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Kid Zoom, Vermin and Remo On Stokes Croft

The boards down the road may be black, but a more interesting darkness went up further up the road over the weekend. The kind of work that’s had people getting in touch asking who it’s by.

So ta to Vermin for the pic, It’s by Kid Zoom from Australia, Vermin from round these parts ish, and a stencil by Remo, also from Australia. Nice big pic, as revelealed by clicking on it.

drop a clone

There’s a new Petro piece on the shutters of the shop by Turbo Island on Jamaica Street too, but as with this time of year, the shutters are only down when it’s dark. Worth a look if you’re round that way though.


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Get Dring Mobile – The Photos

Top night down at Paintworks last night for the Get Dring Mobile auction, some great live painting outside, great music and a whole lot of bidding for a great guy. Well, bidding for art to raise money for a great guy, Mike himself of course not being for sale.

It was interesting to see how the bidding went. Some pieces were an absolute steal, other went for far more than you would ever have thought. As a wise man put it last night, ‘a picture’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it’. Stencil work still seems to be very much in fashion with the buyerati, wonder how much longer that will last.

In total, the auction raised something like £24,500, before you count in the bar receipts, pieces that sold outside of the auction and all sorts. So well on the way to getting Mike’s car sorted then, awesome stuff.

There’s more to come still too, lots of pieces left to be sold on Ebay very soon, including a lovely Will Barras that lots of people were coveting last night, so keep an eye out.

Here’s some photos from it all then, the live painting as it went along, and the works inside the auction as well.

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Get Dring Mobile – More Details

get dring mobile paris logo1

For those who don’t know about it, there’s background on the Get Dring Mobile auction coming up here. But for those who do, more details are now out about what’s going to be going on in a couple of weeks time. Here’s the chat…

The doors will be open from 11am to 9pm on Wednesday for a full days viewing of the works going under the hammer. Thursday will be a busy day with the opportunity for further viewing from 12pm.

There will be live painting by Mr Jago, Inkie, Lokey, Felix, Eelus, Xenz, Paris, Boswell, Vermin, Milk and Dora starting at 4pm and the auction including lots by Guy Denning, Pam Glew, Rowdy, Ian Francis and Nick Walker to name but a few, will commence at 7pm.

The work can be viewed on line at Dreweatts, and at Bidding can be made in person or live online at on the evening, commission bids will be taken with valid credit/debit card details prior to the event. If you wish to make a commission bid and to register for bidding please contact The GDM team on 07789 971273 or e-mail

The event will also include a fine art ‘mystery’ postcard sale featuring work from award winning artists from all over the world, many of which have shown in the BP portrait awards and with some having work in the National Portrait Gallery their work usually thousands. This sale therefore gives people the opportunity to purchase a piece of art that would usually cost a small fortune, for just £50.

We are also running a raffle to win a portrait painted by Vincent Brown, a multi award winning portrait and figurative artist from Bristol. Tickets will be available at the event and are also available now via the GDM blog at For more information about Vincent Brown and to see examples of his amazing work please visit his web-site at

Vince himself will be attending the event and will determine the winner of our very own portrait competition. We hope to see lots of you there, with live painting, music, beer and curry this promises to be a great night.

It does indeed.

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Vermin And Boswell Down Dean Lane

From the weekend before last this one, and already all over the web, but can’t leave it unblogged really. Another epic work from Vermin and Boswell, thanks to all who sent photos in of it! Think this one’s Kineta’s.

vermin and boswell dean lane early august 09

UPDATE: Given the comments below, ta to G for this photo which adds a bit of context to what’s happened.

vermin, boswell and kids


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Vermin, LL Brainwashed And Upfest

So Boswell and Pen were painting down at Upfest the other weekend, and Vermin was around too, but decided to do his own thing rather than paint there. Here’s a couple of snaps of Vermin’s work from over the weekend…

First, a spot of painting on the practice boards at the end of Ashley Road, which, incidentally have been getting better and better over time.

‘Here’s to the guys with corporate logos’

here's to the guys with corporate logos

and a projection on the side of the Tobacco Factory later in the evening – ‘Fuck you you have really depressed me’

fuck you you have really depressed me

On a similar tip, this is the painting you weren’t allowed to see there. A piece by LL Brainwashed, lovingly titled ‘2 Bags of Brown, A Chicken Licken and 2 Solpadiene Max’

charity is sick

Apparently the organisers said it couldn’t be displayed or sold at the show, which seems a bit contrary to the spirit of where ‘street’ and ‘urban’ art came from in the first place.


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Round Up Of Bits

Slightly longer pause in blogging than expected that, sorry! Anyway, here’s a round up from round about.

First up, some bits from the weekend. Not been over that way to get photos of them yet, but there’s some good ones you can click on and everything over on Boswell’s blog – Boswell, Vermin and Jody out on the paint in PRSC land. One down by the saunas, and the other on Armada Place round the back of Ninetree Hill by the looks of it. Here are a couple shamelessly stolen from Boswell’s blog, head over there for the others.



Next, a few bits for the diary next week. First up, a closing party for the Crimes of Passion exhibition, 6pm til midnight on Bank Holiday Monday (4th May). Tickets only £4, should be a laugh.


Then, Thursday (7th May), Acer‘s got a show opening at the Friend and Co Gallery. Worth noting that this one’s a bit shifted forward from usual opening night times, running from 6pm to 8pm. 3 new prints and some original pieces too. Here’s a sneak preview of one of the prints…

UPDATE: Swopping the image for the proper flyer.


After that, as blogged before, opening of the Weapon of Choice Gallery on Friday night (8th May). Top line up of people in the first show, should be quite a party.


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Vermin And Tarq’s At Weapon Of Choice (And Dean Lane Too)

Thanks to Vermin for sending in these snaps of his painting with Tarq’s at Weapon of Choice last Tuesday, looks like a really tidy piece, kinda different from what you’d normally get at WoC too.


Love the caption up top.


Also, a snap of Vermin, Tarq’s and Boswell down at Dean Lane a couple of weeks back. As ever down there, didn’t last long apparently.



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