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Shows, Stuff To Do, Etc

Meh, slow blogging times again of late, sorry about that. Here’s some bits for you though.

First up, Threenine have got a show opening tonight down at the Severnshed (of ‘Banksy’s first proper show’ fame). Boswell, Lokey, Cheo, Jody amongst others, should be good.

threenine show severnshed

Second, there’s lots of opportunities out there at the moment for people who want to paint things, so if anyone fancies a paint do get in touch. Especially if you’re a city fan, or want to join a collective of arty types doing workshops and so on. Here’s the chat for the latter.

Kompany Malakhi’s education programme offers a range of high quality work that aims to offer engagement in the arts, inspirational tools to achieve and accessible opportunities to nurture. Kompany Malakhi is looking to develop a team of freelance artists to deliver workshops and projects in schools, colleges and community settings.

Kompany Malakhi is looking for –
*Contemporary Dancers
*Beat Boxers
*MC’s / spoken word artists
*Graffiti artists
*Creative writers
*Physical theatre practitioners
*Digital media artists

All those interested in applying should be experienced in leading and running workshops with a variety of participants.

If you’re interested in applying please contact Emily Bull, Education and Learning Co-ordinator on

Finally, the blog’s had a Twatter account for ages, but it’s been left unused as there’s not a lot to do with one it seems. Still, worth a punt, so if you fancy ‘following’ the blog on Twitter, then we’re here.

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Friend And Co Shows And News And That

Bit more event news for you, this time from the ever on form Friend and Co Gallery.

Tonight sees the opening of a new show by Russel ‘Gasface’ Maurice, 7:30pm opening, beer and merriment as usual!

RM flyer1

Then next week (Thursday 27th August), there’s another of their shows south of the river at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster. Last one was a cracker, and a really fun venue too, so well worth heading down to for a pint or two. Huge list of names for it too…

this spot4

Then, in early October, Bristol’s, and possibly the world’s, smallest art gallery comes to an end! Not that they’re closing, but that they’re off to a larger and more central venue, opening with a group show of Eine, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Will Barras and Xenz.


Nurse, the screens!

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Cheo and Epok At The Harbour Festival

Thanks to Jess for sending this one in, bit old now, but a piece Cheo and Epok did for the Bristol Harbour Festival a couple of weekends ago. Epok on the sky, Cheo on the rest. Top work.

Cheo_Stormy Seas

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Battle Of The Boards – The Saga Continues

Remember these boards? Painted by Cheo and 3Dom, then painted out by the council without the owner’s permission, for which the chief exec apologised.

Well, they’ve been pretty much unpainted for a bit, but at the weekend Sepr went back to paint them, starting on Saturday, but not being able to go back and finish them on Sunday due to the rain. Seemingly the only photo of the work as far as it got up to is courtesy of Unity on Flickr (click for bigger).

sepr nearly finished on stokes croft

They looked like that this (Monday) morning too, but by this evening, they’d been blacked out by council workers again. Someone’s already been past and added their own contribution to the debate by the looks of things though.

stokes croft building painted out long shot

Close up on the left…

when will you learn stokes croft

…and the right.

you're just making things worse stokes croft

So, painted out in less than a day then. Let’s not forget that whilst the building may apparently be Grade II listed, the boards on which the painting is actually being done seem very unlikely to be. Leaving the boards painted black when the rest of Stokes Croft is covered in murals just looks ridiculous as well, hardly an improvement to the area.

Sure the PRSC will have some comment on this very soon.


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Cheo By The Hobgoblin, And A Show

Pretty fresh this, Cheo opposite the Hobgoblin on the Gloucester Road, technically on Overton Road. Next door to Franco the Barber, who seemingly has his own blog too.

cheo by the hobgoblin

In a few weeks Cheo’s opening up a solo show down that way at the Friend and Co Gallery, who seem to be rinsing through the names at the moment. Should be ace.

CHEO show friend and co

Incidentally, Three Nine have just released a new Cheo print too if you’re after one.

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Friend And Co Show At The Spotted Cow – Photos

Really good night down the Friend and Co show down the  Spotted Cow in Bedminster last night. Loads of people, lots of chat and a load of stuff to look at too. Loads sold as well apparently, which is interesting when everyone’s meant to be worrying about their money.

Here’s a gallery of most of the bits there.

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Upfest ’09 – A Day Of Pictures

So, Upfest today then, that odd egalitarian mix of people painting, from people fairly new to basic stenciling to some of the biggest names, certainly in Bristol, over the last 20 years or more.

Was a fun day, tons going on, and there will be photos from it all over the web anyway. In some places the only people not painting were those taking photos of people painting. So, this blog just concentrated on Bristol related people, and in some of the less popular spots a bit too. One of the good things about this year was the number of different places to paint, from the Tobacco Factory itself, to a disused garage nearby, to a pub and some boards put up alongside the new cut, complete with occasional steam train.

Here’s some of what went on (if you click on the picture twice you get biggerness)

Some work’s not finished yet (there was still a load of unpainted board by the river towards the end of the day for one), and some pieces are well worth going back to get finished photos for. Possibly more soon then…

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