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Friend and Co Christmas Show

Hope you’ve not got too much planned for the 11th of December, as there’s a lot on that night, here and abroad.

One you really shouldn’t miss though is the Friend and Co Christmas show, with another top line up and a good mix of people from Bristol and further afield. Namely, for those with screen readers;

Asbestos, China Mike, Dora, Eelus, Eine, Inkie, Kid Acne, Milk, Miss Bugs, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Nylon, Petro, Richt, Rowdy, Russel Maurice, Will Barras, Xenz and 45RPM.

Put all that lot together with the usual Friend and Co hospitality and fun crowd, and you’ve got something well worth a wander along to.In fact, you could do a crawl from the Beezer show, through Friend and Co and on to Weapon of Choice all on the same evening, with barely a hill encountered.

Alternatively, if you can’t make it on the night, it’s on til Christmas eve, so plenty of time to accidentally wander past it whilst the Mrs is trying to make you go Christmas shopping.

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Petro Show Video

Going to back date the photos from the Petro show at some point, so they’re on here as a record.

If you want a potted view of the whole show though, printing for it and painting at both Friend and Co Galleries, then check out this video, kindly sent over by Mr 45RPM.

Explains what all the shoe polish was about too…

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Petro Show Sneak Preview

Thanks to 45RPM for these, a man who clearly can’t resist the possibility of checking out some fonts. Some sneak photos of the Petro show opening at Friend and Co tomorrow, should give you a little idea of what to expect (there’s a clue in there being preview photos this early too probably…)

Shop window…

…shoe polish…

…sketchbook, Buntlack…

…and paint.

Pretty much the key ingredients for a great show right there. Nice.

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New Petro Show

Some of you probably haven’t heard of Petro, he’s from the old skool and certainly hasn’t joined in with the whole ‘street art gallery sales’ bandwagon of the last few years, but he’s got more skills than many out there who have.

So, he’s got a new show opening this Friday at Friend and Co up on Park Row, which is getting everyone up there very excited at the moment, so should be a goody.

Opens this Friday at 7pm, then on until the 5th December. Wander on by if you’re about.

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Petro And Sickboy On Ashley Road

Big thanks to Jer force one for the heads up on this one, Petro and Sickboy painting last weekend down on the ‘practice boards’ at the end of Ashley Road.

Interesting in a way isn’t it, originally these boards were a PRSC project to encourage ordinary people to get out and practice painting, with questions being asked on them and people expected to paint in different sections to say yes or no to them. But pretty soon they’ve just been taken over by the graf community. As it should be really, would bet that people going past every day find the constant change of scene pretty interesting, and the turnover and speed of work on them is really fresh. There should be more boards like this round Bristol.

Anyway, crap light for photos today, here’s the whole thing…




…and Sickboy. Not sure who Robert Cotter and Mary Mundy are, but guessing this may be him and this may be her.



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