Guerrilla Galleries – December Show

So, bit of a sad one this one, as last night was the last opening night of Guerrilla Galleries in its current venue. Seemed odd, as the opening of the gallery coincided with the start of this blog, so will be weird when it’s not there come the new year.

Still though, it’s not closing for good, just moving over the space of a few months to bigger and better things, and if last night was anything to go by, the new set up’s going to be pretty darn cool.

Wasn’t just a normal show last night with pictures on walls and the like, there were loads of different things going on.

One part was the printing of a new Cheba screenprint live in the gallery, pretty cool idea, interesting to see it done, though that many Cheba heads all looking identical hanging up was pretty disconcerting after a while.


Some of them were hand pulled by the man himself.


On the back wall loads of little canvasses had been set up for different artists to do a small piece on, hard to get a hot of the whole lot, but clockwise from left you’ve got China Mike  (not finished, obviously), Ziml, Mr Jago and Richt.


And over the other side there was 45RPM and FLX.


Best bit of all though was having one whole wall turned over to Ziml, who’d put up a massive piece across the wall with canvasses on it as well. So, you could enjoy the piece as a whole, and buy a canvas from part of it, along with an image of the whole thing as it was. Really cool idea.


You can read more about it if you click on this one for biggerness.


Other works up on the night were these nice pieces from Dan Kitchener, work better at a distance in a way.


Some bits from Dred of the Readers’ Wives Collective next to the Dan Kitchener pieces, very cool.


Jim Starr on the right and some top Sums work on the left.


And a couple of window bit, a wide old 45RPM owl…


…and something new from Jeffrow, don’t often see his work around, funny to see he’s still using fridge doors for canvasses.


It’s a really good show, and bodes well for new stuff when the gallery moves. Open until xmas, so have a wander along if you’re in the area, especially if you’re coming down for the 12 Days of Xmas show next friday, of which more later…


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3 responses to “Guerrilla Galleries – December Show

  1. jamie

    that ziml canvas idea was taken from wufc, do you know who they are? Que does them, the idea of doin it is so that the work on the canvas is not some wank graffiti inspired bull shit but was actually done in an illegal setting making it a piece of real graffiti on a canvas, what you thought was a cool idea from ziml was actually a poor imitation. wise up..

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Good grief. Does it say anywhere that that was Ziml’s idea? Course it wasn’t, no-one said it was, but it was a cool idea to do it on the night as part of the overall show, and it’s a cool idea in and of itself.

    It’s kinda funny you keep reading in such a state of anger and misinterpretation, but really, can only say again, if you don’t like it, you’re more than welcome to send content in, or start your own blog. This blog isn’t about or written by any one person or ego.

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