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Things Abroad

This blog’s about Bristol, so is usually quite parochial in its view that abroad is pretty much anything outside of Bristol, although Somerset and places in that direction are certainly allied nations.

But this time, there’s some stuff going on that really is abroad as most people think of it.

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First up, Richt’s landed himself a show in Amsterdam. Nice work if you can get it, and judging from his recent work it should be a nice show too. Here’s the flyer in case you fancy a wander over to it, it’s only a hundred quid on Easyjet, and there’s worse places to be during the winter.

Meanwhile, if you fancy somewhere a bit warmer and more refined, over in at the Bristol-Lisboa Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, FLX is curating a show if Bristol Street Art, if google’s translation of portugese is to be believed. The show opened back on the 7th November, and runs for ages, through to the 20th February 2010.

There are some photos of the show and the pieces in it over on the gallery website, including Xenz, Will Barras, Mag1c, FLX, Cyclops and Mr Jago.Very nice work from all of them in there, have a dig around.

A bit less abroad, over on Guernsey, it looks like the Centrefold Gallery run by the Readerswives Collective is sadly closing in the new year. The Collective’s carrying on, but since the gallery’s going, there’s an ‘everything must go’ sale down at the gallery on the month’s busiest night for this sort of thing, 11th December.

More details over on the Facebook, it was a nice little gallery, so will be interesting to see what the chaps get up to next!

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Readers Wives At Dean Lane

As mentioned before, the good guys from Guernsey have been over for the last week or so, enjoying a break and a bit of a paint.

Legal walls aren’t a noted feature of Guernsey, so here’s a bit of action from them down in Dean Lane over the weekend, Bedminster’s very own tourist attraction.

Deaner Wall



and another shot from Weapon of Choice last Tuesday, further along in the evening than this blog managed.



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Weapon Of Choice, Zeke and Dred

Fun night down at Mr Wolf’s last night for Weapon of Choice, back in its usual home after the Thekla extravaganza. Painting this month were Zeke Clough from Manchester and Dred from the Reader’s Wives Collective, who are over here from Guernsey at the moment enjoying the sites and sounds of Bristol. Top blokes, say hello if you see them.

The painting was a slower and more considered affair at this one, like it sometimes is with people who haven’t spent years, or indeed any time, running around bombing illegally. Still really cool though, an interesting mix of styles, Dred’s more stylised and cheery, Zeke’s, well, giving Boswell a run for his money in darkness.

Here’s some snaps as the evening went on…

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