What On Earth Is This?

Always interesting keeping an occasional eye on ebay for ‘urban art’ as it tends to be called, especially now the market bubble seems to have well and truly burst.

Came across this yesterday though, and seemed worth blogging as it’s so odd.


A piece by ‘Teddy Girl’, a ‘Notorious Urban Terror Artist’ out of Bristol, with seemingly glowing reviews in this ebay item.

Teddy Girl is one of the most secret Urban artists, worse than Banksy although rumor has it that they have met and combined on projects before, emerging from the Bristol urban art scene but mainly working selling and exhibiting in Europe, rumors of a forth coming solo exhibition in London later in the year is an exciting thought, so grab the new big thing now…. Described as the Sexist thing to come out of the Bristol Art Scene

Whilst anyone with photoshop and a scalpel has been able to pitch up and claim to be an ‘urban artist’ in recent years , this really does seem to be the most ballsy pitch for celebrity out of nowhere yet.

The painting could be quite a good deal though, given what else comes as part of the auction

Comes with Post Card Signed Proof of Purchase, and Nick Walker and Banksy.

Interesting times these, on the one hand the whole Banksy thing has opened up ‘being an artist’ to a whole new range of people, which is probably no bad thing. On the other hand where’s it all going to end. Or perhaps the question is when?

As for Teddy Girl, no idea. If she’s got your interest though, her Myspace seems to be here.


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9 responses to “What On Earth Is This?

  1. No idea either. It’s dilemma, female artist (quite rare) vs someone who seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Chances are it’s someone fresh out of art school. If you’ve not worked the streets, you’re not a street artist IMO.

  2. Teddy Girl

    Hi, Wow thanks for the comments well i think.. and yeah i’m very real and hope to be spreading the love and graf in Bristol soon, just very busy with stuff in Europe, will be around soon and maybe turning up at the UP Fest – http://www.upfest.co.uk

    Please feel free to mail me on MySpace just so busy at the Mo not updated but soon promise….

    t.g. x x x

  3. Teddy Girl

    Oh… one more thing…. cant help who sales my work but do try keep it a bit more restricted so words will be had…

    t.g. x

  4. RoarEdema

    New artists are always welcome and if art snobs removed their noses from their own backsides they could actually start to see and appreciate new, sexy, fun art! Her work is vibrant and a total change from all the dull banksy copy cats about!! She’s got balls!! Keeping my eye out for her at Upfest this year as it looks like she’ll be there.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Ta for dropping by both! The issue isn’t so much the art, which is fine, and it’s great to see more people getting involved.

    It’s more the hinting at a Banksy collaboration that’s going to get peoples’ backs up. There are a lot of people in Bristol who have painted or collaborated with Banksy in the past, some still do now, and many have the photos to prove it. None of them though boasts about it or uses it as a means for selling their own work.

    Work should stand by itself, not hang off the coat tails of others.

  6. Hi droping by to show some love for Teddy Girl, i get a lot of the same my stuff being sold on Ebay with Banksy name on it and to be fair have done myself if gets a lot more hits when searching and in the credit crunch it is so needed, But i have been very lucky to see a lot of Teddy’s work and trust me there is a lot more to it than photoshop and a scaple, some of her new sculpture stuff is wild and amazing, hint hint lets do a deal.

    And as for the collaboration stuff trust me shes worked with some of the greats and most dont even know it

    See ya all at Up Fest


  7. a non y mouse

    i see the pr machine is working then!

  8. Saw this the weekend, Bombin the Suburburbs in Clevedon not very Rock Star but wicked image


  9. Jodie

    i saw one of those out side my office on Redcliffe Street on the new Law Courts building site, but was removed in a few days spoil sports, like it tho very kool

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