New RWA Show Print

Mentioned earlier there was some more news coming up on prints around the RWA show. Well, it’s the guys from Let Them Hang again, putting something together with the good people from Steal From Work, and producing a version of the ‘First Great Weston’ style print for the RWA.

Once again it’s a China Mike drawing for a base, this time of the RWA building itself, looking as if it’s been (in some cases literally) bombed by all of the artists appearing in the show.

Printing was going on today, so here are some shots of the print in progress.

It’s a colour print obviously, but there weren’t any finished ones done when these photos were taken, so for an idea of what it looks like, here’s one with just the black outlining layer done as a test. You can spot Feek and Mudwig’s contributions straight off, though some artists contributions don’t come out that well in this layer.


Interesting to watch it going on, and see some real printers proofs, rather than just ‘prints with higher price tags’ like the term too often means. Here’s one with the blue layers applied to a black outline.


The brown layer was going on in this run, here’s a black print being used to line up the screen for it.


Paint goes on…


…gets pulled across the screen…


…and paul gives it a check.


Satisfied, it’s on to the pile of prints with two layers done already.


First one done and checked, all spot on. It’s not for nothing that Paul’s got the reputation he has as a top printer.


On with the run then, happens really quickly once it gets going, his able assistant laying them out to dry on the racks.


The screens once used stack up in the sunshine…


…whilst the prints get fanned dry in the warm spring air.


So, the details. Edition of 200 apparently, only signed by China Mike this time, and deliberately much cheaper than the First Great Weston print, £125 wherever you buy it. Plan is to have them on sale through the Let Them Hang site and the Crimes of Passion site, as well as, of course, at the RWA show itself.

Keep an eye out for a photo of the finished thing over the next few days.


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2 responses to “New RWA Show Print

  1. BMJT

    China Mike is such an amazing draughtsman.

  2. Andrew

    fiddling while Rome burns.

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