severnshed show

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Barton Hill Dugout Comes Back To Life

Gutted not to have been able to make it over for this one this weekend, but thanks to the ever able Felix, the legendary Barton Hill Dugout has seen a fresh load of painting going on for the first time in yonks.

Must get photos soon, but as ever Flickr’s going to be quicker on the draw, so to speak. So here’s one from Turroe’s

…one from Cheo’s

…and another old something Cheo spotted up there under old layers of paint.

If anyone’s got any more photo inks, stick them in the comments!


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The Weekend’s Harbourside Painting

When Children of the Can came out, the massive length of boards in front of the industrial museum development were finally painted, having sat there unpainted for too long. That was a while back now though, so last weekend they got a fresh coat of paint from more of Bristol’s great and good. All done in conjunction with the museum, who are going to have a bit of a display about it when it finally opens to boot.

Some really nice work done, of all sorts of styles, and the usual ‘queuing to take photos’ thing going on earlier today. Here’s some results…

Thanks to Jer Forceone for the detail on some of the names!


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Shows, Stuff To Do, Etc

Meh, slow blogging times again of late, sorry about that. Here’s some bits for you though.

First up, Threenine have got a show opening tonight down at the Severnshed (of ‘Banksy’s first proper show’ fame). Boswell, Lokey, Cheo, Jody amongst others, should be good.

threenine show severnshed

Second, there’s lots of opportunities out there at the moment for people who want to paint things, so if anyone fancies a paint do get in touch. Especially if you’re a city fan, or want to join a collective of arty types doing workshops and so on. Here’s the chat for the latter.

Kompany Malakhi’s education programme offers a range of high quality work that aims to offer engagement in the arts, inspirational tools to achieve and accessible opportunities to nurture. Kompany Malakhi is looking to develop a team of freelance artists to deliver workshops and projects in schools, colleges and community settings.

Kompany Malakhi is looking for –
*Contemporary Dancers
*Beat Boxers
*MC’s / spoken word artists
*Graffiti artists
*Creative writers
*Physical theatre practitioners
*Digital media artists

All those interested in applying should be experienced in leading and running workshops with a variety of participants.

If you’re interested in applying please contact Emily Bull, Education and Learning Co-ordinator on

Finally, the blog’s had a Twatter account for ages, but it’s been left unused as there’s not a lot to do with one it seems. Still, worth a punt, so if you fancy ‘following’ the blog on Twitter, then we’re here.

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Friend And Co Shows And News And That

Bit more event news for you, this time from the ever on form Friend and Co Gallery.

Tonight sees the opening of a new show by Russel ‘Gasface’ Maurice, 7:30pm opening, beer and merriment as usual!

RM flyer1

Then next week (Thursday 27th August), there’s another of their shows south of the river at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster. Last one was a cracker, and a really fun venue too, so well worth heading down to for a pint or two. Huge list of names for it too…

this spot4

Then, in early October, Bristol’s, and possibly the world’s, smallest art gallery comes to an end! Not that they’re closing, but that they’re off to a larger and more central venue, opening with a group show of Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


Nurse, the screens!

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Cheo and Epok At The Harbour Festival

Thanks to Jess for sending this one in, bit old now, but a piece Cheo and Epok did for the Bristol Harbour Festival a couple of weekends ago. Epok on the sky, Cheo on the rest. Top work.

Cheo_Stormy Seas

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