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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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RWA Show – The Run Up

So, three weeks and a silly amount of photos later, here’s some shots that show some of how the whole RWA show came together. Not even going to attempt to put them in anything other than a gallery, but have put notes on them about what they are. WordPress is freestyling the order it puts them in too, but they’re all dated.

It was a blast watching it all happen, hope the photos are as fun to look at as they were to take.

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What On Earth Is This?

Always interesting keeping an occasional eye on ebay for ‘urban art’ as it tends to be called, especially now the market bubble seems to have well and truly burst.

Came across this yesterday though, and seemed worth blogging as it’s so odd.


A piece by ‘Teddy Girl’, a ‘Notorious Urban Terror Artist’ out of Bristol, with seemingly glowing reviews in this ebay item.

Teddy Girl is one of the most secret Urban artists, worse than Banksy although rumor has it that they have met and combined on projects before, emerging from the Bristol urban art scene but mainly working selling and exhibiting in Europe, rumors of a forth coming solo exhibition in London later in the year is an exciting thought, so grab the new big thing now…. Described as the Sexist thing to come out of the Bristol Art Scene

Whilst anyone with photoshop and a scalpel has been able to pitch up and claim to be an ‘urban artist’ in recent years , this really does seem to be the most ballsy pitch for celebrity out of nowhere yet.

The painting could be quite a good deal though, given what else comes as part of the auction

Comes with Post Card Signed Proof of Purchase, and Nick Walker and Banksy.

Interesting times these, on the one hand the whole Banksy thing has opened up ‘being an artist’ to a whole new range of people, which is probably no bad thing. On the other hand where’s it all going to end. Or perhaps the question is when?

As for Teddy Girl, no idea. If she’s got your interest though, her Myspace seems to be here.


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The New Originals Show


Interesting show starting this weekend with lots of Bristol names in it, interesting choice of venue too for those who know the Bristol graf history connected with it. Here’s the chat.

1LOVEART.COM London Shows February 2009

Sun 22nd – 25th February 2009 – Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Rd, W10 5JJ.

‘The New Originals’ will be bringing new work to London town in February, with a group show and afternoon shin dig and fantastic new work – to warm your cockles on Sunday 22nd February at Westbourne Studios, Notting Hill.

Sunday 22 Feb From 3 – 6 pm
New and original urban art from;

The Art Tart
Felix FLX Braun
Nick Walker
Jim Starr
LL Brainwashed
Michelle Barker
Alison Black
Simon Mills
Richard Heslop
Rachel Bright
3 Megabits
Paul Whitfield

More Artists to be confirmed…

Sat 28th Feb – 22nd March 2009, Upstairs at The Nellie Dean – 89 Dean Street, W1D 3SU

A smaller selection of work from the ‘New Originals’ will be showing at the Nellie Dean.

EDIT: turns out they sent the wrong link for the show over, for those interested it’s actually

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Princes Trust Charity Auction

There’s an auction coming up in aid of the Prince’s Trust, with a new Banksy as its headline story (go check the BBC or whatever for that), but there’s some other interesting Bristol related pieces in there worth mentioning.

Nice Inkie piece, shame the lettering at the side’s been chopped off a bit in the photo. 


Love this Mau Mau piece


A very accessible Nick Walker work (rats, bombing, etc)


This Flx piece (that was in the window of Guerilla Galleries a while back if memory serves) has come back round


Finally this really interesting piece by Dicy, not seen him in this kind of style before


Dicy even gets a quote in the press release on this one into the bargain.

Dicy, one of the stars of the exhibition, was supported by the youth charity when he was just starting out.

He said: “The Prince’s Trust gave me the confidence and backing to start my own design business when no-one else would. Now I’m incredibly proud to give something back, helping more young people reach their potential.”

