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Sickboy Temple IRL

Had seen Sickboy temple’s around for years in Bristol, and always liked them. Finally got to meet the man himself a few months back, and he said he was working on doing a real life 3D model of a temple for a release towards Xmas. Put my name on one straight away, and was pretty excited when I saw a mock up one on Sickboy’s Flickr account

But just been sent an image of the finished thing, and wow, looks properly awesome. Nearly a foot across as well apparently! Can’t wait for mine to arrive…

Sickboy temple

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Guerilla Galleries show

So last night I wandered along to the Guerilla Galleries show on the Gloucester Road. I’d first seen a poster for it last Saturday down the waterfront, and headed up there then to see what was there, only to find an empty shop front in a new development. No-one in the shops around knew anything about it, all very odd.

But, chatting to a mate during the week, I found out it opened today, with a preview show last night. So headed along, got there a little early, and was seemingly first there.

There was lots of great stuff there, Inkie, Dicy, Ziml (who I’d not seen canvasses from before), Dan, Rowdy, and lots more. Took some snaps of what was there for your delight and delectation.

View of the gallery from over the road on the opening night


Couple of Rowdys, view from Ninetree Hill looking down. If you were looking at this view in real life, you’d be standing next to the massive Xenz birds piece.


Two of the many Inkies at the show


‘High Kingsdown’ by Dicy, one of three, hand finished screenprint on canvas


Set of three Cheba pics there


Set of four Inkies, awesome, but really deserving of a better place than I have to display them!


People looking at pics, from left to right there’s some Dicy, Cheba, Dan and Rowdy


Kinda same shot as before, but this one has all the Dicy stuff in the centre, acerone to the left of that, then some other dood on the far left.


These are the Zimls there, like them!


Wandered past again today whilst doing some shopping, didn’t have chance to drop in, but through the window it looked like there were a lot of red dotted price labels around, really pleasing!

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