New China Mike, Richt and Guy McKinley Show In The North

In a brave move given the encroaching winter, Richt and China Mike are heading north with Guy McKinley at the end of this month for a show in Manchester’s Upperspace Gallery. Perhaps tempting the fates even further, it’s opening on Halloween, and is named ‘Dogs, Thieves and Dead Girls’, for reasons as are yet unclear.

The Upperspace Gallery is at;

52 Newton Street,
M1 1ED

and is easily reached by many conventional forms of transport. It’s on until the 28th of November, and if you’re there for the opening night, then being there for 8pm should see you safely in.

Have heard some rough murmurings of what’s being planned for this show, and it sounds awesome, really off the wall stuff.

In case that ain’t enough, here’s the flipside of the flyer too.

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