Silent Hobo On Stokes Croft

Can’t be an improvement in the weather, so perhaps people have just got bored of waiting. Anyway, lots of painting going on around Stokes Croft over the weekend, including this one from Silent Hobo, over what Petro did a while back.

Long shot…

…and closer like.

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Flyposting And So On

Not entirely a graf thing, but flyer designs always been part of the bread and butter work artists get up to, and it’s only a small jump from there to the issue of flyposting. In fact, it’s odd in a way that whilst people design flyers, and some people do paste ups, that there’s not been much linking of flyposting as a form of ‘street art’.

Anyway, just to note a quick one. Apparently the council have launched another crackdown on flyposting across the usual spots (Whiteladies Road, The Centre, Gloucester Road, etc). It had been creeping up again after it was pretty much killed off a few years back to be fair.

A difficult one really, for many people it’s a valuable public service, letting them know what’s going on across the city. Those for whom it isn’t generally don’t much like it though, or so it’s said anyway.

However, the council looks to be doing something interesting with it this time, removing illegal flyposting, but also looking to provide legal spaces for it at the same time. Good stuff.

Wonder if they’ll be doing the same for grafurbanstreet art anytime soon?

Hat tip – Cllr Neil Harrison’s blog


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Not Something You See Everyday…

Here’s an odd one, on the windy path up to Montpelier train station. What it lacks in handstyle it makes up for in, well, unconventionality.

It’s quite long, here’s a side shot…

…a somewhat inexpert stitch of it…

…and a link to wikipedia to save you the google.

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New Xenz Work…

Wouldn’t normally blog this sort of thing, but this press release was a classic. Who knew that Xenz had an almost eidetic ability? Probably as many as those who know what it means. Here’s the rest…

Known as the ‘Monet of graffiti’, Xenz demonstrates an almost eidetic ability, so extraordinary is the cohesion between his mind, memory and spray can. His innovations in the study of aerosol art allow this influential artist to walk up to a wall or canvas and paint an epic landscape from his imagination. Combining futuristic fantasy with strong architectural and soft natural dreamscapes, the graffiti scion uses the spray can to capture fragments of memory and ever-changing subject matter, often drawn from the natural world.

This is nice though, something that hadn’t been shouted about too much before…

“If I can create awareness of the natural world through this urban art form known as graffiti then I’m happy. I donate a percentage of money made from my bird paintings to the RSPB. It’s not all about darkness and anger; sometimes it’s nice to be nice, and besides, graffiti originates from caves as well as subways.”

Anyway, new work out now, though the website’s down so you have to email. Here’s some snaps of stuff that have been sent over though, lovely as ever.


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New Short Sickboy Show

Here’s one that’s not been done before, probably. Sickboy’s got a new show coming up, opening on the 16th December and closing on, well, the same day.

Yep, a three hour show, over in that London, from 6pm til 9pm.

If you can make it, email, but if you can’t, email to be sent a catalogue at 4pm (or thereabouts) that day.

Here’s the rest of the info…

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New Ziml On Stokes Croft

Fresh as you like, this one. That ‘Drop a Clone’ production by Vermin and visitors seemed to get a lot of love, but nothing ever last forever, so Ziml’s headed out across the entire space himself, sometime today by the looks of it.



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1loveart Rump Show At Hamilton House

So the 1loveart show opened tonight down at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft. It was billed as being ‘urban art’, so to be honest less was expected than at other shows. But you know what, it’s actually really good.

There is some of the usual antics in there, the same old ideas being rehashed in an entirely similar way, or biting as it might be known in a happily different context. But beyond a small bit of that, there’s a really interesting mix right across the range, from fine arty stuff, right across to tagging and piecing.

It’s one of those things that make you realise just how many people there are doing all sorts in this city. There’s not many of the more usual names in there, but it’s still full of people. Nice to see Jeffrow and Andy Stott with some new work, and Dot Com’s wall is easily one of the stand out parts of the whole thing. The British take on the rail map is funny as too.

It’s all laid out nicely, it’s a nice space they’ve got up there, if the lighting’s a little harsh in places. Hard to say though, it’s just got a feel of a good and well put together show, the sort of thing you’d go back to for another look.

So, it’s the first of the busy Bristol Christmas season for shows, but it’s set a really strong benchmark for them. Do head on down, it’s there for a shortish time before moving down to The Lanes down by Bridewell.

Here’s a bit of a gallery of what’s there. Minus the disturbing statues in the middle of the room, which really are outside of the realm of this blog. You’ll have to see those for yourself.


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