No Tesco Protestors At Former Jesters Getting Evicted

Recently, with the No Tesco campaign going on where Jesters used to be on Cheltenham Road, a load of these stencils have been appearing up and down the Gloucester Road.


So, it’s only slightly graf related, but right place at the right time and all that, the blog was on hand to grab some photos of what looks like an eviction attempt literally half an hour ago, presumably following this. Here they are…

To be honest, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Loads of rather large and aggressive looking chaps trying to jemmy open the door, not looking like they were aiming to make some new friends. The unmarked white vans all about were interesting too. Who were the eviction company? What recourse would people have if injuries had been caused, however accidentally? The colour coding of the yellow and orange jackets presumably means something too, but what?

The last photo is the most sinister to this blog’s mind too, why were there additional private security people posted up and down a public right of way, away from the site of the eviction?

Anyway, this is presumably still going on now, and this is breaking news and stuff. Can’t say this blog will be shopping at Tesco anymore having seen how they treat peaceful protestors.

If anyone wants to use these photos by the way then feel free, just make sure they’re duly credited to here (ideally with a link) and all’s well.


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2 responses to “No Tesco Protestors At Former Jesters Getting Evicted

  1. More pictures.. all the best.

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