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Toasters Collab Show In London

Looks like a pretty special show this one, writers from all over the place collaborating with Toasters to put together a show in trendy Shoreditch. Opens next week (28th May), and runs through to the 13th June 2009. Venue’s at 7-9 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch Church, London E2 8AA.


Amongst people from all over abroad, there are a fair few Bristol related artists, including Dicy, Paris, Ekoe, Mr Jago and Will Barras.

Only a few very close ups been put out there as previews, here’s a taster.

Mr Jago and Toasters…



…Will Barras…



and Paris.



Lots of people really excited about this one, should be well worth the visit.

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Kuildoosh Abroad

Well, not abroad really, it’s still the UK, but offshore certainly. The Kuildoosh experience is heading to Jersey in a few days to open a show at the ever excellent Readerswives Collective on the ancient bailwick.

Open to the 8th of August too, good excuse to head over to the channel islands if you’ve not been before.

Readerswives Collective/Centre Fold GalleryPresent

P-Origins of Pommery – Peel Pie Und Rashion Gache


Arrty-facts fromst;
Matthew Moran
Daniel Sparkes
Graham Dews

Private View
FRIDAY 8th MAY 7pm-9pm
Castle Cornet
St Peter Port
Channel Islands, UK


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RWA Show – The Finished Thing

The show’s preview night is tonight then, and it opens properly tomorrow (Saturday) so the photos can go up. Got to say, unless you absolutely can’t make it down to this, don’t rely on the photos for it, they’re never going to capture the whole thing properly.

Anyway, photos of the finished works in there, again in no particular order, courtesy of WordPress.


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FROM – New Bristol T Shirt Label

The history of graffiti writers and artists producing T Shirts is a long one, from writers having T Shirts made of their work, to, well, T Shirts being made of writer’s work. 

But anyway, Bristol’s got as proud a history of it as any city, and a new label’s now been added to that list with some really tidy work. It’s done by people who’ve been in the business a long time, and who have put some real thought and care into choosing images for shirts from artists that actually work on a shirt, then printing them in a quality way, rather than just picking any old image and printing it cheaply. The artists are fully involved in the process too, and the whole thing’s going to work like a small independent record label, a collection of people working in similar ways, taking work from idea to release in short times and being more experimental at times. 

It’s also meant to be a way for people to get their hands on artists work in a more accessible way, given that some of these artists are now priced out of the range of the people who used to be able to pick up and enjoy what they did a few years back. 

So, the website for it is now live, and here’s some snaps of the sort of stuff they’ve got going on









There’s lots of other artists involved in this too, so go and check out the From store here!


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Old Eko Flyer

Flyer design is one of the offshoots of the Bristol graf scene that often gets overlooked, but in a weird way it’s been a good method for sharing pictures around for ages, and yet in a really disposable manner.

Never heard of anyone collecting graf on flyers before so doubt much has survived, but various people must have bits kicking around here and there. Here’s one that turned up over Christmas, a flyer with an Eko illustration from 2000.


Here’s the back so you can see what you missed. Or perhaps you didn’t?



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Temwa Graffiti Xmas Cards

Thanks to Art-el for pointing this one out, some charity christmas cards from the TCF crew, raising money for Temwa. As the site says…

Temwa’s Graffiti Christmas cards are a range of bespoke designs by Bristol’s premiere graffiti collective, the TCF Crew. The five Christmas-inspired designs were created by graffiti artists AJI, SEZA, EKO, XENZ and ZIML. You no longer have to send boring old generic Christmas cards to all your friends, you can now send a piece of art.

They’re pretty interesting in a way, not your standard graffiti, but you can see the styles in there all the same.









Only £4 a pack, and there’s one by Aji that’s not pictured on the site too. Go on, you know you want to get some, the people it’s helping are certainly grateful! (picture courtesy of Paris)


Click here now, buy some, then go about your day…

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Kuildoosh Head Over The Pond

Thanks to the Friend and Co blog for flagging this one up, appropriate news in a way for a morning like this. The Kuildoosh chaps are heading over the pond for a show in the big apple, the city that never sleeps, named a state but didn’t become its capital, New York, New York.

The details for you are as follows;

Messrs Ekoe, Paris and Mudwig present ‘SMOKING JACKETS FOR JERRY’ a collection of new works.

November 22nd- December-20th 2008

Brooklynite Gallery,
334 Malcom X blvd,
New York

Seems good M. Daguerre has produced one of his famed images for the show too, reproduced here below.


Hmm, New York hey? It’s certainly been a while…

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