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June Events Roundup

Really loads of events coming up over the next few days if you fancy it, so here’s a bit of a round up…

prsc banner

Starting with tonight (Thursday), you’ve got the dutch auction being run by PRSC closing. Sounds like there are stil some pieces available at bargain basement prices, so get down to their Jamaica Street gaff to see what you can pick up.


Tomorrow night, if you’re in Bristol, you could do worse than wander along to check out the Bristol Design Festival, lots of designy stuff going on obviously, but the matryoshka army project is interesting. Lots of those russian dolls that fit into each other, painted by the following folk.

Mr Jago, FLX, Goer, Epok, Sepr, Cheba, Afeks, Hakah, Lobb, Zesk, Sarah Jane, Zier, Dora, Heidi Gough, Tom Albinal, Lokey, Iria, Jedi, Lauren Millington, Nik Ill, Daddison, Millie Gleeson, Cheo, 3Dom, Poer

Possibly by some accounts meant to be opening down at the Old Fire Station on Friday, but their blog seems to say that there might actually be an opening of them down at 35 King Street (near the Old Duke) tonight too. Actually, the blog seems to say the dolls part of the show will be at 35 King Street the whole time. And also at the Old Fire Station. Who knows. Our money’s on this one being at the King Street address. The design festival itself is definitely at the Old Fire Station though.

meeting of styles

If you’re closer to London, also starting on Friday is a really good looking event, End of the Line presents Meeting of Styles. Tons of writers, tons of tunes, all over by Brick Lane in trendy Shoreditch. Here’s the lineup;

Nash, Does, Biser, Wany, Aryz, Heat, Nychos, Bird, Inkie, Probs, Zomby, Tizer, Zadok, Bleach, Bonzai, Insa, Solo, Busk, Twesh, Odisie, Roid, Snug, Skore, Aztek, Ekto, Sune, Xenz, Izer, Are, Stika, Teck, Rabodiga, Vibes, Town, Chrome, Intro, Replete, Cheo, Soker, Casm, Wisher, Jive, Sorn, Noir, Urge, Keen, Pryme, Mac1, Krah, Sick IR, Sares, Cosh, Jasik, Alfa, Relay, Pref, Mau Mau, Shok, Skire, Ebzke, Amuk.

They’re all over the web with info, so check out their blog if you want to know more. Epic.

Incidentally, if you’re in London, Rowdy’s show opened last night, and seems to have been promoted by a pretty cool van touring the city sometime recently.

rowdy croc van
rowdy van 2

upfest logo

Of course though, the big one if you’re in Bristol this weekend is Upfest. Massive lineup from all sorts of styles and backgrounds, should be packed out. They’ve got a really nice website too, so check that out for all the info.

POsterstartv2 copy.indd

Looking a bit further ahead, the Friend and Co Gallery are heading south of the river for a bit for a big show down at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster on the 11th of June. The line up for it so far includes;

Acerone, Andy Council, China Mike, Eko, Faris Badwan, French, Inkie, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Paris, Pinky, Richt, Sainty, Sickboy, 45rpm

and there’s more info on their blog.

woc image

Also opening this month is the next Weapon of Choice Gallery group show, with the current show closing this Sunday. The gallery’s looking really good, and the next show looks like another top lineup.

Weapon of Choice Gallery’s 2nd installment of some of Bristol & the UK’s finest.

Saturday 13th June 5-10pm. Free entry
Exhibition runs until the Sunday 5th July 2009

14 St Michael’s Hill Bristol BS2 8DT

Artists include:
Ben Normanton
Dirty 30 (Brighton)
Dylan Shipley
Jonathan Farr
Julian Kimmings
King Audel (france)
Mick Hockney
Si2 (Hull)
Rory Doona
Turroe + special guest?

Facebook event:

They’ve also got a colouring book coming out by Cheo in September it seems, sounds like a perfect bit of early xmas shopping if you know any little people, or little people who’ve since got big.