The auction for the Prince’s Trust is actually part of three auctions going on at the same time, this one launching last week, as it says…

ArtCore is the first visual documentation of Acid House and the rave movement, featuring artworks from iconic clubs and raves including The End Club, Queer Nation, Raindance and Tribal Gathering.

and the now regular Dreweatts ‘urban art’ auction going on at the same time (the catalogue for which seems to be coming in for a bit of stick online at the moment). 

In addition, a Dicy and Will Barras print is going on sale for the auction as well. Tricky painting to get right apparently, but it’s all come out clean enough in the final print. 


So, actually quite hard to work out what’s going on amongst all of this and when, but the sale itself is on the 26th Feb, and if you fancy figuring it all out then there’s more info at

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Nick Walker On St Michael’s Hill Gone

Lots of people will have seen this piece over the last year or so…


Nick Walker ‘Last Time In Chequers’.  Swear it went up the day Tony Blair stopped being prime minister, so 27th June 2007 according to Wiki.


Anyway, as of the last few days, now gone.


Shame in a way, as it had been being peeled off for a while now, and the peeling was revealing loads of layers of other spray paints by the look of it, possibly pieces from back in the day given what that cafe used to be.

Still, nothing ever lasts forever does it.

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Not Just Banksy Night


So, back from the Not Just Banksy night up at UWE’s Frenchay Campus. Wicked night, loads going on, if a little a victim of social marketing. Facebook numbers don’t translate to real life that often sadly. Still though, top crowd in a tough location, take this down the centre and you’d be on a winner.

Got there a little later than expected, to find Nikill at work on the Weapon of Choice wall.


A broader shot of the painting, Nikill, Boswell and Inkie from right to left, with the Art Tart in front of them. Weird.


The Art Tart was drawing a picture of them all drawing a picture, painfully postmodern, but pretty darn funny, and not that bad a picture as it happens either.


Inkie’s piece part way through.


The evening was full of various other things, this was a showing of the ‘Tags to Riches’ documentary.


Inkie and Boswell at work, Boswell’s piece was bonkers, a simple sketch turned into something seemingly so well planned. Skills.


Lokey, Cheba and Nikill on their piece.


Another interlude, Felix giving a talk about his book (now just weeks away). Top talk, fascinating historical take on the whole graf thing, and got into a proper debate at the end. Was amused to wander outside afterwards and hear students debating it – “Yeah, but graffiti’s just a necessary and inevitable symptom of our capitalist society”.

I kid you not.


Nikill and Cheba getting towards the end of the collaborative piece.


Inkie’s piece finished.


Next to Boswell’s


This was a nice touch, short biographies of various artists posted up around the venue, good idea.


All the pieces finished, really good work, interesting to see what happens when people have more space and calm that at Weapon of Choice.


The finished Art Tart piece of the pieces as well


This piece was up in all its glory finally too, done for the fresher’s fair at UWE last year. Feek, Seza and Sickboy. Bloody huge it is.


Feek’s side…


…with Seza in the middle…


…and Sickboy at the other end.


So, wasn’t just the stuff in the evening in the bar, there’d been loads of painting going on outside during the day too.  Billy Stencils at this end…


…next to a pretty good piece…


and another here.


Inkie’s piece out here was sick.


Next to Cheba, Lokey and Nikill, this time with the spray paint and colour.


More Billy Stencil and some work by a UWE student.


Sepr had been here painting in the day too, shame he wasn’t there in the evening too.


Ryda and Reaf there too which was as cool as it wasn’t on the bill.


This was really tidy though. You know when you can sense from a piece that the people in it are really putting everything into it, well, got that from this one, a burner from a collective of UWE students.


On the other hand, the Art Tart outside. It’s not up to this blog to claim that someone’s biting someone else’s work, least of all Nick Walkers.


But there you are.


Top night though, organisers had noticeably put a huge amount of work into planning and running it, and had brought in a really friendly crowd, so should be run again really, perhaps somewhere a little more accessible.

Would save a bus journey home with UWE Freshers throwing up all over bus seats for one.


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