Last thing for this month so far, there’s strong talk going round of Glostonbury happening again later this month up at the Golden Lion on the Gloucester Road. Last year looked like a large one, sounds like the same’s being lined up again.

Oh yeah, and Banksy‘s got a show coming up too.

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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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Dirtcheap Magazine

dirtcheap-mag-logo You may have seen it already, but the folks at Dirtcheap Magazine are doing some interesting stuff with a web based mag that’s on it’s way to becoming a printed mag in the near future.

Covers lots of different stuff including graf, and they’ve got a cover and interview by 45RPM on the way, as well as an interview with Sickboy.

Worth keeping an eye on, wander over to their site and check it out…

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The New Originals Show


Interesting show starting this weekend with lots of Bristol names in it, interesting choice of venue too for those who know the Bristol graf history connected with it. Here’s the chat.

1LOVEART.COM London Shows February 2009

Sun 22nd – 25th February 2009 – Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10 5JJ.

‘The New Originals’ will be bringing new work to London town in February, with a group show and afternoon shin dig and fantastic new work – to warm your cockles on Sunday 22nd February at Westbourne Studios, Notting Hill.

Sunday 22 Feb From 3 – 6 pm
New and original urban art from;

The Art Tart
Felix FLX Braun
Nick Walker
Jim Starr
LL Brainwashed
Michelle Barker
Alison Black
Simon Mills
Richard Heslop
Rachel Bright
3 Megabits
Paul Whitfield

More Artists to be confirmed…

Sat 28th Feb – 22nd March 2009, Upstairs at The Nellie Dean – 89 Dean Street, W1D 3SU

A smaller selection of work from the ‘New Originals’ will be showing at the Nellie Dean.

EDIT: turns out they sent the wrong link for the show over, for those interested it’s actually

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FROM – New Bristol T Shirt Label

The history of graffiti writers and artists producing T Shirts is a long one, from writers having T Shirts made of their work, to, well, T Shirts being made of writer’s work. 

But anyway, Bristol’s got as proud a history of it as any city, and a new label’s now been added to that list with some really tidy work. It’s done by people who’ve been in the business a long time, and who have put some real thought and care into choosing images for shirts from artists that actually work on a shirt, then printing them in a quality way, rather than just picking any old image and printing it cheaply. The artists are fully involved in the process too, and the whole thing’s going to work like a small independent record label, a collection of people working in similar ways, taking work from idea to release in short times and being more experimental at times. 

It’s also meant to be a way for people to get their hands on artists work in a more accessible way, given that some of these artists are now priced out of the range of the people who used to be able to pick up and enjoy what they did a few years back. 

So, the website for it is now live, and here’s some snaps of the sort of stuff they’ve got going on









There’s lots of other artists involved in this too, so go and check out the From store here!


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New Stokes Croft Bits

Still lots going on down Cheltenham Road/Stokes Croft way of late. First up, this new KTF work where the Cyclops had been for a fair while. Done last weekend, so a week old now.


Closer upper.


Just round the corner, these have appeared on the corner of Ashley Road. Haven’t seen any new Sickboy temples appear in Bristol for ages now, good to see them back.


‘Voting yes’…


…and ‘voting no’.


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Petro And Sickboy On Ashley Road

Big thanks to Jer force one for the heads up on this one, Petro and Sickboy painting last weekend down on the ‘practice boards’ at the end of Ashley Road.

Interesting in a way isn’t it, originally these boards were a PRSC project to encourage ordinary people to get out and practice painting, with questions being asked on them and people expected to paint in different sections to say yes or no to them. But pretty soon they’ve just been taken over by the graf community. As it should be really, would bet that people going past every day find the constant change of scene pretty interesting, and the turnover and speed of work on them is really fresh. There should be more boards like this round Bristol.

Anyway, crap light for photos today, here’s the whole thing…




…and Sickboy. Not sure who Robert Cotter and Mary Mundy are, but guessing this may be him and this may be her.



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